Abyss Domination — Volume 1 Chapter 53

By SaltyTank

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Recently, some of you guys have been complaining about the lengthy explanations. Since Chapter 53 is another one of those, I'll be posting Chapter 54 later for those who just want to see some action. Please note that although the explanations may be a bit long at times, it is rather necessary in order to let people know about the mechanics (especially those like me who have no experience in DnD and whatsoever). I wouldn't have been able to understand a thing if the explanations hadn't exist, let alone translate it accurately. Me and Aya have already been trying really hard to re-organise and re-write the chapters a bit to make the flow better; trust me, it would be way worse if we didn't. I won't recommend doing so, but if you feel like it's too much of a bother to read about the mechanics, just skim through it and be done with it. I hope you guys understand that we've been trying to fix this issue, but there's not much more we can do without making major amendments to the content, which is against the rule/aim of translation.

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