The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Coming to See You Across the Sea

If they were just two huge snails, that would be fine, but they still have human-like hair, eyebrows, and noses.

Familiar people could easily tell who is Katayama Yasuhiro and who is Tsumura Taichi. If they really do something improper, it would not be good.

So, Teacher Yokota quickly used two iron cages to separate them.

Even though they lost their freedom, the two Snail Men still looked relaxed. They nibbled on leaves and fruits thrown by classmates, crawled in the cages with their heavy bodies, and sometimes touched each other with their tentacles.

"How ironic..." seeing this scene, a female classmate sighed, "Tsumura used to bully Katayama the most, but now they get along so well."

"Yeah, by the way, did you bring any strawberries? I heard snails love strawberries, I want to feed them," another girl chimed in.

"No, how about tomatoes?"

Usually, girls who wouldn't even go near a bug, now gathered in groups, pointing and chatting about the Snail Men. Uesugi Kiyoshi could only attribute this to the magic of the whirlpool.

"Everyone, be careful! Don't hurt classmates Katayama and Tsunamura! Otherwise, you might also turn into Snail Man!"

His warning had some effect, as several mischievous boys quickly dropped their sticks.

"Um, what should we do since we already did it?" The boys asked anxiously, as they had been poking Snail Man's tentacles with their sticks before.

"Well... just be aware that if you start feeling slower, itchy on your back, and see vortex patterns, then you might transform. But don't worry, just stay in the long house and the symptoms will disappear on their own," reassured Uesugi Kiyoshi.

Based on his knowledge, the long house could shield most of the vortex strangeness. While Snail Man couldn't turn back into a human, preventing further snailification shouldn't be a problem.

As a last resort, he also bought a few treadmills. Putting the patients on them with spikes attached at the back to force them to exercise should slow down the snailification process.

Teacher Yokota pondered for a moment, then suddenly had a realization. Clapping his hands, he exclaimed, "Vortex... Could it be that the legendary God of Vortex is real?"

"The God of Vortex... What is that?" Saito Shuichi asked with confusion.

"You don't know?" Teacher Yokota took out a small booklet from his pocket and enthusiastically explained, "This is a recent sect circulating in the town, called Vortex Shintoism. They claim that the world is about to collapse and the God of Vortex will come to save us."

"Will you believe these words?"

"But they successfully predicted the arrival of Snail Man, the book says this is a sign of the God of Vortex's birth!"

Upset Saito Shuichi wanted to argue, but Uesugi Kiyoshi pulled him aside.

"These small sects are everywhere. Besides, you know everyone automatically filters out the bad talk about the vortex. Why bother with this?"

"I just, I just..."

"Just feeling unwilling, wanting to save others, right? In that case, you might as well settle the score with me sooner!"

Only by clearing the accounts properly, can we avoid mistakes and attract more people to invest in Chang House. This is the practical way to save the world.

The two walked shoulder to shoulder towards the foot of the mountain. As they neared the company, Saito Shuichi suddenly stopped, looking more and more frightened, sweat pouring down.

Uesugi Kiyoshi sighed and asked, "What's appearing this time?"

"It's a tsunami, a hurricane! The hurricane is coming soon! Darn it!"

"Great, everything is going according to plan, isn't it?"


During the evening weather forecast, the host reported on the weather changes for the upcoming days.

"This year has been very unusual, no hurricanes at all until now, and suddenly, the first super typhoon - Super Typhoon 1, is appearing at this time, and it will hit Japan within a few days."

The host pointed at the rapidly moving weather patterns on the map, looking a bit puzzled as well.

"They say it's a super typhoon, but the eye of the hurricane is unusually small, you can see it clearly from the ground. It's a rare sight to behold!"

The youngest son of the Kishima family, Mitsuo Itsushima, watched the TV curiously and asked his sister, "Sister, why does a hurricane have an eye?"

"Silly, it's called the eye of the hurricane, it's not a real eye," lazy replied Itsutsu Kishima, who had just cut her vortex-like long hair and seemed a bit down, "It's just a natural phenomenon, but even I haven't seen it before... I really want to see it."

And then the next day, her wish came true.

As forecasted, the super typhoon No.1, which was supposed to arrive in Japan in a few days, appeared over Black Vortex Town after just one night.

In the raging storm, the rapidly swirling cyclone covered the sky, picking up sand, rocks, vehicles, trees, and everything in its path, even shaking the brick buildings as if they were about to collapse at any moment.

But houses like the Kishima family's newly built longhouse, despite their fragile appearance, stood strong against the wind.

This was indeed a blessing for the residents of Black Vortex Town. If they were still living in their old houses, the casualties and injuries would have been much worse. Now they could relax and quietly admire this rare sight.

Peeking through the window, Itsutsu Kishima curiously gazed at the eye of the hurricane in the sky, a small circular hole with a pitch-black appearance, resembling a giant eye.

Moreover, she had a strange feeling that the eye of the hurricane was staring back at her, its gaze growing more intense.


It must have been her past experiences that made her too nervous. After all, how could the eye of a hurricane be looking at her?

Itsutsu Kishima held her forehead and chuckled at her own sensitivity.


"Itsutsu Kishima!"

Faint shouts came from outside. She quickly opened the door and found Uesugi Kiyoshi and Saito Shuichi standing there. Uesugi Kiyoshi's hand was raised high, as if intending to knock on the door.

Seeing the two wet individuals, Itsutsu Kishima hurriedly handed them towels and furrowed her brow with concern. "Why did you come in such heavy rain?"

"Did you hear the shouts outside?" Uesugi Kiyoshi asked.

"Of course... Wasn't that you guys shouting?"

Uesugi Kiyoshi shook his head. "No, it wasn't us! In this weather, no matter how loud we shout, you wouldn't hear it!"

"Then who was it?"

Itsutsu Kishima looked at Saito Shuichi and saw that his boyfriend's expression kept changing, and he even seemed a bit proud.

"It's like that hurricane up in the sky, Hurricane No. 1, it seems as though it fell in love with you at first sight!"