Way of Choices

Chapter 473

Chapter 473 - The Storm of Enrolling Students (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Tang Thirty-Six truly deserved to be the successor of the Wenshui Tangs. His words really did possess a seductive strength. The area in front of the Orthodox Academy grew much quieter and many people began to seriously consider the specific terms on the enrollment notice.

The sole person dissatisfied was naturally Xuanyuan Po. He was extremely unhappy as he listened. What 'in terms of talent, I don't have any, if you want something, I won't have it'? And ashamed? I'm ashamed your uncle! However, he was clearly aware of the reason Tang Thirty-Six had used him as an example, so there was nothing he could do. He could only forcefully bear it, even if his breathing became much rougher. He even, under the direction of Tang Thirty-Six, was compelled to stand up, raise his thick right arm, and squeeze out an honest smile as he waved at the crowd.

There was applause from the crowd.

Tang Thirty-Six was thoroughly satisfied at the results of his advertising. Encouraging them even more, he said, "Just now, I mentioned Princess Luoluo…"

His voice suddenly soared, "That's right! If you guys enter the Orthodox Academy, the inheritor of the eight hundred li of the Red River, the esteemed maiden of the demi-human realm, the precious treasure of two Saints, the White Emperor's Her Highness Princess Luoluo, will be your schoolmate!

"Also, His Holiness's designated successor, the youngest Principal of the Orthodox Academy in history, Chen Changsheng, will passionately coach you all!"

Upon saying this, he indicated that Chen Changsheng should stand and wave to the crowd.

Chen Changsheng felt extremely ashamed. He turned his head to the academy's wall and seriously examined the enrollment announcement, acting like the red paper and black characters contained the secret to defying the heavens and changing fate.

Tang Thirty-Six didn't care that much. He looked at the crowd and continued, "By now, all of you should know that in the entire capital, no, the entire human world, including Scholartree Manor, Mount Li, and all those other schools I discussed, there is not one that has a deeper background or a more powerful backing than my Orthodox Academy! And most importantly, if you guys successfully enter the Orthodox Academy, you'll also have one more extremely exceptional schoolmate."

That one enthusiastic person who had started it all asked another question at just the right time: "Who?"

Tang Thirty-Six's eyes seemed to glow as he thought to himself, afterwards, I have to tell the steward of the Heavenly Fragrance Market to find this person and bestow upon them a few small riches.

His eyes began to glow and, under the blazing sunlight, his entire body seemed to glow as well. The Wenshui Sword, the golden bracelet, and the jade ornaments all sparkled and gleamed in front of the crowd.

After three hearty laughs, he said, "It's rather embarrassing, but it's me."

"Perhaps some of my young friends have come from afar and aren't too clear on who I am. Permit me to introduce myself to you all. I am called Tang Thirty-Six."

Here, he glanced at Chen Changsheng, then continued, "I'm not the thirty-sixth child of my family, but rather when I was fifteen and first entered the Proclamation of Azure Sky, I was ranked thirty-sixth."

Hearing this, those kids from the countryside that really didn't know who he was couldn't help but gasp in shock, thinking, to be able to enter the Proclamation of Azure Sky at fifteen, the Orthodox Academy truly does have crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

"Everyone, don't be too surprised! Please take a look behind me again." Tang Thirty-Six pointed at Chen Changsheng and said, "Our Principal Chen is still three months from turning sixteen. To be more precise, when he was fifteen, he was already at the upper level of Ethereal Opening. He's never been on the Proclamation of Azure Sky because when he became qualified to enter the Proclamation of Azure Sky, the Proclamation of Azure Sky was no longer qualified to accept him."

Chen Changsheng was already famous throughout the continent, his story spreading to the most remote of the counties and provinces. But upon hearing this introduction, the young students in the crowd were still absolutely stunned. The eyes they shifted to the Orthodox Academy's enrollment announcement seemed ablaze, and a few of those burning gazes even fell directly on Chen Changsheng's body.

There was nothing more Chen Changsheng could do. He helplessly stood up, clasping his hands at the crowd and provoking warm accolades.

"Speaking of the Azure Sky, when I began talking about it, I realized that I wasn't done. Right now in the Orthodox Academy there lies one more future classmate of you ladies and gentlemen."

Tang Thirty-Six loudly proclaimed, "He's called Wofu Zhexiu."

With these words, the crowd burst once more into an uproar.

Chen Changsheng's fame was a matter of this year, but the legendary story of the wolf youth resisting the demons alone in the snowy plains was a story that had been circulating in the human world for quite a few years.

Back when Xu Yourong was on the Proclamation of Azure Sky, Zhexiu had always been right below her. But every single young man and woman that had resolved themselves to a life study, that had devoted themselves to the Dao, knew of the reason behind his name.

Tang Thirty-Six continued, "Speaking still of the Proclamation of Azure Sky, the only one back then that could defeat Lord Zhexiu was Xu Yourong, but all of you should also know that Xu Yourong is our Little Principal Chen's…"

Chen Changsheng could no longer bear it and glared at him.

Tang Thirty-Six realized that he had gotten a little carried away and hurriedly made to skip this part. "Today's sun is a bit much, I forgot where I had spoken up to. Wasn't I speaking about myself?"

This evoked a wave of boos from the crowd, as well as the angry complaints of one young maiden to the crowd.

Tang Thirty-Six gathered his thoughts, then calmly and seriously explained, "The reason, ladies and gentlemen, that I said that if you were to enter the Orthodox Academy, I would be your most important schoolmate, or to put it another way, why does the Orthodox Academy have me? It's not because of how strong I am. If we're talking about strength or cultivation, I'm definitely not up to par with freaks like Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu, but…I come from the Wenshui Tang clan. Ladies and gentlemen, on your path to knowledge, I can be your strongest supporter."

He pointed at the enrollment announcement by the gate. "For instance, we're not taking tuition and even giving an allowance. Of course, that's only for this year. That won't be the case later on."

A young student creased his brow and asked, "Not taking money and even giving it away, aren't you guys just buying students?"

"I'm not buying, I'm bribing." Tang Thirty-Six's expression was still calm, smiling as he said, "If you've succeeded with ordinary Purification, your room and board will be covered and you'll get a monthly allowance of five silver taels. If you're at the initial level of Meditation, you'll get fifty silver taels a month. For each successive breakthrough, the monthly allowance will double. If you successfully break into Ethereal Opening, then besides the monthly silver, you'll also get ten crystals to help you cultivate."

The enrollment announcement had only stated that there would be an allowance and that tuition was free, but it had not given specific numbers. Upon hearing Tang Thirty-Six describe the details, the crowd instantly became silent as a grave. Even those Tianhai clan experts in the distance were rather shocked. As for the stewards of the other three markets, they turned to the steward of the Heavenly Fragrance Market with an indescribable amazement on their faces. Your clan's young master is such a spendthrift—does anybody back at Wenshui know of this?

Tang Thirty-Six was very satisfied with the crowd's response. "As for the question of food, none of you need be concerned. Clear Lake Restaurant…is now the Orthodox Academy's cafeteria."

Those young students who had come from the counties were okay upon hearing this, but the common folk of the capital, especially the gluttons amongst them, almost fell unconscious.

Clear Lake Restaurant was the capital's most renowned and most expensive restaurant. Was it…was it really going to close down? Was it really going to become the Orthodox Academy's cafeteria?

Xuanyuan Po was abundantly satisfied and decided to pardon Tang Thirty-Six for his actions today.

But the gazes that many people shot at Tang Thirty-Six made it seem like they had just laid eyes on their nemesis who had killed their father.

Tang Thirty-Six looked at them in confusion. "What's wrong?"

One person couldn't help but say, "Sir, this is a bit too much of an exaggeration. Is there anyone that runs a school in this way?"

Tang Thirty-Six seriously replied, "I'm richer than most, could it be that all of you still haven't realized this fact?"

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