Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1152

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Chapter 1152: The Growing Pafu System

The Eternal Icy Coffin of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast is very powerful. It is located in the central water vein and can even seal a true underwater volcano during rainy weather.

However, Yun Xi's Faceless God is more powerful and violent than the underwater volcano.

With the control of God's Vessel, Yun Xi's combat power can even rival that of his childhood sweetheart in the Water God's World.

Originally, this state could only be sustained for a short five minutes. However, with the extreme low temperature of the Eternal Icy Coffin, which almost freezes molecular motion, the heating problem of the Pafu System was perfectly solved.

During the five minutes sealed in the Eternal Icy Coffin, Yun Xi's power not only didn't weaken, but instead kept increasing.

Like a suppressed volcano erupting, it surpassed the critical point of the crust in a certain world, flipping the entire land upside down.

The Emerald Sea Dragon Beast became a victim of this eruption.

The icy halo it had, and the Eternal Icy Coffin it created, became the driving force behind the eruption of the Pafu System.

Only in this extremely cold environment, Yun Xi and Pafu System could burst out so crazily, even tearing apart the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast with its super-tough body.

"Stop overloading..." After tearing off the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast's head, Yun Xi breathed heavily, immediately stopping the faceless god's eruption mode.

As soon as the freezing environment of the Eternal Icy Coffin was lost, the aftereffects of excessive eruption appeared. Now, about half of the Pafu System inside the faceless god stopped working.

Without the cooling system provided by the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, the overloaded Pafu clones died one after another. This is the biggest flaw of the faceless god.

The temporary simulated system just can't match the original system used by deities. Only freaks like Yun Xi and Pafu could create such a peculiar operating system according to the situation.

"Ah, my head's gone, my head's gone!"

"You, you villain! What have you done to the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, the dancer?" The Enraged Princess fiercely bit Yun Xi's ear and shouted in grief and anger.

"Sorry... this is the battlefield." Yun Xi adjusted the malfunctioning half of the Pafu System inside the faceless god, allowing new individuals to split from Pafu and fill the gaps.

Compared to the Pafu clones that died, the newly born clones need time to learn and get used to their position and operating speed, just like replacing old mechanical parts with new ones that require a break-in period.

Even if it's just a tiny difference of one in ten thousand, when magnified on a divine vessel like the faceless god, it is an error that cannot be ignored.

In the previous battle with the black iron giant, the Pafu System had already consumed many excellent clones.

After that battle, more than seventy percent of the original Pafu clones had died, and the remaining ones were the most outstanding and had the highest carrying capacity: the Pafu splitters.

They started getting used to working in extremely harsh environments and began mastering the operating speed of the faceless god. At the same time, using their unique way of communication, they taught the new little ones how to control the silver giant's divine body.

Every sacrifice of the Pafu has meaning.

The Pafu System is growing rapidly. Although they don't have human-like intelligence, they possess the incredible adaptability typical of slimes.

The reason why the slime race can spread throughout the entire Endless God's Domain is precisely because of this terrifying adaptability.

In volcanic zones, icy worlds, underground caves, and the depths of the sea, slimes, which are lower-level than even plants in all monster systems and are close to primitive single-celled organisms, always find a way to survive.

Now, the Pafus living inside the body of the faceless god are also working hard to adapt to the environment inside the divine vessel, using their unique endurance and bravery, even willing to sacrifice themselves without fear of death.

As more and more of their companions die, they become more adaptable to the faceless god. After being frozen by the Eternal Icy Coffin, they even develop a cold resistance on their own.

They not only have to survive in extremely hot and cold environments, but also adapt to the high-speed movements that exceed the speed of sound. The Pafus have already begun to evolve towards some unknown direction.

Translated into the real world, the Pafu System inside the faceless god temporarily collapsed, but after five minutes, it managed to restart successfully and regain basic functionality.

"Pafu... You're amazing..." When Yun Xi realized that half of the Pafu inside the faceless god had died, he thought it would completely shut down this time.




The main Pafu, residing in the green jewel on Yun Xi's chest, back of his hand, and waist, speaks with confidence, as if telling its master that this is just a small matter.

Little Pafu has a big amount of energy.

"You actually defeated the Dance Princess's Emerald Sea Dragon Beast!"

"What in the world is this monster?!" Yun Xi's punches and kicks had no effect on him, which made Passed Princess furious.

War Dancer's Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, who even she couldn't defeat in the water, was unexpectedly defeated by this unknown opponent.

Moreover, he shattered Emerald Sea Dragon Beast's strongest move, the Eternal Icy Coffin, with a frontal attack.

This accomplishment has never been achieved by anyone even in the divine era battlefield. As a result, the two major war machines sent by the Underground Cemetery to conquer the world were defeated by this silver giant.

Of course, in the end, it's always Dad who wins!

In the Underground Cemetery, there are even stronger and more terrifying Guardians who have yet to awaken.

Not to mention, once the Phantom of the Opera and the Rift Space Dragon are deployed, this silver giant will undoubtedly be defeated.

The Songstress's ability was so powerful that even the Dragon Clan couldn't do anything about it.

However, for some reason, whenever Passed Princess looked at that tired-looking figure, she always had a bad feeling.

This person seemed to be able to create miracles.

No matter who the opponent was, the fire in his eyes never stopped burning.

It seemed that he was not looking at the present opponent, but at a more distant and higher world.

"In this way, I have won two." Yun Xi controlled the somewhat unstable faceless god, reached out his hand, and grabbed that seemingly ghostly figure.

There were clear signs of a broken neck on her, which gave a chilling feeling.

However, she was extremely beautiful, even in her severely injured and unconscious state, she still appeared so charming and lovable.