Record of Extinction Destiny

Record of Extinction Destiny

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Cultivating truth, uncovering true self. Those who achieve this are known as "True People", reaching their Original Soul and transcending life and death. Record of Extinction Destiny, a guide to extinguishing destiny? A time-traveling wanderer who stumbles upon ancient immortal techniques embarks on a journey of cultivation across countless worlds and realms.

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Record of Extinction Destiny – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Nickname

Seeing Shi Xuan looking at her, He Yuqing nervously stammered, "I just wanted to help you, sir..."

Shi Xuan sighed helplessly. He had no choice but to use a soul-binding talisman from his hidden pocket. He walked around Liang Shenglou, chanting a spell and activating the talisman hidden in his sleeve. Shi Xuan felt a slight weight and knew he had successfully captured Liang Shenglou's soul.

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