Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1181

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Chapter 1181: The Future Is Here

In theory, this is the only force that can cause irreversible damage to The King of Undead's plan.

Compared to the Leviathan Empire, which is now hailed as the number one military power in the continent, the Sia Kingdom with the Tower of Gods is the biggest variable in the Underground Cemetery's world conquest plan.

Even now, the Kingdom's Shield has no idea where that silver giant came from.

Even in the most detailed divine era history books, the Underground Cemetery never recorded anything about the faceless god.

The person who wrote those books is the true successor of the golden ancient people, and The King of Undead himself knows everything about the golden ancient people.

This variable might bring unforeseen problems to The King of Undead's plan to rise the tower and reach the stars.

To make this variable disappear, as the highest military officer of the Underground Cemetery, the Kingdom's Shield thinks that the eight Constellation God's Weapons and the independence of a kingdom can be used as bargaining chips.

Next, it depends on what decision the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order will make.

In fact, when the Kingdom's Shield saw the girls from the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order with their own eyes, he was really surprised.

The vitality exuding from them, their radiant and spirited appearance, is a miracle that even the Underground Cemetery has never had.

All members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, totaling over 1,300, have a familiar radiance on them that the Kingdom's Shield recognizes.

That radiance, which she once possessed as the continent's first knight, is the light that leads to hope and the future, a blessed light from the world.

Those who possess this radiance are undoubtedly the most outstanding geniuses of their time.

Confidence, strength, unwavering belief in the path they have chosen.

Every one of them possesses a miraculous power.

Compared to the Underground Cemetery, which carries the scent of death, the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is more like the future of Sia's world.

Without seeing it with his own eyes, the Kingdom's Shield could not imagine that this ancient divine era tower still possesses such unimaginable power.

Only after seeing the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, the former number one knight of the continent, Kingdom's Shield, could be certain that this is the starting point for the next change in Sia's world.

Perhaps, everyone was wrong... The new history of Sia's world will be passed down in their hands.

However, this also aligns with the king's hopes.

The King of Undead, who loves Sia's world more than anyone else, never once had the idea of destroying the world.

It is because of his genuine love for Sia's world that this king ultimately gained recognition from Sia's world and became the most powerful King of Undead in its history.

"We are just dust in history."

"Are they the inheritors of history..."

Watching the youthful Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, Kingdom's Shield felt for the first time that time, which seemed to be permanently stagnant in his body, was starting to flow uncontrollably again.

The secret magic of the soul core seemed to be affected by the youthful vitality of these girls belonging to the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, resulting in an unexpected void.

When Kingdom's Shield saw them, he truly realized that he had already died and would never have such youth and life again.

Why did they have to think of such things only now?

Didn't they already make a choice at that time?

Maybe she was just jealous.

Really, just a little bit jealous.

If I were born in this era, maybe I would also become a member of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Being less than eighteen years old and pure and innocent, she also meets the requirements.

It relates to the future of the whole world, and this future will be decided by the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, all of whom are under eighteen years old.

Upon careful thought, the composition of this Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order does indeed represent the future of the entire world of Sia.

Sia Kingdom.

Leviathan Empire.

Northern Alliance.

Leviathan faction.

They had a lot of power, some say they were a miniature of the entire Sia's world.

"I think, I can accept it," Ain was the first to make a choice, as the Nuclear Explosion Queen, the leader of Sia Continent, her decision was the decision of Sia Kingdom.

She believed in Lord Silver Dragon more than anyone else, Yun Xi gave her the authority to form the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, representing absolute trust in her.

The future of Sia's world belongs to Lord Silver Dragon.

No matter how powerful The King of Undead is, they won't be a match for Lord Silver Dragon.

However, if there is a chance to avoid war, that would naturally be good.

"Hmm, the princess and the knight are both good people. Adley doesn't think that The King of Undead is a bad person either."

Adley has a slightly higher fondness for the Underground Cemetery compared to the Leviathan Empire, which killed her parents.

The Passed Princess, War Dancer, and the King's Shield in front of her all trace back to the divine era and have Virgo bloodline. They are her relatives.

"At this point, there are no other options. I agree."

As Roland, the princess of the Leviathan Empire, she can see the current situation more clearly.

Compared to the still surviving capital of the Sia Kingdom, the captured capital of the Leviathan has completely surrendered to the Underground Cemetery without even having a chance for negotiations.

Of course, her stubborn and self-willed father, Ludwig XII, would never submit to anyone, even if the opponent is the legendary King of Undead.

Compared to her father, Princess Roland, who has joined the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, can see the future direction of this world more clearly.

Like Kingdom's Shield, she also felt that the future of this world was here, in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

The past kings belonged to the dragon race.

The current king belongs to The King of Undead from the Underground Cemetery.

And the future king will definitely be born in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

"Humans are really troublesome, isn't that guy always wearing the crown of the continent?" Saramanda didn't care at all about who the ruler of the continent was.

Whether it's the dragon race or The King of Undead, the troll clan always follows the natural law of survival of the fittest. Nobody has the time to bother the troll clan in harsh volcanic areas.

After the war between humans and the dragon race ended, the troll clan became completely free. Besides recently worrying about their fertility due to the decline in the period of magic tide, the trolls are living happily.

"The continent's kingship does indeed belong to that king."

"We have no intention of interfering." Compared to the rebellious troll clan that only follows the commands of the dragon race, the Mermaid clan and Lamia clan have always been crucial pillars of the Leviathan faction.