Cultivation: Being Immortal

Cultivation: Being Immortal

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Lin Jiang travels through the world of cultivation and obtains the Lifespan Check-in System. Check-in for a day, gain one year of lifespan. This nearly infinite lifespan allows him to live tens of thousands years, bearing witness to numerous lives passing by, their joy, grief, and everything in between. He has persisted from the Stone Age to the Cosmic Age and ranges from cultivation to science. He is there, always there, as the eternal guardian of mankind. (Not a dark and thrilling story, be cautious)

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Cultivation: Being Immortal – Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Outer Sect Junior Disciples

Five Elements Sect

On the tenth day of his cultivation at Shanxue School, Lin Jiang once again guided his breath into his body. Of course, he did so with deliberate control. Otherwise, with his mid-stage Foundation Building cultivation, he could have done it in just one night.

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