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Chapter 432

Chapter 432- Philosopher Debate

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The next day, Ouyang Shuo headed for Xinan University to visit Jiang Shang.

Compared to the previous days, the current Xinan University was totally different. In the campus, students passed to and fro. The moment they saw Ouyang Shuo, they would all bow slightly.

The economics college, the natural sciences college, the architecture college, the business college, the chess college, and the art college. Each college had no less than two hundred people. Especially the economics college and the natural sciences college, which each had thousands of people.

The natural sciences college, the architecture college and the business college were not as run down as the time they were first established.

Old Sun and the others did not slack around, as they used their contacts and even the forums to bring in various professional professors over to teach.

The teaching circle was a huge net. With Old Sun and a hundred odd professionals acting as the core, they could recruit endless amounts of talents.

It was not an exaggeration to say that 10% and above of the pinnacle professors lived in Shanhai City. This helped to add to the prosperity and foundation of Shanhai City.

To be able to obtain such stellar results, apart from the relationships of Old Sun, the most important factor was the learning environment here.

The first point would be the position of Shanhai City in the China region. The current Shanhai City was the first mega city after the nine imperial cities.

Even Di Chen's Handan City could not reach the level of fame of Shanhai City.

Inclusivity; this was the main goal of Ouyang Shuo for Shanhai City.

The Shanhai Magistrate, Zang Wenzhong, was a smart official. He understood Ouyang Shuo’s intentions and did a good job of running Shanhai City.

The Xinan University was the window to the teaching circle.

Along with the Leizhou Prefecture settling down, a large batch of students were recruited over to study.

Even other territories in the Shanhai Alliance started to send people over.

The first was Bai Hua's Consonance City.

Bai Hua knew that no matter how she ran her college, she could not make it as good as Xinan University. Why not just send them over for an exchange?

Consonance City sent over a hundred person squad to make use of Xinan University to develop their talents.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo approved all of this.

Ouyang Shuo knew that Xinan University had been developed to the pinnacle in his territory. It needed to raise its influence and could not stay stagnant.

Making use of his allies and accepting their exchange squads was a great step.

With Bai Hua taking the lead, the other allies naturally would not fall too far behind.

Hence, this resulted in another student influx for Xinan University.

The learning environment in Shanhai City grew denser and denser. After all, Shanhai could only continue to improve with exchanges.

Apart from Xinan University, he even opened up the Army Military Academy to his allies.

When they heard the news, Bai Hua and the others grew even more delighted.

Even Shanhai City had problems with basic level officials, needless to say about the others.

And what kind of place was the Army Military Academy?

The principal was War Saint Sun Wu, while the infantry, cavalry, engineer, and logistic deans were all knowledgeable military strategists. The Lecturers were all top class too.

To be able to develop and learn in the Army Military Academy was the fortune of a lifetime.

Ouyang Shuo's magnanimity really impressed the rest of them.

This alliance leader was looking more and more like the real deal.

With this, Ouyang Shuo only laughed and did not say anything.

If setting up branches of the Four Seas Bank was to increase the economic relations between allies, then opening up the two universities was to increase their political and cultural relations.

Ouyang Shuo was silently building the alliance into one whole body.

Only that he worked very silently and did not make a sound.

While he was thinking about something in his heart, Ouyang Shuo had already arrived at the book collection house.

During the daytime, Jiang Shang would remain cooped up here. This special fellow had already become a famous sight in the university.


Jiang Shang nodded. His attitude was warm, and he invited Ouyang Shuo to sit opposite him.

"Every time you come, I will feel terrified."

That old fox. Before Ouyang Shuo could open his mouth, he clammed it shut.

Ouyang Shuo pretended that he did not understand. At such a time, being thick skinned was good, "Meng Zi has come over and wants to debate with Wei Yang. I was thinking to make use of this chance to organize a philosophers’ debate. I want to reignite the philosophers’ debate of old."

When Jiang Shang heard these words, his eyebrows arced up. He seemed interested, but he did not express his views.

Ouyang Shuo was helpless and continued, "The others are okay already. We only lack a famous and respected person to chair the debate. Are you willing?"

If one let the ancestor of the philosophers, Jiang Shang, chair the event, it would naturally look several times better. The philosophers who originally did not want to come would also come over to join in.

Jiang Shang was a smart person, so he naturally understood Ouyang Shuo's intentions.

After a short silence, Jiang Shang stroked his white moustache, "I have a requirement."

"Taigong, please speak."

Ouyang Shuo was delighted. Conditions were okay; he was just afraid that Jiang Shang would directly reject his request.

"Before the official philosophers’ debate, add in two more proceedings; this is mandatory."

"Please, speak."

Ouyang Shuo was calm. He knew that Taigong was really interested. Otherwise, he would not say such words.

"The first proceeding: reading. Before the philosophers debate, they need to understand the other schools of thought. Hence, they need to spend ten days reading in the book collection hall before they can join in."


Ouyang Shuo did not even think and just agreed. Didn’t this just help to raise the attraction of Shanhai City?

"The second would be: introductions. Each school of thought will describe and introduce their schools. They can only speak but cannot debate."

When Ouyang Shuo heard this requirement, he looked respectfully at Taigong. As expected from this old fox; he possessed such deep ability. Seemingly simple, but these proceedings held such a profound meaning.

These two proceedings helped to solve the unneeded debates from popping up.

Listening first would help one understand better; it was such a theory.

Thinking about this, Ouyang Shuo rose and respectfully bowed, "Thank you, Taigong!"

Jiang Shang smiled, rubbing his moustache, pleased," At least you can be taught."

Ouyang Shuo felt slightly shocked, but he left quietly.

After receiving Jiang Shang's approval, the philosophers’ debate preparations officially started.

Xiao He would take the lead.

He knew that this debate held a profound meaning.

The lord handing this matter to him was the greatest recognition.

The next day, he sent out invitations to the nine imperial cities in the name of Shanhai City.

In the invitation, they used the famed name of Jiang Shang. Even the three proceedings that Jiang Shang designed were written out clearly.

Obviously, Xiao He understood the irreplaceable position of Jiang Shang in this debate.

The invitation made use of the name of Shanhai City and not Nanjiang Governor-General, and there was a reason for that choice.

Nanjiang Governor-General had a meaning of taking over one region, so it might spark the annoyance of some people. Shanhai City, on the other hand, was a city. The term did not bring with it any allegiance, so it was the most welcoming and suitable choice.

Just from this small detail, one could see Xiao He's intelligence.

Apart from handing out invitations, Xiao He also designed an inn in the university for philosophers or scholars to rest.

The name of the inn was Juxian House.

Only a person who could understand Ouyang Shuo's intentions could think of such a name.

Holding this philosophers’ debate, Ouyang Shuo's main goal was to receive talents and recruit people for the city.

If he could use this chance to pull in two or three school of thoughts, that would be great.

In the entire China region, apart from Shanhai City, no other territory had such great ability.

The moment the invitations were sent out, it caused a lot of discussion.

The players all agreed that the Lianzhou Lord was trying something big once more.

Shortly after getting the spotlight in the Battle of Julu, he did not even rest. Instead, he directly started another wave on the main map. The former was martial arts related, the second culture related.

Normal players could only look on in awe.

As for their opponents, no matter how unhappy they were, they could only be salty and could not stop the proceedings. It was their own fault that they did not have Jiang Shang, did not have the book collection house, and did not even have one school of thought that moved in.

A hidden circle was even more bustling.


Xiangyang City, an unassuming little courtyard.

A young man held the invitation and entered.

In the courtyard was a merciful looking old man, who was holding an old scroll and reading happily.


The young man respectfully passed over the invitation.

When the old man read it, he smiled, "Great, I had wanted to go visit Taigong."


"Pack up, we are going on a journey!"



Quanzhou City, a small farm on the outskirts.

A simply dressed middle-aged man picked up the invitation; his expression very complicated.


Jianye City, one of the mansions.

A handsome middle-aged man muttered, "Hei, Confucianism? It's time to put an end to it."

On the table not far away from him was an invitation.


Xianyang City.

An old man placed down the scroll in his hand and laughed.

"The debate between Confucianism and Legalism. Philosophers’ debate? Interesting, interesting."


Chengdu, a small pond on the outskirts.

Another old man was fishing. On the grass not far away was an invitation.


In a short few days, the invitations were handed out to all the philosophers with a mysterious method.

The people in all the imperial cities were amidst deep conversation.

Such an event, how could they miss it?

Those who had partners went together, while those alone travelled alone.

Some wanted to learn, while others held the attitude of winning.

The small invitation letters had perked the interests of numerous hearts.

Shanhai City was destined to become a place where fishes and dragons coexisted, never to be peaceful.

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