The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: A Messy Situation

The dark cloud in the sky had completely disappeared, but there was still no reaction in Jiang Yun's snow house.

This made the Snow clan people gathered around couldn't help but look at each other and wonder if Jiang Yun had been struck dead by the three consecutive thunder strikes that caused such a commotion.

The most worried naturally was Xue Qing.

No matter what, Jiang Yun was the one she brought back to the Snow clan. If something happened, even if not because of her, she would feel guilty.

After hesitating for a moment, Xue Qing finally plucked up the courage to walk up to the snow house and softly asked, "Cloud Taoist friend, are you okay?"

"It's okay!"

Inside the snowy house, Jiang Yun's strong voice immediately sounded, not sounding like something was wrong at all.

Little did they know, Jiang Yun was still waiting for the fourth thunderbolt to strike.

In fact, he was not angry at the thunderbolt anymore, but rather looking forward to it.

Surprisingly, after Thunderbolt Dao Body absorbed the three falling thunderbolts, its power actually grew stronger.

This was a very unexpected gain for Jiang Yun.

Initially, Jiang Yun thought that since his three Dao Bodies possessed powers not from the Mountain-Sea World, the only way to increase their strength would be through the improvement of his own main body, without any other shortcuts.

His physical body and Hun Tian Dao Body were fine. His physical body would become stronger due to the talented gift from the stone demon, thereby boosting the strength of his physical body and Dao Body.

Hun Tian Dao Body was even simpler. Not only had Hun Tian helped him condense the embryo of a Blessed Land, but also the demon qi he absorbed at the Against-Demon Bridge, in the Luo family Abyss, and even from the Demon's Tao Conferment Bamboo Slip were enough to continue enhancing the strength of his Hun Tian Dao Body.

The most difficult thing for him was the Thunderbolt Dao Body, but today he absorbed three lightning strikes in a row from the sky, which helped him solve this problem, making him extremely happy.

Therefore, he is now hoping for more lightning to fall, so that the Thunderbolt Dao Body can absorb it.

Upon hearing Jiang Yun's answer, the faces of the people from the Snow clan showed a strange expression.

However, since everything was fine and the dark clouds had dispersed, they naturally stopped asking too many questions and gradually dispersed.

However, what they never expected was that today's events were just the beginning!

Following this, almost every few days, the dark clouds would reappear, always covering the sky above Jiang Yun's snow house.

Each time, only three lightning strikes would fall before dissipating.

After a month of this, the Snow clan had already gotten used to this situation.

Even when the dark clouds appeared again, they couldn't be bothered to look, as it had become a common sight for them.

However, compared to the relaxed atmosphere of the clan members, the grandfather of the Snow clan was becoming increasingly nervous inside.

They even went to the extent of adding dozens of hidden sentries within a hundred miles around the valley.

Because only he knew deep down that those dark clouds and thunder were not ordinary ones, but the dreaded Dan Disaster!

Just like how cultivators follow the rule of the nine as the limit, there is also an ultimate level for alchemy pills and tools. Once surpassing this limit, it would attract a heavenly calamity.

In simple terms, the effects of this alchemy pill were already defying nature. Even the heavens forbid such pills to exist in this world, hence creating disasters to destroy them.

Such Dan Disasters were extremely rare, and even within the Grand Medicine Sect, there were very few instances of alchemy pills causing Dan Disasters.

The occurrence of Dan Disasters, if happening once or twice, would be manageable. But within the Snow clan valley, at least ten incidents had already taken place in just one month, likely attracting the attention of those with ill intentions.

It's important to note that skilled pharmacists are not only rare among human cultivators but are even scarcer within the demon race. So, if someone identifies a Dan Disaster, they would immediately recognize the presence of a skilled pharmacist and would send people to investigate.

Moreover, with a great calamity approaching, having a skilled pharmacist by their side meant a few more chances of survival for both individuals and the clan.

Furthermore, as the Snow clan itself is coveted by many groups, if it were known that Dan Disaster's pharmacist hailed from the Snow clan, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, for the Snow clan, Jiang Yun's appearance, though it may bring them great disaster, could also be seen as a stroke of luck.

Yet, whether this is a blessing or a curse remains to be seen.

Despite all that is happening outside, the Snow clan's grandfather's concerns, Jiang Yun remains completely unaware.

This month of non-stop alchemy has brought him a bountiful harvest!

He not only successfully turned all his materials into pills, but even the lowest-grade pills are of Earth level.

Some pills, even if not thrown into the water turned to stone, have near-perfect effects.

Currently, he has nine Earth-opening Pills, three Reaching-Sky Pills, and close to a hundred TianJing Pills and Moon Dream Dew Pills.

Truth be told, Jiang Yun did not anticipate such results from his alchemy in the Snow clan.

But except for the first time when he successfully made the TianJing Pill and was a little excited, he remained calm every time he succeeded in making the pill afterwards.

Therefore, he also made his own analysis.

This was not due to his improvement in refining pills, but it should be related to the Snow clan.

Or rather, it was related to the heat he felt on the ground when he was in the Snow clan grandfather's snow house before.

But he couldn't specify the exact relationship.

However, no matter what, this was a good thing for him.

Besides successfully refining the pills, his Thunderbolt Dao Body had also absorbed enough thunder.

According to Jiang Yun's speculation, as long as he could condense his Blessed Land, then the Thunderbolt Dao Body was likely to also condense a Blessed Land.

In addition to the Blessed Land of the Hun Tian Dao Body, this meant that if he entered the first level of the Blessed Land Realm, at least three Blessed Lands would appear inside him.

At that time, his true strength could shake the fourth realm of Blessed Land, and even the fifth realm!

Putting away the Sanhua Cauldron, when Jiang Yun waved his sleeve, a pile of special stones appeared.

Since he had finished making the medicine, the next step was to turn stone into water and put everything on himself that could help into the water.

Just as Jiang Yun was about to summon a one-grade spiritual stone, he suddenly noticed a unique third-grade spiritual stone with the corner of his eye.

"I have never tried a third-grade spiritual stone to see how much the Meaning of the Tao it contains. Why not give it a try?"

Thinking this, Jiang Yun then switched the one-grade spiritual stone in his hand with the third-grade one. It seemed like a careless move, but if anyone else knew, they would be really angry!

One third-grade stone could be exchanged for a hundred first-grade ones. Jiang Yun only needed three one-grade stones to turn stone into water, but now he had taken out a third-grade one.

This was simply wasting resources!

However, Jiang Yun had no idea about this, so he didn't feel bad at all. When he summoned the black stone and aimed at the third-grade spiritual stone.

A surprising scene appeared!