The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: Preparing for Battle

Jiang Yun suddenly opened his eyes, and the flaming palace in his mind completely disappeared.

In its place, a vast and magnificent ocean appeared before him, a real existence!

"Snow clan grandfather chose their Blessed Land, where should I choose for my own Blessed Land?" pondered Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun took out the Earth-opening Pill he had prepared, put three pills into his mouth, and then fell into deep thought.

Having had the experience of taking the Meridians Unclogged pill before, Jiang Yun was not going to do anything foolish again.

Although he swallowed three Earth-opening Pills, he did not let them dissolve. Instead, he wrapped them tightly in spirit qi and suspended them in his dantian.

Once he decided on the shape of his own Blessed Land, he could transform all these Earth-opening Pills into spirit energy, allowing him to swiftly gather his Blessed Land!

Snow continued to fall endlessly, as if the snow here would never stop.

After just one day, Jiang Yun's body was completely covered by white snow, making him look like a snowman.

And not far behind him, a silent white graceful figure appeared.

Naturally, it was Xue Qing.

Though she didn't know why Jiang Yun sat here looking at the sea, she couldn't help but worry about Jiang Yun's safety.

After silently watching Jiang Yun's back for a moment, Xue Qing quietly left.

From that day on, Xue Qing would come here every day to check on Jiang Yun, who remained seated without moving.

The snow on Jiang Yun's body continued to accumulate and freeze due to the extremely low temperature.

If Xue Qing approached Jiang Yun, she would see that he was entirely encased in this hard ice.

Only his eyes remained fixed on the sea, emitting a faint light.

So time kept passing by, and before they knew it, fifteen days had gone by.

Just as Xue Qing turned around for the fifteenth time, about to leave, her face suddenly changed.

Next, her body melted and turned into countless snowflakes, mixing with the falling snow in the air, gently landing on the ground.

As Xue Qing's figure disappeared, a group of figures suddenly appeared in the sky above the cliff, densely packed, at least a hundred or so.

Although all these figures were human-shaped, the strong demonic aura they emitted caused the snowflakes in the sky to vanish instantly.

The leader of the group, if Jiang Yun and Xue Qing could see, would recognize as the stone demon that Jiang Yun absorbed innate talent with the Demon Refining Seal and personally slayed!

At this moment, the stone demon, although a bit pale, with most of its body blown off by Jiang Yun before, remained unharmed, smiling ingratiatingly towards a bald man beside him in black clothes, "Sir, this is it."

The big man coldly scanned around, then said, "I don't see a single soul here, are you sure? Let me tell you, if we don't find the Snow clan this time, I'll deal with you!"

The stone demon hurriedly said, "Sir, I can stake my life on this. Last time, I was here and got attacked by a Snow clan and a demon race that could control demon beasts. Luckily, I survived with the Dust Return Technique."

"Controlling demon beasts is nothing special!" The black-clothed man coldly smiled again, "Some new Taoist friends who recently joined the Ten Thousand Demons Cave can also do it!"

After speaking, the big man ignored the stone demon and turned to a group of people with different animal features on their bodies, saying, "Everyone, you have all heard what my subordinate said!"

"It is well known that the Snow clan is skilled in formation techniques. It is not hard to guess that their dwelling must be hidden within the formation. So please help us find it."

In this group of people, there were ten in total. Upon hearing the big man's words, a middle-aged man with pointed ears and a pale face walked out confidently, saying, "Watch this!"

As he finished speaking, he waved his hand and shadows shot out from his body, landing on the ground, revealing hundreds of white giant wolves.

These wolves, upon landing, immediately turned into light and dashed out in all directions.

One of the wolves even came to Jiang Yun, who had turned into an ice sculpture, sniffed around for a while, then turned and ran towards another direction.

With the middle-aged man taking action, the other nine people standing with him also joined in.

Each person shot out nearly a hundred different ferocious beasts from their bodies.

In the blink of an eye, this area was completely filled with over a thousand ferocious beasts.

These fierce beasts were charging around, running wild, and roaring different beastly roars, echoing through the land.

In the Snow clan valley at this moment, all the adult tribe members had gathered together, each with a serious face and clenched fists.

Clearly, the Snow clan already knew about the arrival of these foreign monsters as soon as they appeared.

In fact, they had anticipated this situation way back when the sea became furious.

Over the past three years, they had practiced countless battles to prepare for such a situation.

So, even though they felt a bit nervous and anxious at the moment, not a single person showed fear. They all wanted to leave the valley and fight to defend their homeland and families.

However, without grandfather's command, they dared not act rashly and could only wait in place.

Finally, grandfather's sigh was heard from afar, "Activate the clan protection formation, prepare for battle!"

As grandfather's words fell, countless snowflakes suddenly soared into the sky from the valley, filling the air endlessly.

All the snowflakes suddenly gathered in the air to form a huge net, covering the entire valley completely.

Even from the outside, one could not see what was happening inside the valley, but the Snow clan inside the valley were not affected at all.

Just as the protective formation was set up, a loud rumble suddenly sounded from all directions.

Clearly visible, colorful lights kept bursting in the empty space above the valley, like beautiful fireworks.

Obviously, with the help of thousands of fierce beasts, the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave had found the location of the Snow clan valley and were forcefully breaking through the outer formation.

These demons numbered over a hundred, with the weakest being at the first level of Blessed Land Realm. With so many powerful beings attacking together, even a mountain could be easily destroyed, let alone a mere formation.

Without even lasting for a minute, accompanied by a deafening sound, the protective formation that had surrounded the Snow clan valley for years finally collapsed and scattered.

With the disappearance of the formation, the Snow clan valley, hidden for countless years, was finally completely exposed to everyone.