The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Sharing Secrets

Jiang Yun suddenly turned to look at Xue Qing, gazing into her blue eyes, his face showing a look of realization.

No wonder Xue Qing's eyes are different in color from other Snow clan members. It turns out that her father is not from the Snow clan, but from the Sea clan.

"My aunt and my mother, they are sisters, but both fell in love with my father. In the end, my father chose my mother."

"Since then, my aunt started hating my mother, especially after I was born, she would often take it out on me."

"Thanks to my grandfather protecting me all this time, otherwise I might not have lived until today..."

"So, she was rude to you not because of you, but because of me, I hope you won't take it to heart."

"Alright, you look at the sea, I'm leaving! Thank you!"

After saying this bunch of confusing words, Xue Qing turned around and left, leaving a puzzled Jiang Yun standing there dumbfounded.

In his opinion, Xue Qing speaking these words to him seemed like she was speaking for her aunt, but he always felt like there were other meanings hidden in her words, yet he couldn't figure them out.

Thankfully, Bai Ze's lazy voice chimed in, "Don't overthink it, she just wanted to confide in you about something."

Jiang Yun still puzzled, asked, "Confide in me? Why me?"

"You silly, because you're not from the Snow clan!"

Bai Ze paused and said, "But you are not a demon, so you may not understand. Just like how humans care about social status, the demon race values pure bloodlines. They usually don't mix with other races, especially not with humans!"

"If a demon with mixed blood appears, they will be rejected by the entire group, not to mention the offspring they produce."

"Their impure bloodline will make them ostracized and ignored within the group."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yun finally understood!

It seemed that Xue Qing had good relations within the Snow clan, not because people liked her, but because of her grandfather, the Snow clan's leader, who always protected her.

Just like her aunt Xue Luan, who harbored hostility towards Xue Qing but dared not openly defy the grandfather's orders.

Due to Xue Qing's unique background, she probably had no friends within the Snow clan and faced exclusion everywhere.

"No wonder she is willing to stay here alone, guarding her clan!"

"But where are her parents? She didn't mention them. Perhaps something unexpected happened, or..."

Jiang Yun looked at the sea, sighed deeply, sat down slowly, and stared at the sea in front of him. He imagined Xue Qing looking at the sea, missing her parents just like he did.

Naturally, he also thought about his own ancestry.

Compared to Xue Qing, he felt even more pitiful because at least Xue Qing knew who her parents were, but he had no memories of his own parents.

He would have died long ago if it wasn't for his grandfather.

Xue Qing didn't actually return to the valley of their tribe. Instead, she stood at the entrance of the valley, gazing in the direction of the ocean where Jiang Yun was sitting.

She tightly held a jade bottle containing a TianJing Pill, bringing it close to her heart and whispered, "This is the first time someone has ever given me a gift in my life. Thank you. I will treasure it!"

After a lot of wandering thoughts, Jiang Yun finally took a deep breath, cleared his mind, closed his eyes, and visualized the bubble Snow clan grandfather had given him.

With a "pop," the bubble burst gently, and slowly, an empty world appeared before Jiang Yun.

Although he knew this was the insight when Snow clan grandfather accumulated Blessed Land, Jiang Yun also didn't know what this insight would be, so he could only wait patiently.

Just a moment later, countless white snowflakes suddenly appeared in this empty world.

These snowflakes were not only very numerous, but also fell very fast. Instead of landing below, they gathered in midair, forming a snow pillar.

Gradually, more and more snowflakes appeared, causing the snow pillar to grow taller, thicker, and wider in the air.

Until this empty world was completely filled with this lonely snow pillar.

"Is this Snow Clangrandfather's Blessed Land? But what kind of Blessed Land is this, a snow pillar?"

Just as the thought came to Jiang Yun's mind, a hint of red jumping flame suddenly appeared from below the snow pillar.

The flames also increased rapidly, soaring up, and in an instant, completely enveloped the snow pillar.

Under the burning flames, the snow pillar gradually began to melt.

"No, not melting! The flames are changing the shape of this snow pillar, just like shaping a pill in alchemy."

The scene in front of Jiang Yun suddenly made him realize, "The empty world he sees is actually the energy center of Snow Clan's grandfather, and the snow pillar is like the spiritual energy lake inside him, similar to a human cultivator's energy."

"This fire is like spiritual fire."

"Under the burning of spiritual fire, the spirit energy will completely liquefy. Since snow is originally water and very soft, this snow pillar doesn't need to become water again. It can directly condense into the desired shape of the Blessed Land in this state."

Just as Jiang Yun guessed, this snow pillar gradually transformed under the continuous burning of the fire into a white building resembling a palace.

Although this building does not actually exist in Jiang Yun's mind, it is just an image, but when looking at it, Jiang Yun inexplicably feels a sense of age and solemnity.

Even a vague thought emerged in his mind.

"This palace is likely the sacred place of the Snow Clan!"

"And, if I am not mistaken, it is hidden under the valley where the Snow Clan resides!"


A loud shaking sound rang out, and the palace finally took shape, towering at nine stories high, all made of white snow.

Strangely, the flames did not disappear but continued to surround the palace, only no longer giving off heat as the palace did not melt.

In the distance, a white palace enveloped in red flames appeared before Jiang Yun's eyes.

Fire and snow, two opposing elements, now peacefully coexisted together.

"This is Snow Clan Grandfather's Blessed Land!"

"And this fire is not the spiritual fire I imagined. It is actually the flame carried by the Snow Clan sacred land, which is why the ground around Snow Clan Grandfather's dwelling gives off heat."

"Snow Clan Grandfather created his Blessed Land by harnessing this flame."

Watching the palace standing tall in the burning flames, Jiang Yun's face slowly showed understanding.