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By Cloe.D.Frost

So what's going on with me again?

As you might have figured out if you've dropped by my patreon page or discord channel, a couple of weeks back started a long episode of family pandemic. Meaning I got sick. And then just as I got better, my kid got sick. And then just as he got better I got sick again.

*flips the table* What is this?! This is not how this is supposed to work! I should have gotten immune by this point! How could I get sick with the same thing again?! >_<

I blame the weather. We've been wearing our jackets in the cold winter, surrounded by barren trees and lifeless views. And then three days later, we came out wearing t-shirts to find out that suddenly those barren trees turned completely green with cherry blossoms everywhere.

What is wrong with this world? How could the season completely change in three days? And it wasn't a temporary change. I haven't worn long sleeves since then.

I guess the change was just too sudden and our bodies couldn't adjust. I'm not sick anymore but I am far from returning back to normal. I feel this strange fatigue and lifelessness. I can't properly sleep at night, one moment I'm feeling cold, the next I am feeling hot. So I just toss around and try to fall asleep, but the pillow and the blankets are too hot, and if I toss them aside I feel cold and my stomach starts to ache.

And then when the morning finally comes, I get up feeling sleepy and brain dead, unable to do anything that requires me to actually think. Which includes writing and talking to people.

Funnily enough, I can still program just fine, I guess object-oriented programming has become a habit for me that doesn't require much thought. But for debugging, where I actually have to employ my brainpower to figure out what could possibly be wrong... well, that's better left for another day.

Anyway, is this episode of family pandemic over? I think so. But considering how I thought so too a few weeks back only to be proven wrong several times, I dare not claim anything. OTL


And thus, this strange state I've been for a while now has led me to again fall into that wretched cycle in which every day I'm thinking "I'll release the episode today" only to end up falling dead as soon as I touch the bed. Or unable to do anything productive other than just stare at the screen half dead.

At one point I was 500 words short of an episode. And then it took me several days to even manage to sit down and write, only to get sidetracked and spend 8 hours on physics research.

You see, in episode 155, I needed an answer to the question of: "how fast is an accelerating mage?"

And that one question opened the Pandora's box that has been tucked at the corner of my mind for a long, long time.

I am a perfectionist. When I write, I am not just spouting random facts. Most of the things are based on real facts and physics calculations. Such as, when I wrote Laica's unpleasant death, I spent quite some time researching how long it would take for blood to make a full cycle around the body, or how long it would take for a person to bleed to death. Until I finally reached a conclusion that her case would only take several seconds (due to numerous deep wounds).

You might not realize it, but there are many little details in there that no one would pay much attention to or I might not even mention, but it took me careful calculation to come to the conclusion. For example, I have detailed calculations on score distribution on Muni exams, and mage rank distribution over the populace. I have an excel table with Muni exam scores and the 100 students that will be accepted into Muni. I have detailed calculations based on statistics and probability on how many nobles from each family are currently attending Muni as students and how good of a mage they are.

And one of the things that I always wanted to do a detailed research into was the numbers used by the magic system. Such as, how much mana does an average mage have in their mana pool? Or how high is a mana regeneration of an average mage? Or how much mana does it take for a mage to cast a single Acceleration spell on himself?

There were a lot of variables here that made it difficult for me to come up with concrete numbers. So I didn't have an answer to those questions backed by actual data.

However, when I started doing research on the Acceleration spell, which is based on physics of flying, I found that one reference point that I could use to fill up all the blanks, turning all those variables into constants.

Which, of course, led me deeper and deeper into this research. I now know exactly how much mana everyone has in their mana pool, how high their mana regeneration is, just how many spells and how fast they can cast based on their mana channeling speed. I now know exactly how long a certain mage can remain airborne, how much a single particle of mana holds energy, how much a mana crystal of what size holds mana, etc.

I have to admit that I find all this data... liberating. This means that I don't need to estimate and guess things anymore and risk making mistakes. I can directly calculate everything, from what size Gaine Farhice's mana crystal earring is, to how fast Aurel's Blitz is able to go and how much distance it is able to cover. (๑✧◡✧๑)

This will make it so much easier for me to write things in the future, as well as edit this first book to be inline with all the calculated data.

I'll be writing a patreon only blog post with some interesting conclusions of these calculations in the near future.

But now, let's get back to the previous topic of me again going "missing" for a while...



*checks the calendar* That's strange. I was sure it must be "bash-Cloe-day" today. 😂

You guys... you do realize I am in this chat too?! XD *spews blood*

"Of course we do, we just enjoy teasing you." is what you would say, eh? 😏 Alright, alright, I laughed at Hunter x Hunter reference too. Good one Mortling. And of course, no one is better at making fun of me than Seru and combatmaster. You two have already made it an art form. 😂

Ahem, where was I? Right, I didn't intentionally go missing again. Every day I try to find the time to write and release chapters/posts and then when I finally sit down in front of my laptop, I realize it is already night and I am so very tired.

There is just so much that I need to do every day that I get lost in my todo list. I am terrible at time management and easily sidetracked. I am always tired and just can't seem to find the strength or time for certain things. Every day as I lay in bed I recount all the people whose messages I am weeks or even months late responding. And I probably won't respond because I am too ashamed to respond months late. >_<

I try to remember the last time I phoned my father and try to force myself to call, but I always come up with a reason to postpone the call. 11 days ago was my birthday and I still didn't respond to congratulatory messages on facebook...

Sigh... I should probably do some introspection, self-therapy, meditation, healthy stuff like that... if only I had the time... OTL its so hard to break out of this cycle of misery.

Sigh, well, onto the more optimistic topics, the releases should be back to once per week again. Unless I am struck with a sudden illness again. OTL

Actually, this episode was set to be released automatically a few weeks back, so it did get released even though I wasn't around. However, because I wasn't around there was no news post about it getting released. Thus, here is that news post and the link to the episode. Next one will be up next week.

Episode 151 – Loyalty

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