Announcement about GT and Aethernea

By Cloe.D.Frost

Some people are worried about the future of GT and by extension Aethernea. So I decided to make my stance on the matter clear through this announcement.

I have not signed any agreements regarding anyone owning anything Aethernea related and any changes in TOC need to be accepted by me to be legally valid. That has not happened nor will it ever happen. I don't intend to sell my rights to QI (or anyone else for that matter) in any way.

I stood by GT when the previous exodus happened, believing in GGP and the bright future. And now...

I still stand by it and I will continue to stand by it as long as GT still continues to remain a site that is constantly looking for ways to improve itself and an environment where translators, authors, and readers are cared for.

The majority owner of GT might have changed, but that has not yet negatively impacted translators, authors, and readers on GT. GGP has always been working hard so everyone would have a brighter future and I believe that he had the best intentions when he made the agreement with QI.

His decision might end up being wrong, but I am willing to give him a benefit of the doubt. Just like he gave me a chance when he accepted me on GT, I too will return the favor and give him a chance. I think he deserves that.

If matters change in the future and I feel like GT has changed for the worse, I will reconsider my decision and look into moving somewhere else. I might feel loyalty towards GT and GGP but I am not a blindly trusting idiot and will not let anyone take advantage of me.

I don't have a good impression of QI and it is entirely possible that one day they will stretch their greedy fingers and try to own the original novels in some way. However, I am not afraid of them. They can't just claim whatever they feel like claiming. What's mine is mine and no one can take it away from me.

I am not worried about legal action either. I have not done anything wrong nor do they have any basis to claim ownership of Aethernea.

I am also not worried about them copying Aethernea chapters without my permission and putting them on QI.

There are plenty of scoundrelly sites who copy chapters of novels passing them off as their own, and Aethernea has already been copied by few of them. But no matter how many sites copy Aethernea, it will never belong to them. Personally, I am not angry over having Aethernea chapters stolen, rather I feel a bit sad. If they had asked me for permission to display it on their site, I would have given it to them.

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to release Aethernea as a web novel is because I wanted everyone to have an opportunity to read it. So, when I see Aethernea appear on more sites, what I feel is not resentment but rather hope that more people would end up discovering it, even if it is through such shady sites. So even if by remaining on GT, QI ends up displaying Aethernea on their site without asking for permission or giving anything to me in return, I won't cry any tears over it. :)

If I was worried about losing money or future prospects by giving Aethernea chapters away for free I wouldn't have started doing it in the first place.

So, everyone, thank you for your worry and good intentions. I really appreciate it. <3

But I am not afraid to stand tall in front of the incoming storm.

And if it comes to it, I am not afraid to fight to defend what's mine.

Aethernea will never be taken away from me nor will it ever succumb to the greed of others.

- Cloe

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