Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1170

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Chapter 1170: The Mysterious Cloud Layer

The black iron giant walked out from the Underground Cemetery and entered the inner part of the Sia Kingdom. Eventually, out of curiosity, it decided to take a bath before crushing the Sia Kingdom in the nuclear explosion zone.

This process gave Yun Xi enough time to prepare and activate the faceless god hidden inside the divine era tower.

The Rift Space Dragon would never make such a mistake.

Because the Rift Space Dragon is the fastest weapon in Sia's world, so fast that the entire Sia's world can hardly contain it.

Even without activating the seven-layered Electric Ring at its tail, the Rift Space Dragon can easily exceed five times the speed of sound, reaching a maximum speed of ten times the speed of sound.

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With such terrifying speed, the Rift Space Dragon single-handedly neutralized the aerial advantage of the entire Dragon clan in the later stages of the divine era and the Dragon clan war. It even had to engage in a brutal physical fight with the black iron giant on the ground and ended up being torn apart by several giant dragons.

For the extremely rare Dragon clan, the loss of any member is a huge blow, not to mention losing several in one battle.

The truth behind the Dragon clan's withdrawal from the continent was not that humans completely defeated the Leviathan faction, but rather the Dragon clan could no longer withstand the insignificant casualty ratio in the eyes of humans.

In the eyes of the dragons, the fall of a fellow clan member is a heavy loss, even if it means sacrificing tens of millions of humans. If the fighting continues, the Dragon clan would win but lose more than half of their members.

The Dragon clan could not accept such a loss, so they ultimately relinquished their royal authority over the continent, acknowledging the rule of The King of Undead.

For the Rift Space Dragon, who effortlessly breaks the sound barrier five times over while flying at an altitude of ten thousand meters, the journey taken by the black iron giant in a day and night is just a short distance.

With ten times the speed, the entire continent, and even the entire world of Sia, would just be like a slightly larger garden.

If the seven-layer Electric Ring is activated, it would not be impossible to journey through the stars, and at least going to the moon would be a very simple task.

However, when the Rift Space Dragon was flying at a distance that was only a tiny bit away from Sia's capital, Kingdom's Shield noticed that the surrounding scenery had become strange.

"Storm?" Kingdom's Shield took off his helmet, revealing his flowing golden hair, and looked around with some confusion at the unusual clouds.

Ordinary clouds, when seen from the ground, look soft like cotton, but when you fly into this gathering, you realize it's only thick mist.

The clouds and mist seen by humans on mountains are actually no different from the clouds in the sky.

But now, this cloud formation is different.

With a certain location as the center, the entire sky is covered by a huge funnel-shaped cloud layer that not even the speed of the Rift Space Dragon can avoid.

The thick layers of clouds, like being stirred crazily by a mixer, show a wild and uncontrollable trend.

At the bottom of the funnel-shaped cloud layer, there seems to be an expanding vortex, with the shadows of tornadoes appearing around it, and it's a super-sized tornado that has never appeared in this country before.

Kingdom's Shield, the owner of the Rift Space Dragon and once a cartographer who mapped the entire Sia's world from tens of thousands of meters high, has never encountered such a strange and abnormal cloud phenomenon.

Even in stormy weather with dark clouds, once you ascend to the height where the Rift Space Dragon is, the clouds become thinner, and the thunder and lightning that terrify ordinary people only serve as energy for the Rift Space Dragon, which has the Electric Ring component.

Rift Space Dragon was a natural ruler of the sky, so fast that even other giant dragons couldn't catch up.

But it was this very Rift Space Dragon that felt a strange danger when it observed the abnormal funnel-shaped clouds ahead, for some unknown reason, which also served as the Kingdom's Shield.

"Is there danger?"

"How can there be? What could possibly catch up to your speed at this position?"

"Whether it's a natural phenomenon or something mysterious, nothing can catch up to us."

"We are the fastest duo." Kingdom's Shield patted the restless Rift Space Dragon beneath him, for some inexplicable reason, and decided to break through the eerie funnel-shaped clouds head-on.

To hesitate, to be bound and unable to act, and to ultimately miss the last chance to save the country, was the greatest sorrow for the once great knights of the land.

Just as War Dancer, who had been drowned alive in the sea, yearned for the freedom to move limitlessly in the water, Kingdom's Shield yearned for the quickest speed, to be able to arrive at the most crucial moments and protect the most important thing, its "power."

She could become the soul core of Rift Space Dragon because of this "dedication."

As long as I fly fast enough, I can catch up with everything, change everything, and no one can stop me.

Faced with strange clouds that had never appeared before, she eagerly tried to save the Lost Princess. War Dancer, and made a wrong decision.

"Electric Ring, activate!" She didn't underestimate this strange cloud that she had never encountered before and directly activated Rift Space Dragon's most powerful bloodline talent.

The galloping lightning began to shine from the first of the seven rings at the tail of the Rift Space Dragon.

High, higher!

Fast, faster!

Instead of directly destroying what was blocking her, the Rift Space Dragon rushed towards the sky with a speed that even people couldn't react to, flying over from a position that the clouds couldn't reach.

The only trace left in the clouds was a faint lightning.

From seeing the clouds to making this judgment, it took less than ten seconds.

Flying freely and without limitations is the inherent nature of the Rift Space Dragon, representing infinite freedom.

This flight took them straight up to the top of the sky, close to the ceiling of Sia's world. Beyond that is an invisible "barrier" that exists and keeps all the intelligent beings of Sia's world confined to the ground.

The Rift Space Dragon is a secret weapon created by the dragon tribe to break through this confinement.

In a pale blue flash of lightning, the silhouette of the Rift Space Dragon disappeared at the top of the holey clouds, seeming unaffected by this phenomenon.

However, this is just a wonderful illusion.

The formation of holey clouds is merely a natural phenomenon caused unintentionally by someone's persistence.

Below this cloud layer, the Rift Space Dragon hides something that it has never encountered in its entire life.

As the Rift Space Dragon prepares to charge through this cloud layer using its Electric Ring, it becomes so prominent in someone's unconscious focus, like an elephant confidently striding across the plains.

So, how do you fit an elephant into a wardrobe?

It's very easy, just grab the elephant and push it in with force!