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Action, Adventure, MartialArts, Mature, Original, Reincarnation, English

Author: Tinalynge

Editor: ONI_Ghost

Cover art by: Gamaa

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Alternative world, story takes place in a country very much akin to ancient China. Supernatural powers are the norm. (Prologue is in modern day China)

Rated mature due to violence and language. Murders, swearing, graphic violence will occur throughout this story

Synopsis: Sacrificing his life to protect his best friend was a decision which Hui Yue did not regret, yet who could have known that death was not the final destination, but rather the beginning of a new adventure into a world filled with demonic beasts and martial arts cultivation.

Hui Yue soon found that within this world, strength was what determined your future accomplishments and there was no space for the weak.
Embarking upon this new life, Hui Yue meets friends, experience betrayal, and starts his own journey of cultivation to overcome his limits and become strong.


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