Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1145

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Chapter 1145: The Hero of Humanity

I give up!

Just let me be a lazy fish, I really don't want to think about anything now.

Unable to think of a way to argue back, Yun Xi surrendered with a raised hand and laid on the ground carelessly, staring at the unfamiliar ceiling with eyes that seemed to see through everything in the world.

Hmm, at this moment, he felt the need for great enlightenment, to distance himself from the hustle and bustle of the world and maintain a serene mind.

Yes, just as the wise Buddhist monks often say, it's time to silently recite "Form is emptiness, emptiness is form." Didn't Master Maha Mystery say he has a connection with Buddhism?

"May I..." Yun Xi's Buddhist verse was just beginning when suddenly he felt a chilling sensation.

The Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll that he had been practicing told him that if he were to say this phrase, something really terrible would happen.

"Boom crash!"

The old and broken faceless god system suddenly gave a strange warning!

The sky over Sia Kingdom suddenly filled with dark clouds, as if some terrifying beings were watching this secluded little world from beyond.

The Leviathan wreckage formed a sky that even the legend-ranked couldn't easily break through, like a glass shell.

"Go die! Go die! Go die!" Seeing Yun Xi with a face that wanted to act dumb, Passed Princess became furious and harshly stepped on Yun Xi's face with her little white feet.

"Uh, are you our ancestor?" Adley looked at the enraged Passed Princess and saw a glimpse of her own sister in her.

Her sister was also terrifying when angry.

"Hmph, your words must be a descendant of my sister." Passed Princess continued to step and kick, finally keeping Yun Xi from entering the realm of emptiness and causing the dark clouds in the sky to gradually disperse.

The great crisis that destroyed a certain world disappeared with the appearance of the savior!

The freshly baked savior didn't know what great feat they had accomplished, still wearing a bitter and vengeful expression while stepping on a certain Starchild, completely unaware that their snow-white panties had long been exposed.

"Well, it's better to close your eyes and be a respectable gentleman." Yun Xi closed his eyes, allowing those two snowy little feet to step on his face and chest.

It doesn't hurt anyway, just consider it a little post-war game.

He was very tired.

When Yun Xi fell asleep from exhaustion, the girls who also had the bloodline of the virgin palace quickly became friendly due to their common background and topics.

"I never expected that the bloodline of my sister would be passed down to your generation." After being tired from walking, Passed Princess sat upright on Yun Xi's neck, with her feet apart, using a ladylike duck posture.

Although her weight was as light as air, even lighter than a duck, the sleeping Yun Xi thought he was covered by a fragrant and soft blanket emitting the scent of a young girl.

"Hmm, according to the genealogy, there have been about a few hundred generations between us..." Do not underestimate the inheritance of the divine era tower. Since this tower has been managed by the divine era warlocks of the virgin palace, the lives of all the owners, from the first generation to the current generation, have been recorded.

Among them is the Passed Princess who once had the qualifications of an heir.

She was one of the most outstanding talents among the divine era warlocks of that generation. If she had not passed away at a young age, she would have been the next certain owner of the divine era tower.

Unfortunately, she died from illness during the war and didn't live to see the day when she would become a respected Tower Master.

"At that time, I never expected that nothing would change here." Passed Princess reached out her hand and touched a fairy butterfly that flew in at some unknown time.

This type of purely imaginary creature used to be occasionally seen in her time, when the relationship between humans and various imaginary species was still good. Even in the gardens of ordinary people, traces of these fairy butterflies would often be found.

However, fairy butterflies all without exception detest war. After the war between the divine era and the dragon race began, she never saw these beautiful butterflies in the outside world again.

In the Underground Cemetery, there was no sign of them either. They instinctively repelled the scent of death in the Underground Cemetery.

In the world now, as she traveled, she found that many familiar things had completely disappeared from this world.

In the forest, there are no longer various fantasy creatures, only a few monsters still survive.

In the water, the swaying water spirits can no longer be found, only ordinary fish.

The creatures she used to be familiar with from the divine era, and even the enemies of the Leviathan faction, have all vanished, as if they had never existed in this world.

The departed princess was overwhelmed by a strong sense of loneliness. She was a bit lost in this unfamiliar world, so when she discovered that the queen and princess of the Sia Kingdom were actually descendants of her own family from hundreds of generations ago, she was actually very, very happy.

The princess who died at the age of twelve, but who firmly believed that her father would resurrect her, and bravely stepped onto the battlefield, was actually a very innocent child.

Her spirit stopped growing completely at the moment she died, becoming a forever 12-year-old ghost.

When surrounded by fairy butterflies, she felt like she had returned to the past, to those carefree days.

At that time, things like wars were very distant for everyone. The kingdom with the Divine Era Tower was a magical sanctuary respected by all humans, and the royal family, inheriting the golden bloodline of Virgo, were the rightful rulers of the country.

Rebellion and such simply didn't exist because the king's bloodline was divine, a perfect lineage that guaranteed becoming a hero-ranked warlock once they came of age.

In the entire country, there were triple-digit numbers of hero-ranked experts, and the royal family accounted for half of them.

Her sisters, all of them, were outstanding Divine Era Warlocks. She didn't have to worry about anything. Since she was young, she was showered with love, and all her wishes could be fulfilled.

There was just one wish that they couldn't fulfill.

Wanting to grow up was merely a simple wish, but for the Passed Princess, it was an unattainable luxury.

When she realized that, the world had already turned gray for her.

"Ancestor, can you tell me about the Underground Cemetery?" After acknowledging their ancestry, both Ain and Adley are very curious about where the Passed Princess is now.

Although there are subtle hints about the King of Undead in the Divine Era Tower, for people in this era, the King of Undead mentioned in the legends of the Divine Era is still unfamiliar.

That feeling is like an antique resurrected from thousands of years ago.

Characters from mythological stories suddenly appearing in reality, it feels very strange.

"My dad is the greatest warlock in the world, he is the ruler who connects the Netherworld and the real world, controlling life and death, the strongest among humans." When talking about her "dad," the Passed Princess is filled with pride.

In her memory, she was resurrected by her dad and gained a body capable of fighting.

The grand cause of fighting for humanity is something that a twelve-year-old like her doesn't really understand.

The reason she commands the body of the black iron giant and steps onto the battlefield as a war weapon tearing apart dragons is simply because she listens to her dad's words.

Her dad's words are justice and the only truth for a princess who has lost her way.

"Now, Dad has come back to life, so this world should belong to Dad again." The princess who lost her father spoke confidently about conquering the world.

Originally, this world, where humans live, was forcibly taken from the Dragon Clan by Dad.

Without Dad's participation in the final battle, humans would have been defeated long ago in that war, and there might even have been a risk of annihilation.

The Dragon Clan, the strongest race in Sia's world, never shows mercy to those who dare to resist them and cause instability in the world.

The giants, who are many times stronger than humans, were completely wiped out by the Dragon Clan, not sparing even a single descendant.

The King of Undead, who will save the world.

The strongest hero of humans, a legend.

It is not an exaggeration to praise the glorious achievements of The King of Undead with any honor. He is the true savior who rescued humanity.

Now, The King of Undead has returned and reclaimed the highest throne in this world. It is simply the ultimate truth of the world.

"Oh... really?"

"No wonder the historical records always seemed strange, especially the use of resources during the divine era and towards the end of the dragon race's war, as well as the battle records." Ain had noticed a lot of discrepancies in the divine era tower's records about that war a long time ago.

In the last decade of the war, the human casualties decreased drastically compared to the past, but the achievements gained increased instead.

In the final decisive battle, even though the number of human troops dispatched had clearly decreased from the mid-war period, they still achieved a complete victory on the last battlefield.

From a mathematical perspective, the results of a battle that can be brought about by things like morale, bravery, and passion all have their limits.

The power of humans is formidable when they gather together, but the ruling race at that time, the dragon race, was definitely not weak, and one could even say they completely surpassed humans.

The war ended with humans repelling the dragon race and obtaining the continental crown. People praised the sacrifices of the golden ancient people, admired the bravery of the knights from the divine era, and the wisdom of the mages, as if having these would ensure victory.

Ain knew that wasn't right.

Judging from the recorded evidence alone, the power of humans was far from being able to overcome the world dominators, the dragon race, at that time.

Three compared to seven, this is based on the premise that humans possess all of the Constellation God's Weapons, and that the number of humans exceeds the Leviathan faction by a hundred times.

Even so, by the middle of the war, humans were almost unable to hold on. But it seemed that after a certain battle, the direction of the war suddenly changed.

Originally, for each battle, humans had to pay a tenfold or even higher casualty rate than the Leviathan faction. But suddenly, the rate of battle losses dropped to an unbelievable number.

"Of course, that's because my dad's army of undead joined the battle," said Princess Passed proudly, revealing the truth of that time.

At the most intense stage of the war against the dragon clan, seventy percent of human elite soldiers died, and even the last few golden ancient people began to fall. The King of Undead appeared with an overwhelmingly powerful army of the undead.

On the battlefield, human heroes who died in battle, including the bodies of the fallen Leviathan faction units, kept rising up incessantly.

The resurrection of the dead, this was the necromancy spell that changed the war between humans and the dragon clan in the beginning.

From the moment The King of Undead entered with ancient weapons and the army of the undead, the outcome of the war was destined.

The black iron giant, Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and Rift Space Dragon, these powerful war weapons that dominate the sea, land, and sky, fought against the Leviathan faction's dominant dragons.

The Phantom of the Opera House can wake up all the units that died on the battlefield, causing Leviathan faction to face a situation where the opponents keep increasing in every war.

As a result, just like a snowball rolling, the army of the King of Undead becomes stronger and stronger, while the battlefield on the land of the dragons is completely defeated.

In the end, even the powerful dragons couldn't bear the terrible losses in battle. After sacrificing over a third of their people, they had to admit the King of Undead's rule over the continent.

Yes, the proud dragons didn't surrender to humans. What they recognized was not humans becoming the masters of the continent, but the King of Undead, the strongest hero of the divine era.

The black iron giant, Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and Rift Space Dragon represent super weapons of war for land, sea, and air, respectively. They all possess absolute power to hunt down dragons.

The Phantom of the Opera House completely crushed the Leviathan faction in the long and enduring war.

Even the trolls, who were the strongest ace in the Leviathan faction, couldn't defeat the overwhelming and countless millions of skeletal army, among which were terrifying undead dragons.

Frankly speaking, humans were only able to win by relying on the late-game undead army without the participation of the King of Undead. Without him, the dragons would have wiped out the human forces in the mid-game.

The crown that represents the ruler of the continent has never been worn by any human king. It has always been with the King of Undead.

For the Leviathan faction, there was only one recognized ruler of the continent, and that was the King of the Underground Cemetery - The King of Undead.

By defeating the Leviathan army and showing his strength, the King of Undead was able to free humanity from the rule of the dragon race.

He was the most legendary hero of humankind, undoubtedly possessing the strongest golden bloodline.

However, he didn't care about any of this. After driving back the dragons with his undead army, he gave up everything and started building the Underground Cemetery.

The glory of humankind was not important to The King of Undead, who was originally an alien visitor.

What mattered to him were his family, friends, and those who had shown him kindness. However, all of these disappeared after the war.

Even the invincible King of Undead was unable to stop the passage of time.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a soul that has died inside. Even if the whole world were given to him, he could never feel the taste of "happiness" again.

Everything he had was quietly erased from human history.

Humans couldn't accept the fact that they needed an invincible army to defeat the dragon clan.