The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: I Should Be Under the Car, Not in the Car

Itsutsu Kishima was tongue-tied, looking back and forth between the two of them, trying to find clues if they were joking.

" could this be..."

"If you don't believe, you can listen for yourself!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi opened the door a little wider, and the shouting from outside came back at this moment.


The voice was hollow and distant, definitely not something a human could make.

At the same time, a hurricane squeezed through the gap in the long house, getting closer to the Kishima family, and the eyes hanging in the sky stared straight at Itsutsu Kishima inside the house.


The voice this time seemed to ring in her ears, Itsutsu Kishima's face turned pale. With a swoosh, she pulled down the curtains, then tightly held Saito Shuichi's hand, looking at him helplessly.

"Shuichi, what should I do?"

"Let me tell you. First, put on a raincoat that covers your body, but don't wear a hat!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi took out a red raincoat from his backpack and gestured for the girl to put it on.

This request was reasonable, and Itsutsu Kishima took only a few minutes to put on the raincoat.

"Then pull back the curtains, turn your body, and let the eye of the hurricane have a clear view."

"I don't want to!"

"Listen to him, Itsutsu!" encouraged Saito Shuichi.

Although very scared, Itsutsu Kishima gathered courage and followed the instructions, staring into the eye of the hurricane for a full two minutes.

"Well done, Miss Itsutsu, now please take a rest, don't worry, it can't come in!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi comforted the frightened girl and pressed the button on the controller hidden in his pocket.

At the same time, on the roof of a nearby long house, a red figure suddenly rose up swaying gently in the wind.

It was an inflatable model that he and Saito Shuichi had made hastily upon discovering the early arrival of the hurricane in the morning.

Dressed in a raincoat matching Itsutsu Kishima's, wearing a wig made of Itsutsu Kishima's swirling long hair, meticulously dressed model, although not exactly the same as the real person, looked quite similar at first glance.

Not to mention the hurricane eye being thousands of meters above the ground, with its limited eyesight, it had mistaken another person for Itsutsu Kishima in the original text, naturally assuming that Itsutsu Kishima had escaped in this situation.

Since the hurricane couldn't decide if it was still inside the house or had already escaped through some other way, it wouldn't spare any possible target.

If it were Uesugi Kiyoshi himself, he would do the same.

As expected, after lingering over the Kishima family for a while, the hurricane seemed to have spotted the model. After hesitating for a moment, it turned and lunged towards her.

While the longhouse could withstand the hurricane, the model stuck on it didn't enjoy the same fate and was instantly sucked into the eye of the storm.

Satisfied, the eye of the storm closed.

Shortly after, it opened again with a "pfft" sound, spitting out the sucked-in remnants.

As it was about to return to the Kishima family, another longhouse roof appeared with a similar model...

Just like that, the hurricane was lured bit by bit towards a distant place.

After watching the hurricane fly away, Uesugi Kiyoshi and his two companions set off towards the longhouse of the Saito family.

Unlike the impression from Itsutsu Kishima before, the longhouse was now divided into two parts.

The inside space is much wider, it doesn't have any furniture, appliances, or other household items. Instead, there are several metal cabinets lined up side by side, each as tall as a person.

In the center of the outer side is a large computer desk with three computers on it. Apart from this, there is only one chair placed near the window.

"Protective cabinets, battery cabinets, UPS power cabinets..."

Reading the words on the metal cabinets, Itsutsu Kishima was confused and curious. "What are these?" he asked.

"These are devices used to protect the power supply," Uesugi Kiyoshi explained. "Hurricanes can damage the power facilities, interrupting the supply of electricity from the outside, and it may not be possible to restore it. At times like these, we have to solve it ourselves."

"Do we deliver electricity to thousands of people in Black Vortex Town?" Itsutsu Kishima was amazed.

"Of course, that's not a problem as long as the power source behaves."


Uesugi Kiyoshi and the others waited inside the room for several minutes, until the howling wind sound approached once again.


A hurricane rushed from afar, stopping at the window of the Saito family, staring intently at Itsutsu Kishima who was sitting inside, motionless.

Underneath it was a pressure difference turbine generator purchased specifically by Uesugi Kiyoshi.

The hurricane drove the generator to produce valuable electricity, which was then transmitted through underground cables to several transformer longhouses, and finally distributed to every household.

The entire process was almost entirely done underground.

Compared to regular wind power generation, the strange electric currents from the tornado were unusually stable, comparable to thermal power generation, and without time or season restrictions, making it the perfect source of electricity.

If in a spacious location with sufficient investment, Uesugi Kiyoshi could build a large power station around the hurricane, conservatively estimated to produce over a million kilowatt-hours of electricity per day.

But for now, he could only deploy a five thousand kilowatt generator. Even so, running at full capacity, it could generate over a hundred thousand kilowatt-hours in a day, enough to meet the electricity needs of the two thousand households in the entire town.

"It seems there are some issues, Vortex-kun!"

Saito Shuichi walked out of the control room, holding a pen in his left hand and a meter in his right hand, looking serious.

"Based on what I've seen, our power generator is far from running at full capacity, maybe only at seventy percent."

"Seventy percent? That doesn't seem right..."

The power of the hurricane was undeniable. When Uesugi Kiyoshi made the purchase, he only considered exceeding the load capacity, not operating at a lower load.

Could it be that the position of the generator is off, too close to the eye of the storm?

Compared to the violent winds around it, the eye of a hurricane is the safest place. The wind is much weaker there, almost zero unless something unusual happens.

Uesugi Kiyoshi peeked outside and indeed, the eye of the hurricane almost enveloped the Saito household completely, let alone the generator.

This was going to be troublesome.

Moving Itsutsu Kishima wouldn't help much, unless she left the main house, but then she would be swept into the eye of the hurricane.

Looks like we have to act tough!

Uesugi Kiyoshi whispered a few words to Saito Shuichi, who nodded without hesitation, walked to Itsutsu Kishima's side, and tightly held her hand.


The hurricane's howling grew louder, and the wind speed seemed to pick up.

"Not enough yet!"

Saito Shuichi lifted Itsutsu Kishima's chin again and slowly leaned his head towards hers.


The fierce winds howled, destroying everything in their path, and the mournful cries echoed throughout Black Vortex Town.

The load is full.