The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: Act Swiftly and Wittingly

"Haha, the Snow clan is indeed hiding here!"

Above the sky, hundreds of demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave all appeared, overlooking the valley below.

Even though they couldn't see through the layers of snowflakes, they knew that under such tight protection, it must be the home of the Snow clan.

"Grandfather, what should we do now?"

Xue Luan and three other men stood in front of grandfather's snow house, watching the strong enemies in the sky, anxiously asking for advice.

Although there was a protective barrier protecting the clan, if they ignored these enemies, the barrier would soon be destroyed.

At that time, the thousands of people in the Snow clan would be at the mercy of the enemies.

Right now, grandfather remained silent, looking up at the sky, as if he could see the enemies through the roof.

"Although our Snow clan is declining, the Ten Thousand Demons Cave is too cautious to only send these people. They must be here to test our strength!"

"It would be best if we can defeat them all in one go!"

"But if we can't defeat them, then after them, the Ten Thousand Demons Cave will surely send even more powerful demons to deal with us."

"Now the only option is to kill all these people! Then, if we can hold on for one more month, I can escape with the Snow clan."

"Since we have to fight, then let's fight!"

Amid the anxious wait of many Snow clan members, grandfather's deep voice finally spoke, "Snow Dance Storm!"

As grandfather finished speaking, the protective formation covering the sky suddenly surged, forming continuous snow tornadoes that rushed towards the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave standing in the sky.

"At all costs, annihilate the enemy who dares to attack us!"

At the same time, grandfather's voice rang out again.

Yet this time, not only did it reach the ears of the Snow clan, but it also reached the ears of the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, seemingly showing the Snow clan's determination.


With a command from grandfather, the prepared members of the Snow clan disappeared from their original spots and reappeared next to an enemy with angry roars.

The demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave had no idea that the Snow clan's protective formation could not only defend but also attack.

Caught off guard, seven or eight demons were instantly torn apart by the snowstorm, frozen before even a drop of blood could flow out.

The demons who managed to escape were startled to find one or more Snow clan members appearing beside them before they could even react.

The Snow clan members didn't linger in battle; they each delivered a strike and disappeared without a trace, returning to the protective formation.

This was the result of the Snow clan's regular training.

In an instant, the Snow clan completed the first round of quick attacks.

Due to their swift movements and the sudden activation of the protective formation, they managed to unexpectedly kill almost twenty enemies and hundreds of fierce beasts.

The leader of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, a big man in black clothes, suddenly shouted, "All these Snow clan people have teleportation stones on them. Be careful, everyone, spread out immediately and focus on attacking their protective formation."

In terms of battle experience, the Snow clan is lacking, while these demons have been through many battles.

Even though they were initially caught off guard by the Snow clan, as soon as the leader's command was issued, the demons immediately scattered.

"*Loud rumbling noises*"

Along with the fierce beasts surrounding them, the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave unleashed their strongest attacks without hesitation, using various spells and weapons raining down densely on the protective formation.

"Keep going!"

Grandfather's voice became colder, and hundreds of Snow clan members disappeared again, only to reappear next to the enemies and strike them down with a single blow.

After three rounds of swift attacks, one-third of the demons from the Ten Thousands Demons Cave were already killed, while the Snow clan had minimal casualties.

The dark expression on the face of the man in black clothes darkened even more.

Before he arrived, he boasted that he would definitely defeat the Snow clan completely. However, now it turns out that he and his people are the ones being defeated.

To be honest, even though only a hundred of them came this time, apart from himself, all of them are from the Blessed Land Realm.

In addition, there are ten beast demons who can control fierce beasts. This kind of fighting power, while not very strong, is definitely not weak either.

Looking at the Snow clan, although they have the advantage in numbers, there are only about a hundred people who have truly reached the Blessed Land Realm. Among those who just attacked, many are only at the Meridians Unclogged level.

The reason for the current situation is mainly because the Snow clan has taken advantage of the geographical location, coupled with their unpredictable way of attacking, making them virtually undefeatable.

At this moment, the big man's mind is racing, thinking about how to break free from this predicament.

In reality, with his strength, if he were to personally take action, these Snow clan members would not even be worth his attention.

But he also knows that if he were to take action, the Snow clan's grandfather would surely do the same.

According to the gathered intelligence, the Snow clan's grandfather's cultivation has also reached at least the Sky Reaching Realm, making him almost equal to himself.

Besides, the grandfather is really good at battle formations, so if he acts, we might suffer even more damage.

With a quick glance, the big man suddenly came up with a plan, yelling, "Everyone, temporarily leave this place. Since the Snow clan members are too scared to come out, we'll surround them and not let them escape!"

"I have already informed our clan, our reinforcements will arrive soon. Even if we can't defeat these Snow clan members, we can at least trap them!"

"Let's also search around, I don't believe all the Snow clan members are in this valley. There must be some who escaped. Once we find them, we can torture them!"

It must be said, the strategy of the big man was indeed very effective.

Especially his last sentence made all the Snow clan members' faces darken suddenly.

As soon as Jiang Yun left the snowy house, they immediately called back the clan members who were acting as scouts around the area, but there were still over ten Snow clan members who hadn't returned.

Among them was Xue Qing.

With so many enemies attacking the Snow clan valley, the clan members outside were already aware, but they knew that revealing themselves would be suicidal, so they all hid themselves.

But if the Ten Thousand Demons Cave really searches extensively, then no matter how well hidden they are, once found, it would be a dead end for sure.

They might even be tortured to death!


Suddenly, several Snow clan people looked towards Grandfather's snow house, because among the people outside the valley, there were their relatives.

How could Grandfather not know what the people from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave were thinking, but he couldn't do anything about it either.

Initially, to prevent the undercover clan members from being caught, they did not carry teleportation array stones on them, and now, trying to leave the valley to save them would also be a suicidal move.

After a moment of silence, Grandfather let out a helpless sigh and said, "Let's see."