The Black Card

Chapter 166

Chapter 166 - How Will You Make It Up To Me?

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Wei Xingyue thought about it. What Shi Lei said was reasonable. But it didn’t matter what his excuse was. The man in front of him took her first kiss and didn’t contact her for more than ten days, an unforgivable mistake.  

“Did you seriously think that I’ll overlook the fact that you didn’t contact me if you said that? Lil’boy, you need to understand that women don’t need to be reasonable. No matter what, it’s your fault for not contacting me first!” 

Shi Lei was speechless and flabbergasted. Her argument was so strong that he couldn’t say anything back. 

Eventually, he could only lower his head and say miserably, “Fine, you are right. You are too awesome! I was wrong, okay?” 

Seeing his attitude, Wei Xingyue finally felt better. 

“Since you admit that you’re at fault, how do you plan on making it up to me?” Wei Xingyue glared at Shi Lei. For some unknown reason, Shi Lei could somehow see the flames of desire in her eyes. 

He couldn’t help but shiver. Oh my god, don’t tell me this crazy woman wants…

This is my first time! Your first kiss was also my first kiss! You already took my first kiss without knowing what happened and now you want to take my innocence? 

Shi Lei thought that if he didn’t have the martial arts master possess him, it would probably be impossible for him to escape from this crazy woman’s grasp. He wasn’t ready yet, even though that part of his body was definitely ready to make a move. Psychological and physical preparations were two entirely different concepts, okay? 

Standing up abruptly, Shi Lei walked around the table and cupped Wei Xingyue’s face. 

It made her jump. She was still a woman in the end, and shrank back into the chair. But her actions made Shi Lei believe that this really was what this insane woman wanted. He breathed deeply, closed his eyes, and with a slight unwillingness, kissed Wei Xingyue’s thin lips. 

It was sudden. Caught unprepared, Wei Xingyue’s mind went blank. She had no idea what this brat was doing. 

When she felt Shi Lei reaching his tongue out, Wei Xingyue subconsciously followed. As a result, both of them kissed without a clue about what was actually happening. 

Their first time was unfamiliar, their second time was somewhat proficient, and by their third time, both were already used to it. Who cares about kissing these few times? Not to mention that it didn’t feel bad to kiss at all!

After a solid five minutes, footsteps sounded from afar and Wei Xingyue pushed Shi Lei away. 

This time, Wei Xingyue was really agitated. She had only followed what Shi Lei was doing because she hadn’t been thinking. Her sense dependency and familiarity prevented her from reacting in time and she ended up obeying the feeling, kissing Shi Lei passionately. 

But now, only one thought remained in her head. This cunt, not only did he not contact her for a long time, when she was waiting for him to make it up to her, he took advantage of her!

Wei Xingyue’s eyes were filled anger. However, Shi Lei thought those flames were burning with desire instead and would have never considered the possibility that she actually wanted to castrate him. 

He didn’t give Wei Xingyue too much time and held her tightly, burying her head in his chest. 


What the hell is this?!

Wei Xingyue inevitably recalled the day she buried Shi Lei’s head in her chest. 

Then he let her go and said, “This is the limit. Don’t be greedy!”

Greedy?! Greedy your ass! 

Wei Xingyue was about to vomit blood. She now figured out what Shi Lei meant. This brat misunderstood what she meant by “compensate.” 

Who in the world would want you to compensate them like this? You are basically taking advantage of me! 

But it was somehow quite cute. Has this guy always been this unreliable? 

Wei Xingyue couldn’t help but to laugh bitterly. At this time, the waiter knocked on the door and brought in the wine Shi Lei had ordered. 

Of course, it wasn’t a 1982 Lafite, but the Bin 707 Wei Xingyue had ordered the other day. Although Shi Lei didn’t really know much about wine, he did remember the one Wei Xingyue ordered and thought she liked the taste of Australian wine. 

Wei Xingyue had to be more reserved in front of the waiter. She nodded to express that the wine was fine, then ordered the waiter to decant it and serve it with the dishes. 

After the waiter left, Wei Xingyue calmed down. It was rather funny to look at Shi Lei innocent face. This idiot! How stupid did he have to be to think that that was what she meant by “compensation”? 

That was too cute! Lil’boy, you have defeated me!

In the awkward silence, Wei Xingyue finally returned to her normal self and looked at Shi Lei coldly. “You think that’s making it up to me?” 

“That’s as far as it goes. As friends, we are already crossing the boundary!” Shi Lei scratched his head and said.

Oh my god, it was really irritating. So you knew that you were crossing the boundary as friends? But…as friends? Looking at Shi Lei’s extremely earnest face, Wei Xingyue unexpectedly found it cute. 

Women could be strange creatures sometimes. Their sense of humor and what they found to be cute were complete mysteries. But if it was someone else, a different time, environment, or with different words, Wei Xingyue would definitely not find an idiot like Shi Lei cute. But with the perfect timing, Wei Xingyue recalled her own ridiculous actions to Shi Lei the other day, and obviously realized that she also misunderstood his meaning that time, which was strangely similar to today.  

It was so cute that…It was hateful!

Wei Xingyue felt defeated and helpless. She really couldn’t use normal logic when interacting with Shi Lei. 

“You think I wanted you to kiss me when I asked how you were going to make up for it?” Wei Xingyue clenched her teeth in fury. 

Shi Lei was shocked and realized that he might have misunderstood her. “Your eyes were filled with desire…” he quickly said.

“That was anger! Desire your ass! Do you think that I’m so horny that I need you to satisfy me?” 

“I just thought that since you aren’t experienced in that field and you lost your first kiss with me, you could only find me to ease it…” Shi Lei replied earnestly.

Wei Xingyue had never cursed her entire life, but today, she had the desire to unleash all the profanity she’d stored up in the twenty something years she’d been alive at Shi Lei. “I’m! Warning! You! If you dare to do this again, I will make sure all of your desires are gone!” She enunciated each word slowly, and her gaze shifted to the spot between Shi Lei’s thighs. 

Shi Lei shivered and felt that the spot was rather empty. He shut his legs in horror but the emptiness and the feeling of chilly wind sweeping past him still remained. 

After a while, Shi Lei believed that Wei Xingyue wasn’t angry anymore and carefully asked, “Then how do you want me to compensate you?” 

Wei Xingyue felt dizzy at the word “compensate,” and got the feeling that she was looking for trouble. The main point was that she couldn’t express how she felt. 

She glowered at Shi Lei in hatred and said, “I saw a limited edition dress at Deji Plaza. Go buy it for me as a token of your apology!” 

Wei Xingyue thought that Shi Lei would be even more nervous, since the price of the dress was up to 110,000 yuan. Obviously, it was nothing to Wei Xingyue, but from her understanding of Shi Lei, he never had more than 100,000 yuan on him before. 

Astonishingly, after Shi Lei heard it, he didn’t even ask for the brand or the price of the dress and immediately agreed. 

“You scared me. If it’s just a dress, you should’ve said so earlier!” 

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