Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1180

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Chapter 1180: The Moment of Choice

Yun Xi always saw the owner of the Underground Cemetery, the legendary King of Undead, as his enemy.

The reason is simple. The most Constellation God's Weapons on this continent are in the Underground Cemetery, in the hands of the unfathomable King of Undead.

The ultimate mission in Sia's world trial that he chose is to collect the Twelve Constellation Gods' Weapons and the battle with the King of Undead is almost inevitable.

However, after coming into contact with the war weapons under the King of Undead, he realized that this King of Undead was somewhat different from his impression of an enemy.

Innocent Princess who Passed.

War Dancer who Dedicates to the Art of War.

The Shield that Guards Something Important to the Kingdom.

Although they hadn't known each other for long, Yun Xi was certain that they were not evil people.

Especially the Passed Princess and War Dancer, they opened their souls to him, allowing him to see their true selves.

The Passed Princess's feelings for the King of Undead were pure admiration, like the love of a daughter for her father. She would charge into battle against any enemy for him.

War Dancer's feelings for the King of Undead were purely of a loyal subordinate and respect. She saw the King of Undead as the greatest ruler and was willing to serve him.

The Kingdom's Shield stood on a higher level and shared the same ideals with the King of Undead.

"So... his goal was the stars?" After learning about the King of Undead's past achievements in saving the world, Yun Xi realized that, setting aside his initial bias, the King of Undead truly was the most powerful ruler in the world.

Unlike the clever and ambitious Emperor Ludwig XII of the Leviathan Empire, The King of Undead has even higher goals and grander ideals.

The concept of continental royalty is completely insignificant for this great ruler.

That tower, which connects heaven and earth, is the embodiment of his ideals.

"Yes, the Tower of Babel in Babylon is the heart that leads to the stars."

"As long as we truly complete this tower, we can leave Sia's cradle and explore a new world."

"You are possibly the last dragon in this world. Come and help us build the tower that leads to the stars," Kingdom's Shield looked at Yun Xi with hopeful eyes. This may be the greatest moment of transformation in this world.

In this era of declining magical tides, only the mighty dragon before us has the potential to be the decisive factor in The King of Undead's conquest of the world.

Princess Passed and War Dancer have hinted to her more than once that the black iron giant is far from being the most powerful weapon in sight.

The silver faceless giant, capable of completely defeating the black iron giant, the terrifying existence of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, a mysterious weapon that even the Underground Cemetery has not recorded, is the true trump card of the silver dragon.

"So, it's settled then," Yun Xi made his decision, remembering the sight of the undead army surrounding the various countries, as seen from the sky.

With the existence of the "faceless god," who could protect the city of Sia, it was clear that relying solely on the power of the faceless god had its limitations.

He couldn't protect this world.

Or rather, it was not his mission to begin with.

Sia's world had its own destiny. The rise of the King of Undead, Su, and the emergence of the Tower to the Sky were all choices made by the river of destiny in this world.

He just happened to be in the right place at the right time, joining this world that was undergoing a great change.

This time, he wasn't the protagonist of this world, but merely one of the participants.

This was also a characteristic of the trials in the real world - it wasn't created for him.

Creator God Sia.

Leviathan the Sky Beast.

The ancient golden people at the beginning, the weapons of the Twelve Constellation Gods, and the war between the Dragon Clan and humans.

Unlike the incredibly pure Water God's World, Sia's world has a long and ancient history. From the divine era to the present, the war between Sia and the Leviathan faction continues, entwined, and creates an epic tale unique to this world.

As a visitor from another star, he became a part of the history of this world, but definitely not the main character.

This time, the main character of Sia's world's transformation is clearly the King of Undead from the Underground Cemetery.

The great King of Undead started planning for this world's biggest transformation since the divine era war.

The rising Tower of Heaven at this moment symbolizes the world's greatest hope.

The biggest difference in this iteration of the Star Trial compared to the past is that this world not only exists in reality, but also has a complete history and civilization.

Moreover, this seemingly isolated world hides many mysterious clues.

At least, the friend who prepared the gift of a faceless god for Creator God Sia doesn't exist in the records of Sia's world.

The towering tower that rose from the ground clearly exceeds the existing level of civilization in Sia's world.

In the depths of destiny, it seems that other worlds have been watching this world for millions of years.

The King of Undead may be the key to "change." Yun Xi, just like the black iron giant, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and the Rift Space Dragon, also feels the civilization that doesn't belong to this world.

Since The King of Undead's goal doesn't conflict much with his own, and he is willing to offer the collected Constellation God's Weapons as a gift of reconciliation, and promise to maintain the independence of Sia Kingdom, then it would be wrong to go against it stubbornly.

War has never been the best way to solve problems; it is a way when there is no other way.

However, this is not something he can decide alone.

The people he wants to protect are currently in the Tower of Gods.

The future of Sia Kingdom should be determined by them.




In front of the divine artifact known as the Tower of God, Yun Xi, carrying the Kingdom's Shield, made the announcement of the Underground Cemetery to everyone.

"It is up to you to decide whether to continue the fight."

This was the power that Yun Xi bestowed upon them, and also the most important moment since the birth of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

"The King of Undead in the Underground Cemetery."

"An unbeatable ruler..."

"So, his goal is not in Sia's world."

At this moment, whether Sia's people or Leviathan's followers, they all knew the truth of the war and the goal of the Underground Cemetery's master.

This is not something that needs to be hidden. The goal of The King of Undead has never been the world's power from the beginning.

Conquering the world is just one means to achieve that goal.

If it wasn't for Yun Xi's existence, this small goal would have been completed long ago.

It was precisely because of Yun Xi's extraordinary arrival and consecutive victories against the black iron giant, Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and Rift Space Dragon that made the Sia Kingdom the most remarkable realm in the world.