Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1166

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Chapter 1166: Sneaking

Quietly, one side of the divine era tower opened up.

The black iron giant, still covered in droplets of water, quietly walked out of the tall tower.

Despite being tall and imposing, with overwhelming weight that could make the ground rumble with thunderous footsteps, the giant's walking now made almost no sound, as quiet as a needle falling to the ground.

This was also a privilege of the Earth Child, able to create earth-shaking movements when exerting force, but remaining as immovable as a great stone when hidden.

Yun Xi fully utilized Earth Child's special privilege and after a series of small quick steps, he ran out of Sia Royal City.

Occasionally, a few night duty guards caught a glimpse of the fleeting giant figure and thought they were seeing things due to lack of sleep.

After they rubbed their eyes clean, the body of the black iron giant, which was already black in color, had blended into the darkness, leaving no shadow at all.

"This is really strange, am I dreaming?"

"Did something huge fly by just now?"

"No, if there was something huge, there would definitely be some noise."

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Using the stealth technique rarely used by the Passed Princess, Yun Xi dashed out of Sia Royal City and freely ran on the land of the dark night.

The black iron giant, truly deserving of being an Earth Child, was a special existence cherished by the consciousness of this world.

Compared to the difficulty of manipulating the faceless god, it is simply delightful to control the black iron giant without worrying about the Pafu System overloading at any time and anywhere.

Especially when running on the ground, the faceless god can only rely on brute force to sprint forward, constantly pushing the limits of Pafu, while the black iron giant feels light as if nothing is under its feet.

Tonight's night sky is filled with countless stars. Running under such a night sky, feeling the pulsation of the earth, Yun Xi has never felt the existence of the world itself so clearly.

"How is this possible, what did you do?" Passed Princess stared wide-eyed as Yun Xi ran on the ground using skills she had never used before.

Not only fast, but also very agile. Every time the black iron giant steps on the ground, it creates invisible waves of earth pulsation.

It is precisely because of this circle of earth pulsation that completely eliminates the sound of the black iron giant's footsteps. Passed Princess even saw herself completely unable to match Yun Xi's operation, which was as graceful as a dragonfly touching water.

The giants, who are naturally attuned to the earth pulsation, can indeed use the power of the earth pulsation to perform various powerful attack moves, but those are all straightforward attacks. The giants have never even thought about using the earth pulsation to eliminate the sound of footsteps like Yun Xi did.

It's like asking an elephant to do ballet, it's simply unrealistic.

But Yun Xi did it. He controlled the agile posture shown by the black iron giant, as if the terrifying weight of the black iron giant didn't exist at all.

"Can you control the power of the Earth veins?" Observant War Dancer could see that the ground beneath the black iron giant's feet would slightly change with each step it took.

It wasn't that the sound disappeared only after the feet landed on the ground, but rather that the process was completed before that. By the time the black iron giant stepped on the ground, everything had already been set in motion.

Yun Xi controlled not only the body of the black iron giant, but also the veins beneath its feet.

This ability was not entirely absent in Passed Princess, but she simply couldn't master it. After all, even in the divine era's battlefields, such meticulous operations were not necessary.

Sneaking around was completely unnecessary on the battlefield.

Just see where the enemy is, rush in and kill them. The more grand the entrance, the more it boosts the morale of our own camp.

Passed Princess, who was accustomed to being straightforward and fearlessly tearing apart dragons, had never even considered such detailed operations.

Making her walk silently would really be too difficult for her.

But for Yun Xi, this was not a problem.

Casina the Battle God's the Battle God Genre is a martial arts style based on the principle of Soft Body. Typically, practitioners start by mastering the techniques of Soft Body before moving on to the more challenging techniques of Solid Body.

Once they achieve a balance between strength and flexibility, reaching a level where they can move swiftly like the wind, remain calm like a forest, strike like fire, and stand firm like a mountain, they can embark on the advanced path of the Battle God Genre.

Casina the Battle God personally trains Yun Xi to help him master every detail of his body. With the assistance of the divine sword Sand of Time, Casina the Battle God accurately perceives every aspect of Yun Xi's body and customizes the Seed of the Battle God that suits him best.

Practicing the Battle God Genre goes beyond simply mastering a few basic poses; it is merely the key to entry.

Truly practicing the Battle God Genre begins with every breath, every heartbeat. As Yun Xi becomes accustomed to the presence of the Seed of the Battle God, he initially struggles to control the boiling energy within his body, resulting in some embarrassing moments.

Now, Yun Xi is beginning to harness the power of the Seed of the Battle God. The phenomenon of his energy boiling and a certain part of his body rising to great heights with it is now a thing of the past.

Well, it could also be said that Yun Xi can now correct the martial techniques of Teacher Casina the Battle God, embodying the qualities of a true gentleman.

Walking without making any sound, completely suppressing one's footsteps, is one of the fundamental principles of the Battle God Genre.

This foundation should not be underestimated, as the ability to eliminate footstep sounds greatly reduces the likelihood of being detected during close combat.

In close combat, experienced masters use two methods to observe their opponents: footsteps and shoulders.

Footsteps represent control of distance, the opponent's movement distance, and the direction of attack.

Shoulders are a precursor to exerting force. Whether it's punching or kicking, there will always be corresponding signs. Anticipating the enemy's moves is a skill that these masters must master.

However, for these highly skilled masters, these observations have become almost instinctual. But when they encounter the successor of the Battle God Genre, they will be stumped.

The successor of the Battle God Genre has the ability to eliminate their own footsteps while moving. This is an ability that all thieves dream of, as it prevents the masters from maintaining distance.

What drives these masters crazy is that the Battle God Genre's forceful techniques cannot be discerned by changes in their shoulders.

The talent of Soft Body allows the successors of the Battle God Genre to display various mysterious techniques in unimaginable ways, without any deliberate traces.

Combat skills developed through common sense are completely ineffective against the monsters of the Battle God Genre.

Their attacks often show no signs or, even if signs are seen, can't be reacted to.

If the fist of a rigid body is a fist of steel, a fist of fire, what is shown is an attitude of crushing everything with absolute power.

Then, the fist of a Soft Body is a fist of gentle water, a fist of illusion, making it impossible for people to understand, just like a beautiful scene that cannot be grasped.