The World Online Chapter 159 and 160

By Rising Dawn

Dear readers, 

Sorry again I've missed out on posting yesterday, so here's 2 chapters!

Chapter 159‍  (8th Jan 2018)

Chapter 160‍  (9th Jan 2018)

I hope you guys enjoy!

Novel Recommendation: 

Rise of Humanity - 

The novel focuses on a young man upholding the honor of his ancestors that had long been forgotten by his fellow humans. He eventually goes on to dedicate his whole life to the restoration of the glory of the progenitors of his race while standing against the universe. 

As you read on, you will slowly uncover the truth behind the downfall of the three sovereigns, the truth behind the origins of humanity, and what is waiting for them in the future….

(Yup, I'm the translator XD)

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