The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: Not Quite Suitable

Xue Luan stared at the pill in her hand, frozen in surprise.

More and more Snow clan people were drawn by the rich scent entering their noses, gathering around.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the pill in Xue Luan's palm.

In fact, even Xue Qing knew that the pill should be a TianJing Pill.

After all, the TianJing Pill was just a second-grade pill, not uncommon in the Snow clan, and many people had purchased and used it before.

However, the TianJing Pill in Xue Luan's hand was noticeably different from the ones they had seen before.

Its surface is smooth like a mirror, shining like pearls, emitting a fragrance that spreads throughout the vast valley.

Even those who don't understand medicinal herbs can easily guess that the effect of this TianJing Pill is completely different from those they have taken before.

So much so that many people from the Snow clan couldn't help but salivate secretly, wishing they could snatch the TianJing Pill from Xue Luan's hand and take it themselves.

"This is the TianJing Pill!"

"I personally crafted this and gave it to Miss Xue Qing!"

Just then, Jiang Yun's voice rang out, filled with coldness, clearly indicating the recipient of this TianJing Pill.

Naturally, this is the TianJing Pill that was placed in the third level water transformed from stone, imprinted, achieving an effect of thirty.

Jiang Yun decided to give it to Xue Qing as a thank you for the array stone she gave him.

If anyone dares to snatch this TianJing Pill, he would immediately take action without hesitation, even if the other person is Xue Luan.

When Jiang Yun spoke, Xue Qing couldn't help but shiver slightly. She turned her gaze away from the TianJing Pill and looked at Jiang Yun instead. In his blue eyes, there was a sparkle shining.

At this moment, the one most affected, of course, was Xue Luan.

Looking at the enticing TianJing Pill so close to her, her throat kept moving up and down, swallowing hard, trying hard to control her inner impulse.

No one knew that she had reached the peak of the fifth level of the Blessed Land realm, and had encountered a bottleneck.

If she swallowed this TianJing Pill, there was a great possibility of breaking through the bottleneck and advancing into the sixth level.

"Xue Luan, our Taoist friend Yun made it clear, give the TianJing Pill to Qing'er!" Grandfather's voice finally came from afar.

Honestly, although he knew early on that Jiang Yun was refining pills, and knew that the pills he made were extraordinary, otherwise they wouldn't have attracted the Dan Disaster, when he saw the TianJing Pill, he couldn't help but be a bit distracted.

But now he finally came to his senses.

He was also very aware that if Xue Luan disregarded everything and swallowed this TianJing Pill, not only would the Snow clan lose Jiang Yun as a friend forever, but they would also gain a formidable enemy that even he did not want to provoke.

If it were a regular day, maybe he wouldn't care, but now with the Snow clan facing life and death, he couldn't risk anything for a pill.

Despite feeling unwilling in her heart, Xue Luan had to reluctantly pour the TianJing Pill back into the jade bottle under her grandfather's command, handing it to Xue Qing with trembling hands.

Seeing the jade bottle handed to her, Xue Qing hesitated.

Obviously, she dared not accept.

But Jiang Yun stepped forward, took the jade bottle directly from Xue Luan's hand, and forcefully placed it into Xue Qing's hand before saying, "Miss Xue, come with me for a moment, I need your help!"

After speaking, Jiang Yun didn't wait for Xue Qing to respond, he immediately grabbed her arm and walked quickly towards the teleportation array in the valley.

Jiang Yun just wanted to get Xue Qing out of there quickly, without considering anything else, not realizing that his current action of grabbing Xue Qing's arm was a bit... inappropriate.

Xue Qing's face turned red, but she didn't say anything, allowing Jiang Yun to lead her into the teleportation array, leaving the valley of the Snow clan.

They arrived at the place by the sea where Jiang Yun used to look at the sea, and then Jiang Yun let go of her wrist and gently smiled, saying, "Miss Xue, why don't you take this TianJing Pill now!"

Jiang Yun knew that if Xue Qing returned to the valley, her aunt would try to take the TianJing Pill back from her.

Since Xue Qing couldn't resist, it was safer for her to take it now.

Xue Qing understood Jiang Yun's intentions and shook her head, returning the jade bottle to him, saying, "Dear friend, thank you. But the TianJing Pill is too valuable for me to accept."

"When you gave me the formation stone before, I didn't refuse it. Now, you must accept this TianJing Pill."

As Jiang Yun spoke with a smile, he suddenly produced two more jade bottles, saying, "Here are some more TianJing Pills and Moon Dream Dew. They may not be as good as the one you have, but they are effective. Take them for your people!"


Xue Qing was stunned, surprised by the amount of pills Jiang Yun had made.

Although she rarely left her tribe, she knew that the pills were incredibly valuable together, so she hesitated to take them.

Jiang Yun insisted, saying, "Take them! Your grandfather and I made a deal, and these pills were part of it."

After hearing this, Xue Qing hesitated for a moment, then carefully put away the jade bottle and said, "Thank you so much, my Taoist friend. I will keep these pills for now and give them to my grandfather when I return."

Jiang Yun still worriedly reminded, "I don't care about the other pills, but the one I gave you, you should take it yourself and not give it to anyone else!"

Xue Qing nodded gently and said, "Don't worry, my grandfather said no one will dare to try to take the TianJing Pill again. I will keep it safe."

"That's great!"

Jiang Yun stretched lazily and finally turned his gaze to the vast and roaring ocean in front of him, saying, "I want to continue watching the sea here. You can go back to your business, you don't have to worry about me."

Jiang Yun came to watch the sea in order to create his own Blessed Land.

He was now fully prepared with the wisdom of the Snow clan grandfather and nine Earth-opening Pills, so he was confident in creating the Blessed Land.

Although this place was not the Snow clan valley, the cliff and the valley were actually not far apart.

If any danger occurred or a strong enemy appeared, he could rush over in an instant.

Xue Qing didn't seem to hear Jiang Yun's words. She stood side by side with Jiang Yun on the cliff, quietly watching the sea ahead.

After a while, she softly said, "This is actually my favorite place. Before the sea became angry, I used to come here almost every day to watch the sea and listen to its sound."

"Do you know why?"

Hearing this, Jiang Yun's expression suddenly showed a hint of surprise. He obviously didn't know why!

Before Jiang Yun could answer, Xue Qing continued, "Because my mother is from the Snow clan, but my father is from the Sea clan!"