The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Finally Found

From a personal perspective, Uesugi Kiyoshi thought Hurricane No. 1 was a bit too much.

Saito Shuichi and Itsutsu Kishima are a lovely couple, perfect for each other. Why would you, as a stranger, oppose them? Being a third party is one thing, but making it seem like you've been cheated on? That's just adding unnecessary drama to yourself, right?

However, from an electrical standpoint, he was very satisfied with Hurricane No. 1's performance.

So pure!

Just normal interaction between a couple can greatly increase its energy, boosting the power output of the generator. By giving it some stimulation during the day and night, it can ensure power generation during peak hours to meet the daily needs of the people.

Of course, Uesugi Kiyoshi had to consider the issue of thresholds.

Just like with humans, starting with text is okay, then moving on to pictures, videos, VR... When dealing with a hurricane, you can't always use the same methods, or you'll eventually become numb and turn a blind eye.

He had already planned out the schedule for the next five days for the hurricane. During these five days, Itsutsu Kishima would be the power scheduler at the Black Vortex Power Plant.

This job doesn't require her to sit in a chair all the time.

The job of attracting hurricanes is done by inflatable models. Itsutsu Kishima only needs to show up occasionally and then hide to make sure the hurricanes chase the right person.

After checking the power equipment again to make sure everything is working properly, Uesugi Kiyoshi brought Saito Shuichi and Itsutsu Kishima to another long house.

He prepared three more safe houses like this one.

"The power is back on, the fridge is stocked, and your parents are safe. You can relax and stay here. If you get bored, you can watch TV!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi turned on the TV and started changing channels.

"Typhoon Number One that made landfall early this morning is still stationary near Yuanshan City. Experts are still trying to figure out why it's not moving..."

"Typhoon Number Two that formed in the Japan Sea is currently following the path of Number One and is expected to arrive at the same location soon..."

"What will happen if these two typhoons meet? Let's ask the experts to explain..."


All the shows are broadcasting weather forecasts.

Don't talk about Japan. Even the country with the most tornadoes across the ocean has never encountered such a strange phenomenon. It's really worth a special news report.

"The second hurricane..."

Uesugi Kiyoshi looked at Hurricane One spinning in place and curiously asked Saito Shuichi, "Will this hurricane also fall in love with classmate Gojima?"

Itsutsu Kishima's face suddenly turned pale and he was so scared that he was about to cry, "Vortex-kun, you..."

Saito Shuichi hurriedly held her hand and glanced at Uesugi Kiyoshi, shaking his head, "No, this time it's a female hurricane that's come, so it's possible to fall for you!"

"...Is it true?"

"Of course not! Do you think every hurricane is this humanized?"

Uesugi Kiyoshi breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly remembering that it was the first time Saito Shuichi had teased him. Upon closer inspection, the face of the male high school student in front of him looked much better than the first time they met.

"Maybe... maybe we can really break the curse of the vortex," Saito Shuichi spoke up as if sensing his gaze.

"We definitely can!" Uesugi Kiyoshi patted his shoulder, laughed heartily, and said. How can a mere vortex compete with the greatness of humans?!


In the afternoon, Hurricane No. 2 had already crossed the ocean and arrived over Black Vortex Town.

In terms of power and size, it was comparable to Hurricane No. 1, but its achievements were far inferior.

Apart from Black Vortex Higher Education, which had already been blown down by Hurricane No. 1, the remaining buildings in Black Vortex Town were mostly longhouses. Even if there was a raging storm outside, people inside could still watch TV and enjoy the air conditioning.

Drifting aimlessly, Hurricane No. 2 unknowingly approached Dragonfly Pond in the center of town between the longhouses.

The hurricane stirred the water in the pond, creating swirls that seemed to come to life, pulling at the hurricane's wind feet. In a moment, amidst the eerie howling, the swirls gradually dragged Hurricane No. 2 into the water until it became calm.

Following that were Hurricane Three, Hurricane Four, Five, Six...

It seemed like Black Vortex Town was a hurricane nest, with a total of seven or eight hurricanes arriving one after another. Except for Number One who still foolishly stood outside the door, the rest were all absorbed into Dragonfly Pond.

As the hurricanes disappeared, Black Vortex Town underwent another transformation.

While walking outside the long house, any slightly vigorous movement would stir up a whirlwind. If one exhaled forcefully, the whirlwind could even lift a person up and then slam them heavily on the ground. Moving slowly would cause the body to turn snail-like.

Those who stayed inside the house were safe from this danger, but some of the awakened residents of Black Vortex Town were not willing to accept this. No matter how much Uesugi Kiyoshi and Saito Shuichi pleaded, they only thought about escaping from this place.

The mountain tunnel leading to the outside world was no longer usable.

From the outside, tunnels and disasters look the same, unaffected by hurricanes. But going inside, the roads are twisted, seeming to extend underground rather than leading to Yuanshan City.

The sea is the same.

Some people tried to escape Black Vortex Town using boats from the fishing port, but anything floating on the sea gets swallowed by sudden huge whirlpools.

Black Vortex Town became completely isolated from the outside world, not even electromagnetic waves could enter or leave the place.

Luckily, on the day before the signal was lost, Uesugi Kiyoshi and Hoshimi Rie had their final phone call.

Hoshimi Rie's voice remained calm as usual, but her tone quickened a little.

"Cut off from the outside world, along with the previous hurricane, even without us mentioning it, others would already know it's a strange event. And with your previous statement, it's almost certain that you are in Black Vortex Town."

"So what?" Uesugi Kiyoshi asked with a grin.

"So the government and the public are not worried. They are even placing bets online, guessing how things will be resolved... But Mr. Uesugi, that faction has also learned about your whereabouts. I'm worried, no, I'm sure they will take extreme measures!"

"No way," Uesugi Kiyoshi looked surprised, "performing decapitation operations in other countries' territories?"

"It's quite common, isn't it? Besides, it's not really the territory of other countries."

Hoshimi Rie paused for a moment, and when she spoke again, her tone became more serious.

"Do you need help, Mr. Uesugi?"

"No, thank you, I'm fine."