Age of Adepts Chapter 400 + Thank You, Readers

By TsukikageRyu

Woo! Chapter 400 is up! It's not a major milestone, but it's still nice to see those nice round numbers.

 King of Gods recently got some publicity and jumped over us in the Rankings, though I think it will be temporary. I like competing with KoG as an editor of a competing series (and keeping them out of our #3 Rank), but as a reader and fellow GT employee, I do enjoy the series and would recommend it to anyone. It deserves the attention it gets.

Of course, like I said, I know our loyal readers will get us back into the #3 Rank before long. It's amazing how much our community had done to promote Age of Adept's popularity. Unlike most of the other top ten books on GT, we have no Patreon...yet. We have no ebooks...yet. And without those extra sources of income, we can't run contests with fabulous prizes. And still, we've been the #4 ranked series on the website recently. There's certainly much to be attributed to the original author (Real Old Wolf) for creating this great story. But a lot also relies on our readers to continue helping AoA grow. Voting for the series, leaving comments, putting up new reviews on Novel Updates. Every time you take a moment to interact as part of the AoA community, you help us grow.

So thank you, Readers, for all you do to make this series what it is. 


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