The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: The Third Layer of Water

After this third-grade spiritual stone burst open, nine streams of the Meaning of the Tao flew out from within!

Although Jiang Yun had lost count of how many items containing the Meaning of the Tao he had exploded, so far, the most he had seen in one item was three streams of the Meaning of the Tao.

However, now there were nine streams.

When the black stone greedily swallowed these nine streams of the Meaning of the Tao, it turned back into water once again.

Even though it looked no different from before, Jiang Yun gazed at the unfathomable water within and had a clear thought that whatever he put in there this time would come out very different from the original.

With this in mind, Jiang Yun picked up the Thunderstruck TianJing Pill and slowly tossed it into the water.


The TianJing Pill entered the water, creating a small splash before sinking slowly.

However, Jiang Yun's eyes suddenly widened to the extreme.

Because he clearly saw that this TianJing Pill did not sink into the first layer of water but continued further down, all the way down, until it reached the third layer of water.

The third layer!

Even though Jiang Yun knew that the water was layered, he had never been able to make an item sink into the second layer. But now, this TianJing Pill unexpectedly sank into the third layer.

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Yun carefully reached his fingers into the water.

This time, his fingers directly reached the third layer of water and he retrieved the TianJing Pill.

As the TianJing Pill was retrieved, the water turned back into stone. Jiang Yun looked at the TianJing Pill, frozen in place like a statue, motionless.

It was only a long while later that he let out a long sigh.

Following that, his face was full of joy and excitement, along with a hint of disbelief!

TianJing Pill belongs to a second-grade pill. Before being thrown into the water, its pill effect is Heavenly Level and almost perfect.

However, now, with Jiang Yun's experience as a pharmacist, he can clearly judge that the grade of this TianJing Pill is still a perfect Heavenly Level.

However, the pill effect it contains has increased at least three times compared to before!

This is not simply three times.

Since Jiang Yun discovered that putting pills into water can improve their grade, he has roughly divided the pill effects of pills.

Assuming that a pill with a perfect effect is a ten, then Heavenly Level is eight, Earth Level is six, Human Level is four, Dust Level is two, and no level is one.

But the pill effect of this TianJing Pill in front of him has reached at least thirty!

This means that this one TianJing Pill is equivalent to three perfect TianJing Pills.

And in Jiang Yun's understanding, this is simply impossible!

But now, the truth is right in front of him.

"When the effect of the medicine is enhanced to the extreme by the water transformed from the stone, while it cannot improve the grade of the medicine, it can double the effect of the medicine."

"Moreover, just now, when the third-grade spiritual stone exploded, it emitted nine strands of the Meaning of the Tao, causing the medicine to enter the third layer of the water transformed from the stone."

"So, can I assume that if the stone absorbs the Meaning of the Tao, and if it absorbs a certain amount at once, it can open up an additional layer of water?"

"For example, absorbing three strands at once can only open the first layer of water, absorbing nine strands can open the third layer, so by absorbing six strands of the Meaning of the Tao at once, it should be able to open the second layer!"

This was just Jiang Yun's guess, but to find out if it was correct, was very simple.

Without hesitation, Jiang Yun took out a second-grade spiritual stone, but it only contained four strands of the Meaning of the Tao, and still only opened the first layer of water.

Jiang Yun did not give up and continued to experiment, until he finally found a second-grade spiritual stone containing six strands of the Meaning of the Tao.

As expected, after absorbing six strands of the Meaning of the Tao, the Earth-opening Pill he threw in directly entered the second layer of water.

Jiang Yun was not in a rush to take out the Earth-opening Pill, but instead, he focused on the waterway. "I understand!"

"There is a limit to the number of phrases about the Meaning of the Tao contained in items."

"In a one-grade spiritual stone, there can be a minimum of one phrase and a maximum of three phrases about the Meaning of the Tao. In a two-grade spiritual stone, there can be a minimum of four phrases and a maximum of six phrases, and so on."

"Stones absorb the Meaning of the Tao based on a standard of three phrases. Once the number of absorbed phrases reaches three or a multiple of three, it will open up the corresponding layer of water."

"As items delve deeper into a layer, the effects upon retrieval will also increase accordingly."

With those words, Jiang Yun finally retrieved the Earth-opening Pill from the water. As he expected, this nearly perfect Earth-opening Pill now had a minimum potency of twenty!

Next, Jiang Yun seemed to be going crazy, taking out all his spiritual stones and allowing the black stones to absorb them one by one, then placing all his items that fit into the water.

For a full two days, Jiang Yun used up all his thousands of spiritual stones and successfully submerged all his items into the water.

Unfortunately, except for the TianJing Pill and the Earth-opening Pill, the water turned from stones only unlocked the first layer.

Looking at the empty space in front of him, Jiang Yun's eyes suddenly lit up and he muttered to himself, "I need a special stone, the higher the quality, the better!"

Though Jiang Yun knew the Snow clan would gladly give him a special stone if he asked, he felt too shy to bring it up.

However, he wasn't in a hurry for now. After all, what mattered to him more at the moment than the spiritual stone was to gather his Blessed Land!

Yawning, Jiang Yun finally stood up, pushed open his door, and as he appeared, the Snow clan members around him all showed a strange look on their faces.

Jiang Yun had been staying in the house for over a month, especially during the past month when continuous thunderstorms hit his roof, making him appear very strange and mysterious.

Not feeling peculiar himself, Jiang Yun smiled kindly at those eyes on him, then began to search for Xue Qing.

Fortunately, Xue Qing had not left the valley during this time, worried that if Jiang Yun couldn't find her when he came out, he might be bullied by other Snow clan members, especially by his aunt, so when she finally saw Jiang Yun appear, she hurried over.

Walking up to Jiang Yun, Xue Qing didn't rush to speak. Instead, after looking him up and down, she asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, really!" Jiang Yun smiled slightly and suddenly remembered something. He pulled out a jade bottle from his palm and handed it to Xue Qing, saying, "This is for you!"

"For me?" Xue Qing was a bit surprised and asked, "What is it?"

"Just take a look!"

Xue Qing hesitated a bit, but still took it. Just as she was about to open it, a figure suddenly appeared beside her and took away the jade bottle.

Jiang Yun's expression darkened suddenly, and he looked coldly at Xue Luan who had just arrived.

Xue Luan didn't care about Jiang Yun's gaze at all, she sneered and said, "In our Snow clan, we don't care for things from outsiders like you! But I am curious to see what you gave Xue Qing, and if it's dangerous!"

Before Jiang Yun could say anything, she opened the jade bottle and poured out a TianJing Pill.

Jiang Yun narrowed his eyes, almost feeling the urge to make a move in that moment.

Even though Xue Luan always held hostility towards him, which he could ignore, the fact that she dared to snatch the gift he intended for Xue Qing made him upset.

However, Jiang Yun managed to control himself and refrained from acting.

As the TianJing Pill was poured out, a strong fragrance filled the air, creating a whirlwind that swept through the entire valley of the Snow clan, reaching the noses of all the Snow clan people.

"What is this?"