The King's Avatar Manhua

Chapter 26, Part 3: In which a noob can be despicable.Chapter 27, Part 1: In which we meet someone who should just use emojis to talk.------------------------------------------Chapter 26.3 (last, last Friday's chapter)Chapter 27.1 (last, last Sunday's...

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I ran into posting issues.... Chapter 26.2Enjoy! -------------Translator: JimminxCleaner: kazrikuTypesetter: xMyuuchanxEditor: Milkbiscuit :^)

The King's Avatar Manhua Chapter 26.1


Chapter 26, Part 1: In which Blue River can't bring himself to ask Lord Grim about his other friends.Chapter 26.1 (last Sunday's chapter)------------------------------------------It's been a while, hasn't it? Thanks for being patient, guys, it seems like...

Chapter 25, Part 2 + 3: In which ol' Lord Grim is just so populah~Chapter 25.2 (regular chapter)Chapter 25.3 (donation chapter)------------------------------------------HEY sorry for the delay, here's two chapters to make up for it ;)A great thanks to...

The King's Avatar Manhua Chapter 25.1


Chapter 25, Part 1: In which an umbrella gets upgradedChapter 25.1------------------------------------------Translator: KelaudeCleaner: kazrikuTypesetter: xMyuuchanxEditor: Milkbiscuit :^)

Hi all,Many apologies for missing Friday's release. It's still Chinese New Year so yeahhhh.... Have a double chapter today!!!Chapter 24.2 and 24.3 are ready!Translator: JimminxCleaner: KazrikuTypesetter: xMyuuchanxEditor: Milkbiscuit

Welp. I lost track of time translating. Here's the delayed chapter 24.1.Translator: JimminxCleaner: KazrikuTypesetter: xMyuuchanxEditor: Milkbiscuit

.....This kelaude wants to apologize. I forgot to post on Sunday..... *gets bricked*Sorry....was too busy with Chinese New Year. Please forgive meeeeeeeeeee!!   So here's the owed chapter. Chapter 23.3Translator: kelaudeCleaner: KazrikuTypesetter:...