Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1146

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Chapter 1146: The Silver Dragon Goes to Battle

Yun Xi had a dream.

He had a strange dream, somewhat tinged with a faint feeling of sadness.

In his dream, he lay in the middle of the earth, gazing at the endless expanse of the Milky Way, as if he had been waiting for something for a long, long time.

Many, many things had happened in the place where he was.





Many, many races have walked through their own lives on him, and then return to dust and earth.

Even majestic dragons cannot resist the passing of time, eventually turning into dust and returning to the earth.

Then, a tall tower was built.

Dragons and twelve humans built this tall tower.

They were the earliest human bloodline in this world, and the most proud and outstanding dragons.

With unity, they researched various methods, seemingly wanting to prove the existence of "eternity" in the world, and build a building similar to a landmark for this world.

The purpose of this building is to hatch dragon eggs that have lost their mothers. For the dragon clan, nothing is more important than offspring.

In order to hatch the dragon eggs, they can use the power of their entire clan and order the help of all the races in the world to achieve this goal.

Most of the time, these efforts ended in failure, and most of the dragon eggs that lost their mothers failed to hatch.

There were only one or two successful examples, but even so, they brought great joy to the dragons and considered this tower, built by golden humans, as a sacred place.

They praised this tower and sincerely hoped that it would be a proof of friendship between humans and dragons.

The people of that era were very good friends with the dragons.

However, as time passed, the Golden Humans, known as the Child of God, also started to die one by one. For thousands of years, humans began to spread across the entire continent, becoming the largest intelligent population on the continent.

With the appearance of a certain human, the history of humans began to undergo significant changes.

More imaginative ideas based on magic, astonishing enlightenment of wisdom. Perhaps that human simply wanted their own population to become better, and a few of the golden ancient people who considered him their own child were pleased to see this change.

However, after humans awakened their civilization and wisdom, they were no longer satisfied with being subservient to the dragons and eventually started a war.

Many, many humans died.

The dragons angrily destroyed all the humans who dared to rebel against them.

The last golden ancient people chose to join the battle and fight against the dragons, who were once their friends.

In the end, the possibly most outstanding human in history swept through everything with an army of immortals, defeating the mighty dragons.

However, he was not happy at all because it was not what he had expected.

When he finally sat on the highest throne representing the continent's ruler, adorned in dark armor, he felt only overwhelming sadness.

Beside the icy throne stood four enormous war machines.

Each of these machines possessed a power that surpassed the apex race of this world's pyramid, and their combined strength left even the dragons in awe.

The king was born on a battlefield of blood and fire, stepping on countless bodies, most of which were humans, with a small fraction being Leviathan's kin.

Death accompanied him, granting him everything while also taking everything away from him.

The dark King of Undead finally vanished in the Underground Cemetery, where his friends, benefactors, and loved ones were.

Ah, so that's how it is.

This is the mark he left in this world, even if everything has been erased from history books. But this world won't forget, and this land won't forget.

His throne has always loomed over this land, awaiting the return of the King of Undead.

That is the spot the River of Destiny has prepared for this monarch.

However, the King of Undead, who entered the Underground Cemetery while holding the body of his beloved, left a sorrowful and mournful silhouette.

He never wanted to become a king.

It was only a desire for more happiness, where did it all go wrong?

"Such a...sad story..." Yun Xi opened his eyes, realizing that this was not an unfounded daydream, but the unconscious depiction of the life of the owner of the Underground Cemetery, as narrated by Ain, Adley, and the Passed Princess.

The strongest hero of mankind.

The champion who ended the war between mankind and dragons in the divine era.

The holder of the Continental Crown.

With many honors to his name, The King of Undead truly lives up to his title. He possesses the power over life and death, and is the creator of various forbidden spells and magic in the divine era. Even the origin of the forbidden curse "nuclear explosion" is closely linked to The King of Undead.

Without him, mankind would have been defeated in the war against dragons long ago, and could even face extinction.

"It's only natural for Dad to become the champion of the land!"

"According to the alliance between mankind and dragons, the land originally belonged to Dad."

"If it weren't for Dad's deterrence against dragons, mankind wouldn't have enjoyed the good days of the divine era. Dragons are creatures that hold grudges."

Princess Passed sat on Yun Xi's neck, excitedly boasting about The King of Undead's great achievements.

Yun Xi thought that what she said made sense.

If it weren't for the existence of The King of Undead, the proud dragon clan would not have truly accepted their defeat after the war.

It is not surprising when they come back again, humans have betrayed the alliance they signed so many times.

Human history is a history of betrayal and war. Even during the relatively peaceful divine era, wizards would fight each other for resources and there have been instances where forbidden curses were used on the battlefield.

As the strongest golden bloodline, The King of Undead possesses possibly the greatest power in this world, naturally earning them the highest throne.

The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. People always expect heroes to come and save them.

However, in reality, the greater the power, the greater the authority. Heroes also tend to have privileges.

If it weren't for Yun Xi's Main Task to collect Twelve Constellation Gods' Weapons, he would actually have a great admiration for The King of Undead.

It can now be almost certain that The King of Undead possesses most of the lost Twelve Constellation Gods' Weapons. This is definitely the final boss that Yun Xi must defeat.

Based on the information revealed by the Passed Princess, The King of Undead themselves is a descendant of the golden bloodline from a previous generation, and was adopted by the true golden ancient people as their golden son.

The golden ancient people who passed away on the battlefield were his benefactors, friends, and lovers.

The Constellation God's Weapons they left behind, apart from being relics of those who had already passed away, mostly ended up in the Underground Cemetery, so they completely disappeared in the later records of the divine era.

"This is truly... an admirable opponent." Understanding who his opponent was, Yun Xi sighed and stretched lazily, embracing the Passed Princess who had been holding him by the neck from behind.

"Ah ah ah ah, what are you, you scoundrel, trying to do?!"

"Let go of me, let go of me, you bastard!"

"You damn silver dragon!" The Passed Princess who was suddenly attacked from behind by Yun Xi shouted, with a face that said, no matter how you torture and ravage me, I will never surrender to you.

You may have my body, but you will never have my heart!

Well, it seems that during the time Yun Xi was sleeping, a certain little princess's education from the original three divine era books proved to be very effective.

"How many days have I been sleeping?" Yun Xi stretched out his arms and legs, looking at the blushing Passed Princess who was running away, feeling that she seemed to have awakened some strange quirks.

"Three days, Lord Silver Dragon," said Ain, relieved as she watched Yun Xi wake up next to Su.

She was very busy during these three days.

After Yun Xi easily defeated the black iron giant, he immediately fell asleep, leaving all the troublesome aftermath for Ain to handle on her own.

During these three days, she was exhausted by news from the major powers on the continent, the compensation for the losses caused by the giant's attack within the kingdom, and the troublesome demands from the neighboring country.

Being a queen of a country, especially a wise one, meant having to deal with too many matters.

Only by returning to the interior of the Divine Era Tower, where the Faceless God resides, the safest place in this world, and also the prison where Passed Princess is held captive, can she finally find peace.

In these past days, the kind-hearted Passed Princess has become best friends with Adley, and they share everything with each other, even knowing Lord Silver Dragon's identity.

Probably, it seems that Adley, this lady from her own ancestors, is already a prize of Lord Silver Dragon, and will never be apart from Lord Silver Dragon for her whole life, regardless of her identity.

At the same time, Ain was very surprised to learn various information about the Underground Cemetery.

In fact, that place was the most powerful force of humans. If it weren't for the decline of the magic tide period, the Underground Cemetery could send out an undead army of over ten million at any time, easily sweeping across the entire continent.

In the divine era, the war between humans and the dragon race, the army of immortals created from countless human heroes and Leviathan monster corpses defeated the giant dragons who represented world dominance.

Even in modern times, no country could withstand the Undead Army that once swept everything.

The ruler of the Underground Cemetery was always the true king of the continent, the legitimate holder of the continental crown.

It's no wonder that humans eventually quietly erased his existence from history. The fact that the true owner of the continental crown was The King of Undead made the rulers of the later divine era clearly fearful.

The thousands of years that the Underground Cemetery remained closed were just too long, and humans had long forgotten the power of the undead army.

Maybe in the first few hundred years, they were still afraid of The King of Undead coming out of the Underground Cemetery. But as time passed, there was no sign of it, and the human rulers naturally refused to settle for being mere proxies, completing a bottom-up usurpation.

Until this era, the ancient Underground Cemetery suddenly reopened and raised the towering tower, declaring its return to the entire Sia's world.

For the countries on the continent now, this is truly the worst possible news.

Luckily, with Lord Silver Dragon around, Ain smiled as she watched Yun Xi stretching lazily.

No matter what kind of enemy, as long as Lord Silver Dragon is there, everything will be fine.

Because, Lord Silver Dragon is a guest from the stars, after all.

"How is the battle going?" Although Yun Xi has defeated the black iron giant, he doesn't dare underestimate The King of Undead.

According to Passed Princess's announcement, there are four full-scale war weapons in the Underground Cemetery, not to mention the undead army that sleeps there.

If that army of over ten million undead pours out with hero-ranked Death Knights and bone dragons mixed in, even Yun Xi, who commands the faceless god, would be overwhelmed and die from being surrounded. It's no joke.

The King of Undead truly has the power to dominate the entire continent.

"The Leviathan Empire is still fighting against the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and they have deployed their entire magic armored legion to barely hold the battlefront."

"Furthermore, a massive change in terrain is happening in the central region of the mountain range where the Underground Cemetery is located."

"A lot of amazing buildings are being built."

Ain reported to Yun Xi the progress of the war that everyone on the continent is now paying attention to.

The Leviathan Empire, which was humiliated by the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, seems to be in a state of national mobilization. They no longer approach the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, which caused them great losses in the last attack. Instead, they relentlessly bombard the waterways occupied by the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast with mechanical artillery.

At the same time, an urgent request was sent to Ain's desk twenty-four times a day, non-stop bombardment.

The message is extremely simple: the Empire is willing to do anything to obtain assistance from the strongest ancient weapon of the Sia Kingdom, to fight against the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast that continues to invade the Empire's waterways.

Any request can be made, even granting Queen Sia the first inheritance of the Leviathan Empire. These conditions can truly be described as disgraceful for the nation.

"Agree..." Yun Xi nodded as he looked at Ain with hopeful eyes.

Yes, he wants to go into battle.

It is inevitable to battle the Underground Cemetery's owner in order to complete the task of collecting the Twelve Constellation Gods' Weapons.

It doesn't make sense, there is no world peace at all, but that's the truth.

The King of Undead, who is extremely proud and disregards human power, doesn't care about human deaths.

From the story of Passed Princess, we can know that he cares a lot about his friends, benefactors, and lovers, but he doesn't care about the deaths of ordinary people.

He is the strongest hero of humans, but definitely not a perfect hero. Instead, he is a complete anti-hero who completely follows his own will.

His fighting style is to drown all opponents with an endless Undead Army, a battle style that even makes the dragon clan shudder.

To have a conversation with such a king, you must show your own strength, even defeat him, in order to obtain what you want.

What Yun Xi chose is the most difficult path.