The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Men Giving Birth

Without any hesitation, both long-haired beings responded to the suggestion.

Carefully avoiding the sword, one on each side, they climbed onto Uesugi Kiyoshi's legs, rubbing against them constantly in a humble manner.

"In that case, let's move on to the next step - try to convince me to accept your surrender!"

Surrender requires a cost, Uesugi Kiyoshi doesn't keep useless oddities!

The swirling long hair hesitated for a moment, then stood up again, dividing into more forks and creating more whirlpools.

"Stop! Don't move around!"

Seeing the two girls show painful expressions, Uesugi Kiyoshi quickly stopped their actions.

If this continues, the nourishment won't be enough!

"Do you have any other talents besides this one?"

Even though the sword was placed on the top of the hair, the strange vortex creatures still answered, no.

They can only transform into a vortex, they cannot defend themselves or fight back. Additionally, all the hair is connected and cannot be separated or transplanted onto someone else's head.

What a waste!

Uesugi Kiyoshi had originally planned to utilize its quick nutrient absorption feature as a supplemental product for the Ami Keyue Fault weight loss tool, but now it seems it's not possible.

Creatures without any utility can only be destroyed.

Just as Uesugi Kiyoshi was about to give the order, the strange long hair creature flipped through his pocket, took out a pen, and wrote a word on his palm.


"Who should eat? How to eat?"

The strange long hair moved and turned into a mouth like a sword, biting Sekino Tamaka's hair and pulling out a swirl.

As the swirl disappeared with a few "clicks," it seemed like their number had increased a bit.

The wig farm was finally found!

Uesugi Kiyoshi felt a mix of emotions in his heart.

The wigs made from the strange long hair had always been in high demand. With Amano Shizuka refusing to keep long hair, they became a precious, non-renewable resource.

However, with the swirling curly hair, things changed drastically. By only cutting one crop at a time, waiting for enough nutrients to grow back, they could produce infinite strange wigs!

He had reason to believe that in the near future, middle-aged men could even extravagantly transplant three long hairs on their heads, giving them more hairstyle choices!

Of course, due to Saito Shuichi's insistence, Itsutsu Kishima's long hair was cut off and turned into a stylish ear-length short hair. But with Sekino Tamaka, it was enough.


After Uesugi Kiyoshi sent the extremely tired Itsutsu Kishima home, he returned to the base of the travel agency with Saito Shuichi.

To avoid disrupting the construction of Nagaya, he chose the company's base at the foot of the mountain, with Black Vortex Higher Education halfway up the mountain.

The sky darkened at some point, rain fell from the sky onto the umbrella made of long hair, making a pitter-patter sound before sliding down on both sides.

The entire Black Vortex Town was covered in rain and fog, looking exceptionally beautiful and eerie.

"The curse of the vortex is getting stronger," Saito Shuichi suddenly spoke, still fixated on the vortex, "I have a feeling that the intensity of the curse will increase with the construction of Nagaya!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi pondered for a moment, nodded, and said. Perhaps, but better to endure a long pain than a short one.

"...True, but at this rate, I think we will soon encounter the curse of the next vortex!"

Saito Shuichi's mouth seemed as if it had been blessed by a monk, and as they were about to reach the base of the mountain, they were stopped by a roadblock.

Blocking their path was Tsumura Taichi, a male high school student from Black Vortex Higher Education.

As a notorious troublemaker in school, he often stopped younger students at the foot of the mountain and demanded money or belongings.

But this time, Tsumura Taichi probably didn't mean to do so.

Because he didn't stop, he kept moving towards the direction of the school, just at a slow pace and reluctantly blocking the way.

The reason for his slow movement was that his hands and feet that used to be on his shoulders and abdomen were now completely gone, replaced by slim muscles touching the ground.

Using the power of his muscles, Tsumura Taichi, carrying a vortex-shaped shell on his back, slowly moved forward like a snail, leaving shiny silver mucus wherever he passed, which even rain couldn't wash away.

"Tsumura, what are you doing?"

Upon hearing Saito Shuichi's voice, Tsumura Taichi turned his head slowly, seeming to smile. But as he smiled, his eyeballs protruded outward, lengthening into antennae.

"It's Snail Man..."

Uesugi Kiyoshi covered his eyes, unable to look directly at him.

Tsumura Taichi, who became Snail Man, hasn't forgotten to go to school. He slowly made his way to the school gates but before he could enter the classroom, he was caught in a net set up by the prepared teachers and students.

Teacher Yokota, who organized this operation, instructed others to carry Tsumura Taichi away.

"Put him in the school warehouse, with Katayama Yasuhiro!"

"Is Katayama Yasuhiro also Snail Man?" Uesugi Kiyoshi asked as he followed.

Teacher Yokota, the president of the Black Vortex Town's Money God Society, didn't dare to be careless and promptly briefed the situation.

Katayama Yasuhiro, like Itsutsu Kishima, is a student at Black Vortex Higher Education. He is chubby, slow in movement, and has a slow reaction time, which often leads to him being bullied.

The more he was bullied, the slower Katayama Yasuhiro became, until one day, a vortex grew on his back. The vortex gradually grew larger, thicker, and eventually turned into a snail's shell, turning Katayama Yasuhiro into Snail Man.

"It is indeed a vortex...How do you plan to deal with Katayama and Tsumura?"

When Saito Shuichi asked a question, Teacher Kondo thought seriously, stroking his chin, and then chose to give up.

"We can only keep them together for now. Katayama's parents refuse to believe their son has turned into a snail, and we can't force them to go back. We'll have to take it step by step."

"Teacher Yokota, do you know the characteristics of snail life?" Uesugi Kiyoshi suddenly asked.

Without hesitation, Teacher Yokota shook her head.

"Snails are hermaphrodites, and February is their mating season. If you put Katayama and Tsumura together, do you know what will happen?"


"They will mate!"

Before mating, snails use their love darts called "love arrows" to fight, determining the father and mother.

During mating, they both stimulate each other with their love darts, and after mating, the startled one will find a suitable place to lay eggs.

If Katayama Yasuhiro and Tsumura Taichi are kept together, they will enact this scene in front of all the school's teachers and students.