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Chapter 492

Chapter 492- Business School of Thought

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10th month, 10th day, Shanhai City.

Upon his first glance of Bai Xue, Ouyang Shuo felt stunned. She was alluring and a total beauty.

"Miss Bai Xue, welcome to Shanhai City."

Ouyang Shuo stood at the door of the main hall and personally welcomed the owner of the Bai Trading Company.

Such treatment made her feel welcomed and astonished.

After telling Cui Yingyu about the purchasing matters, Ouyang Shuo's next goal was to persuade the Cui Chamber of Commerce and the Bai Trading Company to move into Shanhai City.

The moment the system updated and removed the Super Trading Platform, the various Chambers of Commerce in the imperial cities, apart from Quanzhou, would have no easy method to contact Shanhai City.

Especially Xianyang. The Yanhuang Alliance territories separated them from Shanhai, and the trade routes were difficult to open up.

Ouyang Shuo would naturally plan ahead in regards to this matter.

The Cui Chamber of Commerce already had the intention of moving over. The relationship between the Cui Family and Shanhai City was growing tighter and tighter. Amongst the Cui Family children, apart from Cui Shousi, two others had become County Magistrates in Shanhai.

The Cui Family had an undeniable influence in both the political and business worlds of the territory.

Considering the pros and cons, Shanhai City was much more attractive to them than Dali.

The future of the Cui Family in Shanhai Territory was filled with imagination. Hence, after Ouyang Shuo released some news, the head of the family immediately decided to start moving over.

The Cui Chamber of Commerce had been running in Shanhai City for the longest time, so they had taken a huge plot of land in the west city region. Hence, the Cui Family moving over was not something rushed and haphazard.

Probably, the head of the family had planned for this for some time.

Of course, the migration of an entire family was not a simple matter. They had to sell and keep some of the shops in Dali, and they would need to continue to station people there to maintain the shops they kept.

They needed to settle the thousands of workers and managers that the family hired. Those that were willing to move over would naturally retain their jobs.

As for those that were not willing, they would not force them and everyone would separate happily.

As for their relationships with the people in Dali, those that should be continued would still need to be continued. The Cui Family head possessed good foresight, and he knew that the future of the Lianzhou Lord was limitless.

Probably, in just a few years, the entire Dali would fall under the rule of Shanhai Territory.

The difficult to settle matter was the Bai Trading Company.

Although Bai Xue was the young miss of the trading company, there was still her father, Bai Gui. This Business Ancestor was the real master of the ship behind the scenes, and he held the fate of the Bai Trading Company in hands.

Bai Gui was someone that Ouyang Shuo temporarily could not meet. As such, his only way was to persuade Bai Xue, who stood in front of him. In a business to business conversation, Ouyang Shuo did not want to use his relationship with Wei Yang to force Bai Xue.

As one would say, there were some things that a real man did and some that he could not do.

Apart from that, the Bai Trading Company and the Cui Chamber of Commerce were fundamentally different. The Cui Chamber of Commerce was the power of the aboriginals of the main map, and their relations in Dali were deeply rooted.

Of course, the influence of the Cui Chamber of Commerce was only limited to Dali.

The Bai Trading Company was different. They had suddenly appeared after the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period and entered the game.

Hence, in regards to the foundation and ability of the Bai Trading Company, Ouyang Shuo knew exceedingly little. On the surface, they just look like an unassuming Chamber of Commerce located in Xianyang.

As for the truth, it was hard for outsiders to know.

After all, the Bai Trading Company in history was a massive monster that dealt with trade and information.

Ouyang Shuo estimated that Bai Gui had purposely asked his daughter to reveal the news about Fan Li to get into Ouyang Shuo's good books.

Amongst all these affairs, what plans did Bai Gui have? Were the philosophers of the business school of thought ready to surface and fight for riches?

Between Bai Gui and Fan Li, what kind of understanding and plans did they have?

All of this posed a huge mystery.

Although the philosophers’ debate had ended, the debates and fights between school of thoughts had just begun.

Ever since the Qin Dynasty, there were signs of the philosophers vibrant on the stage of history. The only difference was that they did it outright in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period and in the dark after that.

The disputes between the philosophers would continue on for the rest of the game.

Because of the game, school of thoughts and factions that were not prevalent in history could potentially gain traction in the wilderness.

The business school of thought was such an example.

In the wilderness, it was not only Ouyang Shuo that focused on the development of business and commerce.

News had spread that Pill Sun City's business atmosphere could almost compare to Shanhai City’s. After all, Chun Shenjun's family was a business aristocratic family.

Business was what he was best at handling.

Apart from Chun Shenjun, the other Lords were not fools, and they were not limited to olden thinking. They would not do anything stupid like focusing on agriculture and suppressing commerce.

Hence, the business school of thought was growing popular.

Furthermore, during the dynasties, the business school of thought could be called fairly famous. If the like of Shen Wan San, Qiao Zhiyong, or Hu Xueyan were placed in modern society, they would be mammoth existences.

Which was why Bai Gui and Fan Li would not keep silent; they would rise up.

The mysterious circle of historical people was something that neither the Black Snake Guards or the Shanhai Guards could infiltrate. Gaia had obviously planned against such attempts.

However, no one knew Gaia’s end goal.

Ouyang Shuo asked to meet Bai Xue for two reasons. First, to discuss the prospects of the Bai Trading Company moving over. Second, to test out their strength and to see what exactly Bai Gui was planning.

As the two of them entered the main hall and took their seats, they judged each other, their eyes filled with probing.

Ouyang Shuo was curious about Bai Gui and Fan Li.

Bai Xue was curious about Ouyang Shuo.

After all, how could Bai Xue not be curious about Ouyang Shuo? She was exceedingly clear about her husband’s character. If he had not met a leader that could change the world, he would not easily take up a job.

In history, Wei Yang had traveled across many countries and rejected numerous invitations. In the end, he had surprisingly settled in Qin Country, which was weak and on the verge of defeat.

One of the reason was because of Qin Xiaogong.

What kind of person was the man in front of him, to possess enough much charm to make Wei Yang follow him with loyalty?

On the surface, he looked simple. The many successive wars and battles had made this tender youth resolute and resilient.

His face was life a knife, hard and cold.

Although he tried to control it, Ouyang Shuo's body emitted a killing aura and an aura reminiscent of a king.

These two different auras actually perfectly merged together in his body.

The way of killing and the way of mercy were interchangeable to a Lord; they were not mutually exclusive.

Hence, even though Ouyang Shuo looked warm and gentle, no one dared to try anything funny.

Bai Xue did not dare to underestimate the person in front of her.

However, she could not understand the reason behind his invitation.

Based on logic, as a guest that was visiting Shanhai City, she should visit Ouyang Shuo, the Lord. Only that when she had visited, Ouyang Shuo was away in Zhaoqing.

His return was something that only a few people knew about. Just last night, the governor-general manor guard went to Wei Yang’s residence to say that the Lord wanted to meet Bai Xue in the morning.

"I was wondering what the Bai Trading Company thinks of the Shanhai City market?" After some courteous greetings, Ouyang Shuo headed for the main topic. Even if Ouyang Shuo wanted to probe someone, he did not need to beat around the bush.

"Shanhai City's businesses are prosperous. The government supports the Chambers of Commerce. In terms of openness, even Xianyang cannot compare."

When Bai Xue heard his question, she regurgitated the words she had prepared.

When she saw Wei Yang, she had joked that she wanted Wei Yang to help her establish the Bai Trading Company in Shanhai City. In truth, she would not truly make use of him.

She was too clear about the kind of person her husband was.

To Wei Yang, everything had to go by the book, and he definitely would not abuse his power for her.

Hence, when she came to meet Ouyang Shuo, she wanted to find a way to break in. As long as the Lord opened his mouth, the Bai Trading Company could truly gain a footing in Shanhai City.

If not, they would not even be able to set up a shop, much less obtain enough land to build a workshop district.

The current Shanhai City was far different from the time when they had just started construction.

When Wei Ran was running it, to increase the construction speed and attract Chambers of Commerce, he had opened up the doors, selling them land and catering policies to their needs.

This action had fixed the basis of the early development of Shanhai City.

Now, it was different, as Shanhai City had passed that open period of their development. After Zang Wenzhong’s appointment, he had started to control the sale of land.

With the three by three city planning pushed out, it was even harder for Chambers of Commerce to purchase land. The entire Shanhai City only had the east and west business regions that allowed Chambers of Commerce to build workshops.

As for the central region, the competition was even more intense.

The various Chambers of Commerce used many different tactics and acts just to obtain a portion of the pier.

One could imagine how difficult it was for a newbie like the Bai Trading Company to gain a foothold.

After all, many Chambers of Commerce, like Hequanji, had supported Shanhai’s development from the start. They had helped out when Shanhai City was in a tough situation.

The construction of Leizhou Prefecture was something that many of the Chambers of Commerce had played a part in.

Hence, the Business Division would definitely grant them some benefits.

What about the Bai Trading Company? At the very least, Shanhai City could not see its value.

Bai Xue guessed that if she had not brought news of Fan Li, she could not even gain the Business Division’s help without Wei Yang’s assistance.

As a result, Bai Xue really cared about this meeting.

Wei Yang's love for he was undeniable. At the same time, Bai Xue was also an independent woman, and she yearned to craft a business of her own.

Entering Shanhai City was probably a test her father provided.

Bai Xue did not want to fail.

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