A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 102 + 103

By Chunwa

Hey, news from a person you thought was dead!

No, just kidding. My sister caught a quite contagious disease, my mother had birthday this week and I wasn't quite up to the task, so the chapters are more than just a tad late. Sorry for that and thank you for having patience with me.

As always, I'd like to thank chuchutrain for the very well done editing, as well as Moritz M., Milad E., Jacob G., Lord Vanyal, Narthor, Professor Sleep, eXceL all my other patreons, the last month has been on fire regarding the patreon page.

Do check out my new book on amazon, I'm quite proud to have written enough chapters for a second one!

Anyway, here are the two new chapters, here and here ~

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