Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1151

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Chapter 1151: Icy Coffin

Leviathan, the central battleground of the empire's main waterway.

The ten artillery camps surrounding the central waterway were in ruins, filled with fragments of bodies and destroyed modern mechanical cannons.

The newly formed artillery regiment, which took the empire three years to build, was completely destroyed in this battle, with only a survival rate of less than ten percent.

Most of them were commanders of the artillery camps. When the deadly ice spear flew towards them, it was the empire's magic armored knights who fought desperately to protect them and saved these elite soldiers of the empire.

Although the people were saved, their spirits were completely shattered.

Even the most stubborn soldiers of the empire's iron-blooded army lost confidence in victory.

This counterattack from the sea serpent legion injected a deadly toxin into the entire Leviathan Empire army, killing the last bit of suspense in this war.

For the Leviathan Empire, they had already lost the last chance to confront the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast on the battlefield.

The nine major titled machines of the Empire, half of them have already been expelled.

The 250-type mechanized artillery group, representing the Empire's latest technological achievement, was completely defeated by the ice spear explosion.

At this moment, even the strongest Empire knights were bewildered and lost the will to continue fighting.

Unless a miracle happens, the catastrophic defeat of the Leviathan Empire is now unavoidable.

Everything happened just as War Dancer had predicted.

However, she didn't anticipate the appearance of the faceless god.

It was an extraordinary creation that even the Empire's magic armored knights had never imagined, and they were shocked to see such a powerful reinforcement in their moment of defeat.

When the forty-meter-tall silver-white giant emerged from the mountains and launched an unstoppable charge towards the sea serpent legion, many of the Empire's magic armored knights believed they were hallucinating due to their defeat.

What is that?

Do we have this model in our titled machine in our empire?

The thunderous footsteps, the thunderous charge, made the surviving knights of the Leviathan Empire suffocate one by one.

As soldiers, they instinctively put themselves in it and realized that if they faced the charge of this forty-meter giant, they probably wouldn't even have the courage to resist.

Fortunately, this silver giant is on their side.

When the faceless god leaped high and the falling justice blasted open the central water vein, exploding the hidden Emerald Sea Dragon Beast within, everyone went crazy.


"We have to win!"

"Tear that sea serpent apart!"

The hysterical shouts were hard to imagine coming from the empire's soldiers with their iron will.

The sea monster's attack was really painful for them.

Now, they can only hope for a miracle to happen.

And the miracle truly came!

In the misty drizzle, two gigantic beings from another world stepped into the battlefield and began an earth-shattering fight.

Waves of water-blue ripples spread out, and all the sea monsters returned to the central water source. The Water Curtain Heavenly Splendor, once an imperial burying ground for titled machines, reappeared.

The temperature in the air suddenly dropped, even affecting the weather.

Facing the ancient weapon, the faceless god, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast also revealed its ultimate power.

A cold glow spread on the surface of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast after it shed its armor, forming a ring of icy light.

The sea monster legion gathered around continuously launched exploding ice spears at the faceless god. Countless ice crystal fragments burst open on the body of the faceless god, splashing a sky full of ice chips.

It's very cool... Can I have more? Yun Xi could feel Pafu's incredibly happy mood.

In the state of full power of the faceless god, whether it's the Water Curtain Heavenly Splendor around, the exploding ice spears from the sea serpent legion, or the icy aura from the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast itself, all of them are good things that cool down the temperature.

The Pafu System's cooldown is missing these cooling methods.

In the recent battle with the black iron giant, if there were these cooling methods, the time limit for the fight might have been increased by more than a third.

After removing the surface armor, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast became faster and more agile, instantly entangling the silver giant that was fighting it in close combat.

The strangling tactic is a power rooted in the instinct of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and it can be called a talent.

With the effect of the extreme icy aura, freezing the opponent's blood, and then using the immensely powerful strength of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast to forcibly crush the opponent, this tactic is what the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast is good at when it's alive.

Unfortunately, the faceless god is the opponent of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast this time, a vessel that fundamentally possesses divine nature.

Even the black iron giant with the power of the entire earth cannot achieve what the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast cannot do, which is being good at enduring battles.

Even though Emerald Sea Dragon Beast was originally the one who attacked, it was Yun Xi who grabbed tightly onto Emerald Sea Dragon Beast's neck and fiercely tore at its incredibly tough body.

By the time War Dancer realized something was wrong, the graceful body of Emerald Sea Dragon Beast had already been forcibly stretched by around ten meters.



A large amount of steam was expelled from the shoulders and hollow head of the faceless god. This was a sign of the Pafu System running at full power and overloading.

"So hot!" Within the core of Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, War Dancer felt a high temperature that should have been completely unfelt underwater.

It was as if an underwater volcano was erupting, spewing out scorching hot magma.

"Even if you are a volcano, I will seal you off!" War Dancer gritted their teeth and gave the order for full support to the surrounding sea serpent legion.

More explosive ice spears were created and madly launched at the body of the faceless god.




Lower body.

In theory, the critical areas were all shot.

Unfortunately, as the divine vessel prepared for Creator God Sia, the faceless god doesn't have any weaknesses.

The only unstable element is the operation time of the Pafu System.

After all, it's just a temporary simulated version of the system. Once the Pafu's avatar overheats, they will all die, and the faceless god without the Pafu System will become a mere giant puppet.

"Eternal Icy Coffin!" Sensing the opponent's unimaginable power, War Dancer decisively used Emerald Sea Dragon Beast's strongest move.

A lot of ice blue runes appeared on the sleek body of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast. These were secret weapons prepared by the King of Undead, the owner of the Underground Cemetery.

These runes, one after another, like rings and sections, adorned the hundred-meter long body of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast. It looked like a magical scroll that was already written, showing an incredible and mysterious beauty.

The Emerald Sea Dragon Beast didn't have the same explosive power and attack power as the black iron giant. It was more of a guerrilla and logistical support type of weapon, having the strongest water combat ability among all the war tools of the Underground Cemetery.

Its sleek body shape was most suitable for water combat. Whether it was the central water vein of the empire or the vast ocean, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast could unleash more than two hundred percent of its strength.

As the ultimate water monster in Sia's world, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast had the ability to dominate the sea. Its habitat was in the icy oceans of the far north, and it was a born water and ice hybrid dragon, a sea dragon that was extremely rare even among dragons.

Once the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast unleashed all the power of its icy cold, it could freeze even the sea, creating a landscape of frozen miles.

Yes, it was one of the four Zakas that Yun Xi had encountered in the Primal Dragon World—the Ice Dragon Zaka—who possessed this power.

However, compared to the Ice Dragon Zaka's freezing of miles, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast's Icy Coffin was even more terrifying to humans, and its conditions of use were even more demanding.

First, it would draw the opponent into its own field.

Next, you must wrap your own body around the other person's body.

Finally, by using your own body as the center, you need to use up all your magical power to unleash this move.




Activate Eternal Icy Coffin!

Yun Xi didn't even have time to expand his achievements before he noticed that the temperature around him dropped to an unbelievably low level.

Compared to the destructive forbidden spells people have in mind, the activation time of Eternal Icy Coffin is incredibly fast.

From the first ice-blue frost rune lighting up to the final rune connecting, it only took three seconds.

The light rain from the sky turned into hail, and the blue Waterfall Heavenly Splendor turned into a ring of ice that isolated everything, just like the black stone wall recently used by the black iron giant.

With the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast at its core, a gigantic ice coffin over a hundred meters high suddenly appeared in the center of the empire's central water vein, resembling a small mountain.

In the deepest part of the ice coffin, there was the figure of a faceless god tearing apart the body of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast.

Everything was frozen.

One minute!

Two minutes!

Three minutes!

Five minutes!

A silence fell upon the world.

The Eternal Icy Coffin is a powerful spell that once activated, even a real dragon cannot escape and can only be trapped by its magic.

If it wasn't for War Dancer's early death, she would also have been unable to withstand this deadly icy cold and would have turned into an ice sculpture.

"We won..." War Dancer walked out of the core of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast and, feeling quite exhausted, sat on the head of the dragon, which had been frozen into an ice sculpture.

She had never encountered such a challenging enemy before, not even on the battlefields of the divine era.

The Emerald Sea Dragon Beast was forced to unleash its last remaining power and sealed itself along with the enemy.

The conquest of the Leviathan Empire would likely be significantly delayed.

Unlike her, the enemy was a living creature, no matter what race, and would surely die once sealed in the Icy Coffin.

The only ones who can survive inside the Icy Coffin are those who, like her, are already dead.

"Be careful, War Dancer!"

"He's still moving!"

Just when War Dancer thought everything had come to an end, Passed Princess popped out from the silver giant's shoulder, hurriedly reminding her little sister.


"How is this possible!" War Dancer stared at Passed Princess, her eyes filled with confusion.




Inside the Icy Coffin, which even the mighty dragon couldn't escape from, the silver giant was slowly lifting its head.

Cracks appeared one after another inside the impregnable Icy Coffin, indicating that it was on the verge of collapse, despite being indestructible even against attacks from three dragons.


Like a long-awaited volcanic eruption, the faceless god erupted!

That was the voice of a god, a furious roar from a rigid body.

Without any concerns about overheating thanks to the Pafu System, Yun Xi confidently controlled the faceless god.

The Icy Coffin could not withstand the furious strike from God’s Vessel.

The power of the faceless god was incomparable to that of a dragon; it was a higher level of existence!

Even without any weapons, using only his fists, Yun Xi's punches could break through the sky.

The punches from the rigid body were invincible and crushed everything in their path.





With a series of punches, Yun Xi completely smashed Icy Coffin from the inside. Taking advantage of Icy Coffin's cooldown effect, Yun Xi tightly grasped the vital point of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, which was about ten meters below its head.

Just now, this area had already been torn apart by Yun Xi, leaving behind numerous wounds. Now, Yun Xi took it a step further, aiming to completely tear this part apart.


War Dancer's astonished eyes watched as the long body and head of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast were completely severed. Its transparent body was split in half like a torn ribbon.

Along with the ripping of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, her head also showed faint signs of fractures. This was a synchronous phenomenon where the injuries of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast affected her soul.

How could this be? The body of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast was a mythical creature template weapon, strengthened by the pure blood of the dragon race. Its defense was strong enough to withstand attacks from the Constellation God's Weapons of humans.

In this world, there are people who can tear apart the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast using only their pure and brute strength. This is even more difficult than tearing apart a giant dragon.

"Splash!" A large amount of ice-blue cold liquid fell onto the body of the faceless god, chilling to the bone. It was the liquid substance inside the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, a mysterious substance that doesn't belong to this world, provided by the owner of the Underground Cemetery.

Similar substances can also be found inside the body of the black iron giant.

"Phew... so tiring..."

Inside the core of the faceless god, Yun Xi was sweating profusely, almost exhausted.

Unlike the impulsive black iron giant, the War Dancer controlling the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast had very accurate timing in their judgments and didn't give him any opportunity to take advantage.

They had just started fighting, but both sides had already revealed their strongest moves.

Using itself as the core, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast unleashed the Water Curtain Heavenly Splendor, which wrapped around the faceless god and released the strongest ice sealing technique - the Frozen Icy Coffin.

Yun Xi chose to take the risk and launch a sudden attack, but he didn't expect that the characteristics of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast would be completely different from the black iron giant. The timing of unleashing the Icy Coffin was flawless.

In the end, the outcome was determined by the fundamental difference between the two sides.