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By Cloe.D.Frost

More reader questions:

Couldn't an Elibu use Morph to morph wind around them and make them basically fly?

Yes. They can force the air to remain in a certain "shape", preventing the particles of air from dispersing/moving underneath the mage. This would allow them to basically walk on air. The mage could also suddenly change the shape to "hit" the mage with the air and propel them in a certain direction.

You can think of this as terraforming. You can't create moving platforms that will take you somewhere, but you can make a hill suddenly go up and propel you upwards, or you can make a non-moving platform longer or taller.

Basically, the mage would need to create his own air terrain that would allow him to move in the air.

It is much more mana draining and complicated than using acceleration, and the effects aren't as precise.

Elibu can also constantly change the shape of the air to create circular air currents that could make them float or push them around, however, this is more complicated and less efficient than the first method.

Also, if one wanted to use these methods for long distance transportation, he would need to recast the spell a lot. It would be quite mentally and physically draining. Not to mention that the speed and maneuverability would be lacking. It would be more efficient to just rent a dragon. Even just running on land would be more efficient overall.

:) When Kiel wanted to move Elaru from on top of him, he considered using Morph but in the end settled for Acceleration which was simpler.

Episode 110 – Sparkbloom 

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