Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1171

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Chapter 1171: Falling Into the Trap

In a valley in the wild wilderness of Sia Kingdom, Yun Xi was sweating profusely as he watched the increasing concentration of natural energy around him.

Even though it was supposed to be a period of magic tide decline, the magical energy in this valley had already exceeded normal levels by more than fifty times. It was a holy place that could even establish the highest-level mage towers during the divine era.

Magical energy, spiritual energy, natural energy, are all different expressions of the world's laws. It's just that in accordance with the customs of Endless God's Domain, they are called by different names. It's similar to Dragon Roar Wave of the Dragon Clan, which is the manifestation of their respective essences.

The natural energy gathered by Yun Xi using the Magnificence of Sky Dance, when described in Sia's world, is the purest form of magical energy and can be directly absorbed by human bodies.

With the support of the Earth's pulse and the massive fifty-meter body of the black iron giant, the natural energy gathered by Yun Xi had already reached a level that could affect celestial phenomena.

At first, it was just a gentle breeze, accompanied by the sound of a certain tide. All the small animals around started running towards the black iron giant, rubbing against its magic tide.

Although it was a terrifying giant, in the eyes of these small animals, the black iron giant was not scary at all. It was just a moving giant, like the towering mountains.

And the pure magical energy gathered around him was something that all animals liked.

Quickly, any intelligent creature from the surrounding mountains gathered around the black iron giant who unleashed the magical power of the Sky Dance, rubbing against its magic.

But soon, these small creatures realized that there was an overwhelming amount of magic gathering around them.

Considering their bodies, except for a few creatures with atavistic characteristics, other animals couldn't tolerate such concentration of magic. One by one, they drunkenly collapsed near the black iron giant.

Magic intoxication, a condition that no longer existed on the continent but was only occasionally seen when ordinary people entered highly magical environments like the Divine Era's mage towers. It was a rare symptom that only manifested in individuals with a high sensitivity to magic.

Developing this condition meant having a high affinity for both your body and magic. In the Divine Era, such people were sought after by mages and were almost guaranteed to become advanced wizards in the future.

The phenomenon of magic concentration around Yun Xi, which was tens of times higher than normal and indiscriminate towards large groups, gave even the least talented creatures the ability to interact with magic.

This was not an innate trait but a species created by Yun Xi's use of the Magnificence of Sky Dance, a miraculous phenomenon in Sia's world.

With this ability, even during the period of declining magical tides, Yun Xi could easily create a large group of mages.

The period of magic tide decline in Sia's world was essentially the fusion of magic with the world becoming more stable, caused by the "absorption" during the Leviathan's breathing phenomenon.

According to Poincaré's improved theory, the magic in Sia's world neither increased nor decreased. It was originally abundant between the heavens and the earth, easily absorbed by people. The used magic returned to the earth, specifically inside the legendary Leviathan wreckage.

He even speculated that there might be a large amount of things underground on the continent that could be directly used as energy.

As long as suitable locations are found and deep enough wells are dug, this substance can be excavated from the earth, refined, and transformed into the foundational energy source for a new generation of scientific revolution.

Yun Xi took it a step further.

He didn't need to dig any wells or collect any perfect gems. With just the starting move of the Magnificence of Sky Dance, he could change the physical condition of the world's creatures and conjure up a concentration of magic that didn't exist in the period of magic tide decline, the divine era.

In this aspect, it shares similarities with the divine era tower of Sia Kingdom. However, what Yun Xi can achieve goes beyond the fixed concentration of magic in the divine era tower.

The magical sanctuary he created is even more powerful than the divine era. It can even actively infect ordinary animals, turning them into magical creatures with an affinity for magic.

One can only imagine the small animals, intoxicated by magic, waking up after this night and discovering that they suddenly have the ability to shoot fireballs or ice arrows.

The few already powerful magical creatures also awaken the true ancestral bloodline power.

For this world, it is a sign, a very unusual sign, but Yun Xi has no idea what it means.

The current Yun Xi only knows one thing, if he doesn't release the building power of the Magnificence of Sky Dance, he will explode soon.

The gathered essence of the world around him is enough to seal three black iron giants, but Yun Xi cannot find a suitable target to attack.

Not every cat and dog deserves to be sealed by the Magnificence of Sky Dance. As a divine skill of the Battle God Genre, this move can only target beings with a high level of existence.

The Magnificence of Sky Dance doesn't even bother with targets weaker than Yun Xi, they won't even react.

To make the Magnificence of Sky Dance strike, the target must at least be on the same level as the black iron giants, or even higher.

Yun Xi is getting anxious and sweating, but he can't sense any suitable target in the desolate wilderness to activate the Magnificence of Sky Dance.

Now, it's all over!

The immense essence of the world has formed a tangible magic tide, just like the moment when the divine era began and the twelve golden ancient people were born. The whole world is releasing magical power symbolizing the rules of the world's origin.

The clouds in the sky became crazier as this magical wave was born, as if there was an invisible giant hand playing with the strings of the world, making the sky go completely mad.

Layers of clouds gathered from all directions, forming a visible gigantic funnel. The immense energy of the heavens and earth continuously gathered at the spot where Yun Xi was.

The wind started blowing.

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Just as Yun Xi was about to lose his composure, thinking that he was going to explode this time, a shadow, as fast as lightning, flashed through the enormous hole-shaped cloud layer.

In that moment, not even a tenth of a second passed, and even if someone raised their head, they couldn't be sure what happened in the tens of thousands of meters high in the sky.

But for Yun Xi, this was a lifesaver.

There was no need for any preparation time, because Yun Xi had already prepared for so long, almost ready to explode in place, triggering a real magical wave.

The Magnificence of Sky Dance, begin!