Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1169

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Chapter 1169: Rift Space Dragon

"Understood. In the name of Kingdom's Shield, I will bring the black iron giant and the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast before the king." A faint figure in knight's armor, with a sky-blue crystal rune engraved on its chest, knelt before the King of Undead.

"This time, I will definitely not fail."

The former leader of the kingdom's knight order, the number one knight of the land in that era, was unable to protect the king and princess he swore loyalty to, and helplessly watched as the country fell into its final destruction.

In order to make up for the mistakes at that time, even if it couldn't be relieved even after death, he ultimately joined as a ghost under The King of Undead, serving faithfully.

She cherished her comrades more than anyone else and doted on the princess of the former kingdom. Anyone who wanted to harm the princess became her enemy.

During the time the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast occupied the central water vein of the Leviathan Empire, it didn't just sit idle.

The Leviathan Empire had no knowledge that the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast had secretly excavated a large amount of resources and sneakily sent them back to the Underground Cemetery.

With the support of these resources, the Rift Space Dragon, which was previously unable to start, as well as the Opera House Phantom, were awakened from their slumber.

On the twelfth day since the appearance of the Underground Cemetery, after the consecutive defeats of the black iron giant and the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, the third and fourth layer Guardians of the Underground Cemetery reached the standard to go into action.

"Do we really have to fight?" Compared to the leader of the kingdom's knight order and the land's number one knight, Kingdom's Shield, the owner of Opera House Phantom, Enchanting Songstress, didn't like battles very much.

Ironically, she was the most terrifying general of the Underground Cemetery, capable of conquering the world all on her own.

The powerful black iron giant, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and the Rift Space Dragon were strong in battle. The Emerald Sea Dragon Beast had the most soldiers, with a sea serpent legion of over ten thousand.

The Phantom of the Opera House, as a war weapon, could control an undead army of up to one billion, which was the highest limit among all ancient weapons that can stack their power.

In theory, if enough dead were gathered, the Opera House Phantom would become the most terrifying war tool in the entire Underground Cemetery, as every additional spirit would increase its power.

If all intelligent beings in Sia's world were to die and be controlled by the Phantom of the Opera House, then it could reach the status of a "god" in the [Field], becoming the world's only strongest being.

Of course, this is only a theory. If all intelligent beings in Sia's world were to die, it would mean that the world has entered its doomsday phase, and war would become meaningless.

The Kingdom's Shield, wearing knight armor, still had a steel knight helmet with a narrow gap, fully armed with a knight spear that could be disassembled into three parts.

The Rift Space Dragon by her side was about fifty meters long, with a sharp triangular head and a sleeker curve than the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, not needing armor for protection.

The triangle scales, which trembled with every breath, were perfect in their aerodynamic structure and a living miracle of life.

Every line on the dragon's body was evolved for high-speed flying, and its tail had seven continuous rings.

That is an acceleration device called the "Electric Ring," which can accelerate the speed of the Rift Space Dragon to an unbelievable level, and theoretically has the potential to break through Sia's world, Heaven's Banishment, and enter the starry sky.

While alive, the Rift Space Dragon was a highly anticipated dragon species, cultivated in the way of dragons, evolved to impact the stars.

Unfortunately, this plan was only halfway executed when the Rift Space Dragon had not yet reached its perfect state, and the war between dragons and humans erupted.

In the end, the immature Rift Space Dragon was killed, and its body became a trophy for humans, falling into the hands of the King of Undead, the owner of the Underground Cemetery.

The former number one knight of the continent, now the Guardian of the fourth level of the Underground Cemetery, unquestionably became the soul core of the Rift Space Dragon. He controlled the ruler of the sky and crushed the dragon clan's aerial attacks time and time again.

It can be said that if it weren't for the Rift Space Dragon giving humans the advantage in aerial combat, the human army would have completely collapsed during the dragon clan's counterattack.

Compared to the dragon clan, who could fly and engage in high-speed aerial combat, the human's aerial fighting capability was truly pitiful. The Griffin Legion, which was painstakingly cultivated, was completely depleted by the mid-war.

In the later stages, the Rift Space Dragon single-handedly suppressed the dragon clan's dominance in aerial combat.

By combining the advantages of the black iron giant and the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast on land and sea, along with the characteristic of the Opera House Phantom, which grows stronger with more deaths, the dragon clan was pushed back into the sea, relinquishing the crown of the continent.

In the ancient weapons that participated in the divine era war, the Opera House Phantom is undoubtedly the first in terms of the number of kills, while the black iron giant has the highest number of dragon tearings. The Emerald Sea Dragon Beast played an important role in the overall strategy.

The Rift Space Dragon is the most maneuverable and intimidating weapon among all ancient weapons against the dragon race.

Finally, the reason why the dragon race withdrew from the continent cannot ignore the aerial combat advantage created by the ancient weapon Rift Space Dragon.

The opponent that the fearless Passed Princess least wants to fight is precisely the Rift Space Dragon.

Because the battle power of the black iron giant is based on standing on the ground, while the position of the Rift Space Dragon is above ten thousand meters in the sky.

The battle between the two sides is completely one-sided, with the black iron giant only being beaten, and any attempt to counterattack is simply a foolish dream.

There are very few methods that can attack up to ten thousand meters in the sky. Including the dragon race, the only creature in Sia's world that can live, fight, and even sleep in this area is the Rift Space Dragon alone.

With the activation of all Seven Electric Rings, no one knows what kind of dragon species the Rift Space Dragon is. If the sky curtain of Sia's world is not very sturdy, it can easily rush into the star world at any time, and it can walk around Sia's world as if taking a walk.

In the eyes of others, Sia's world is very big, so big that a person can't traverse it in a lifetime. But in the eyes of the Rift Space Dragon, this world is too small, so small that it cannot fully accelerate and fly.

With a high and clear sound, a sky-blue giant dragon flew out of the long-abandoned Underground Cemetery.

Once the greatest hope entrusted by the dragon tribe to break through the starry sky, the Rift Space Dragon became their worst nightmare, soaring once again.

The sky-blue giant dragon parted through the waves of clouds, heading towards the Sia Kingdom.