The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Making Medicine Pills

With the grandfather's direct order, and also because Jiang Yun had previously saved a child from the Snow clan, most members of the Snow clan had a positive feeling towards Jiang Yun.

So when everyone saw Jiang Yun coming out of the snow hut, they all smiled politely and nodded at him, and Jiang Yun naturally responded courteously to each one.

After dealing with everyone, Jiang Yun asked Xue Qing to take him to the deepest part of the valley, where he personally built a snow hut.

Looking at the snow hut, Xue Qing was a bit puzzled and said, "You don't have to stay so secluded. Since you have grandfather's approval, everyone will treat you as an honored guest."

Jiang Yun smiled and said, "I need a quiet place and I don't want to disturb anyone else, this place is good."

Since Jiang Yun insisted, Xue Qing didn't ask more. Everyone has their own secrets they don't want others to know.

"By the way, could you help me set up a simple barrier outside the house?"

Xue Qing was more certain that Jiang Yun had secrets. She thought for a moment and said, "I have a barrier stone carved by my grandfather himself. I don't need it, so I'll give it to you!"

Jiang Yun had seen a barrier stone at Xiao Zheng's place. He knew it had a formation carved inside, and it was easy to use - just crush it. It was for cultivators who didn't know formations, and it was also sold in shops.

The price of the barrier stone varied depending on the power, function, and level of the formation inside.

Without hesitation, Jiang Yun took the barrier stone and crushed it hard.

Countless snowflakes flew out from inside, swirling around the snow house without touching the ground, creating a natural barrier for the snow house.

"Thank you, Miss Xue. I'll stay here for now. If you need any help, feel free to ask!"

Xue Qing nodded gently before leaving, and whispered, "Thank you," to Jiang Yun again.

After watching Xue Qing's figure disappear, Jiang Yun went into the snow house. Far away, the Snow clan people looked at Jiang Yun's snow house with curiosity and confusion.

Especially Xue Luan, with a slightly cold look, kept glancing between Jiang Yun's snow house and Xue Qing, wondering about something.

Inside the house, Jiang Yun waved his sleeves, and more than ten storage tools appeared in front of him.

These storage tools were naturally looted from the cultivators he had killed or captured, such as Du Guirong, Luo Lingxiao, and others.

Jiang Yun only glanced briefly at what was inside, without time for a detailed examination.

Now, since he wanted to gather spiritual energy to create a Blessed Land, he needed a lot of spirit energy. Although there was spiritual energy in the North Mountain, it was sparse. Therefore, Jiang Yun could only refine elixirs to meet his needs for spiritual energy.

After pouring out everything from the storage tools, Jiang Yun carefully examined and organized everything, feeling very satisfied with the results.

There were not only many ready-made elixirs inside, but also some rare medicinal herbs, talismans, and magical tools.

Especially at Du Guirong's place, he unexpectedly had a few herbal prescriptions.

One of them, called Earth-opening Pill, is used to gather Blessed Land, which is like a timely gift for Jiang Yun.

Additionally, Du Guirong had gathered all the materials needed to refine three Earth-opening Pills, obviously preparing for his own advancement into the Blessed Land Realm, but unexpectedly it ended up benefiting Jiang Yun instead.

Apart from these things, there are spiritual stones!

Each storage artifact contains varying amounts of spiritual stones, adding up to over a thousand pieces in total. Not only are there first-grade stones, but also surprisingly more than ten second-grade stones and one third-grade spiritual stone!

To other cultivators, spiritual stones are like money, but to Jiang Yun, these spiritual stones are keys to unlocking the black stones.

The spiritual stones he initially had were all used up during the half-year at DuoYao Pharmacy, mainly to comprehend the human-shaped Sword Intent.

"First, refine the pills. Once the pills are ready, put them into water along with all the pills, artifacts, talismans, etc., and add a seal!"

Although Jiang Yun isn't skilled in using artifacts, he at least knows that they can enhance one's strength. The higher the grade, the more strength is added.

When it comes to talismans, Jiang Yun had never tried putting them in water before. But if it could enhance the power of the talismans, that would be a pleasant surprise.

For example, the Explosive Talisman. After an ordinary Explosive Talisman explodes, the blast radius is only about a dozen feet. If the power is increased three times, the range could expand to thirty feet.

Take the Lucky Talisman, for instance. If the luck inside it could be increased threefold, then for Jiang Yun, he would have more confidence to go further on the path of cultivation in the future.

Now that the whole Wushan Island is facing danger, Jiang Yun not only needs to improve his strength as much as possible, but also needs to find ways to collect more life-saving items.

After putting away other things, Jiang Yun kept all the materials, categorizing them together based on the alchemy recipes he mastered.

"I can make Earth-opening Pills, Meridians Unclogged Pills, TianJing Pills, Moon Dream Dew, and even have the ingredients for a Reaching-Sky Pill!"

"I need the Earth-opening Pills, the Reaching-Sky Pill is for Brother Hei, while the TianJing Pill and Moon Dream Dew can be given to the Snow clan!"

TianJing Pills and Moon Dream Dew were something Jiang Yun used to make often in the Mang Mountains. Later, he learned from Brother Hei that these pills were mainly for the demon race to consume.

This was because the demon race didn't need spiritual energy for cultivation, but rather needed to absorb the essence of the sun and moon.

Actually, there is celestial energy in the air, just hidden by impurities. To absorb it, one must separate the good from the bad, as only a tiny amount can truly become a part of oneself.

This is why, when the moon was full in Jiang Village, the children would gather to practice cultivation.

During the full moon, the celestial energy is at its strongest and purest.

Therefore, demon race find pills like TianJing Pill and Moon Dream Dew, which contain celestial energy, very valuable.

After making up his mind, Jiang Yun took out the Sanhua Cauldron he had won from Du Guirong.

Although he was used to using a regular pot to make pills, he knew that using a medicine furnace would give better results.

Since acquiring the Sanhua Cauldron, Jiang Yun would often study it in his free time. Although he had never used it to make pills, he was familiar with the formations inscribed on it and how to control a medicine furnace.

To be safe, for his first attempt, he decided to make a Fasting Pill. This would warm him up and if it failed, he wouldn't feel too upset.

After checking the isolation formations outside his snow house once more, Jiang Yun began the pill-making process.

Half an hour later, the refining was already finished. When Jiang Yun opened the furnace, he was surprised to find that it had produced twelve Fasting Pills, all of them at the Heaven Level!

It's worth noting that when he used a pot before, with the same materials, he could only refine three pills at most in one furnace!

It's easy to see the difference between using a pot and a medicine furnace to refine pills.

"Next, we will refine the TianJing Pill and Moon Dream Dew, and finally the Earth-opening Pill and Reaching-Sky Pill!"


After Jiang Yun spent a whole day and night in the snow house, suddenly a disc-sized dark cloud appeared in the valley where the Snow clan had lived for countless years, with lightning snakes wriggling inside and slowly moving.

The appearance of this dark cloud immediately caught the attention of the Snow clan people. They looked up one by one, their gaze following the cloud until it stopped.

As everyone's gaze shifted downward, they couldn't help but be slightly stunned, especially Xue Qing, who looked shocked.

Because right below this suddenly appearing dark cloud was Jiang Yun's snow house.

Even Snow clan grandfather's eyes were fixed on the mist, with a look of surprise on his face, he said, "It seems like... Dan Disaster!"