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Chapter 151

Chapter 151 - Raider’s City Attack (Part 1) 

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Gaia. First year May 20th day, Shanhai Town

When the first light of the morning shone onto Shanhai Town, the sleeping war monster had been awoken and bared its fangs at the quiet wilderness. 

The first unit from the Beihai navy fleet had set out to the point where the city protection river and the Friendship river met, blocking this important river point to prevent the water bandits from making sneak attacks from the river.

The warriors from the various units under the leadership of their majors had went to their various defensive regions. They knew that a tough war was awaiting them.

In the backyard of the lord's manor, Qing'er was anxiously pacing around, a large difference from her usual calmness. "Sister, do you think brother can stop the raider's attack?"

Yingyu sat in the pavilion, picking up the tea that Siqin at just brewed and took a sip, saying calmly, "He definitely can. When has brother failed before?"

In truth, Yingyu was also equally nervous, but as the older sister, she couldn't show it.

"En, but I'm still a little nervous. That stupid brother actually banned us from going out." On the surface Qing Er was grumbling, but deep down she was touched by his actions.

This raiderattack was much worse than the siege of beasts. If the city walls were breached, then Shanhai Town would be raided. For safety reasons, Ouyang Shuo didn't give them anything to do and let them stay safely in the manor.

Ouyang Shuo had greeted Lin Yue from the dojo and let him bring his disciples to stay in the manor temporarily and act as Guards.

At 7:30 in the morning, Feng Qiuhuang, Bai Hua, Xunlong Dianxue, Mu Lanyue and Gong Chengshi appeared at the Shanhai Town teleportation portal.

Ouyang Shuo was fully equipped and went to welcome them. Their visit to Shanhai Town was to spectate and watch the defence to prepare and gain experience for their own town upgrade.

The reason why the 5 of them could come together was due to Mu Lanyue.

She got the news that Shanhai Town was going to welcome the raiderattack and nagged on the alliance channel that she wanted to join in on the fun.

After all, she was young, innocent, and cute, so she didn't put much thought into her words or whether or not it'd create problems for Ouyang Shuo. As for Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang, they would definitely not make such a request.

Ouyang Shuo admired her straightforward nature, and after little consideration he agreed. Since he allowed Mu Lanyue, he also allowed the others to come too.

Out of the 5, only Feng Qiuhuang had not been to Shanhai Town. Only now it was a state of emergency and there was no time to bring her around to tour.     

Leaving the teleportation formation, Ouyang Shuo brought them up the city tower on the west side. General Shi and deputy general Zhao Sihu, who were in charge of the defence, had already reached there.

The lord flag of Shanhai Town was fluttering in the wind. The golden dragon glistened and shined under the sunlight. All the members of Shanhai Town were united under this flag to defend their territory.


At 8AMfrom the sentry from afar, smoke rose. Everyone knew that the raiders were coming.

In Ouyang Shuo's ear sounded the system notification.

"System notification: Shanhai Town’s raider city attack test officially begins. The number of raiders attacking is a total of 6700. player Qiyue Wuyi, please get ready for battle."    

Ouyang Shuo scolded in his heart, 6700 men, higher than Free Town by 200 men. How did the system decide, was it because Shanhai Town had destroyed many raider camps so they arranged so many raiders? Such a headache.

The raider army strolled forwards and appeared on the western plains. When they were 3 kilometres away from the city, they stopped and started to set up camp.

There were a total of 3 leaders leading the 6700 raiders. The main leader was Huoda, commanding 2000 elites and 3000 normal raiders, all of which were infantry. Heiqi was another leader, who led 1000 elite raiders, all of which were cavalry. The third was Huoliu, who led 700 water bandits.

The ones that appeared to the west were Huoda and Heiqi. As for the third leader Huoliu, he led his 700 water bandits and went south to the Friendship river.    

After setting up camp, Heiqi went to Huoda's tent and asked, "Big Brother, how will we fight this fight?"

Huoda was a middle aged man, approximately 35 years old. He looked very demure, nothing like the leader of the raiders. Only the brothers in the raider camp knew how brutal and fierce this guy was.

Huoda frowned"You see for yourself that this town is not simple. Not only do they have high walls, but they even dug a city protection river."

Heiqi nodded"That's right, I went around and found that we can only attack from the west. As for the other directions, they are really difficult. I think that the enemy must be really confident and increased his defences here. To take the town down smoothly will be very difficult."

Huoda shook his head and said"In the art of war, a disadvantage is an advantage. Since the enemy has such an arrangement, we do not need to think and focus all our forces on their west gate. I don't believe that our 6000 brothers can't take down a stupid gate."

"Big brother is wise!"

"Additionally, give your orders that apart from assembling the siege weapons, take a portion of the men to the city protection river to start building a floating bridge." Huoda said.

Heiqi had a face filled with questions and asked"Big brother, I thought you said to focus our forces to attack the west gate? Why are we sending men to build a floating bridge?"

Huoda laughed mysteriously"As soldiers we need to be sly, making the fake look real and the real look fake. We do want to focus on attacking the west gate, but we can't let them see through our intentions. When they see us building the bridge, they will start to set up defenses at the north wall. With that, we can draw away a portion of their forces."

Heiqi had a face full of respect and said, "Big brother is wise. Okay, i will spread the orders."

Huoda waved him away and laughed"Go."

Outside the tent, the raiders had started to assemble to siege weapons that they’d brought including ladders, catapults and  battering rams. 

If Ouyang Shuo saw all these, he would be shocked. The system is such a cheat. How could raiders have such specialised siege weapons.

Firstly, the ladder wasn't a simple wooden ladder. The ladder assembled by them had wheels and could be pushed. It had shields, a crane, hooks, etc.

The catapult was a killing weapon in a siege. The ones that the raiders assembled weren't the primitive ones that needed over 10 people to pull the string before they could toss the stone. It had its own weights such that when tossing, one only needed to pull one end, load, and then release. As the load sank, the stone would fly forwards.    

The war began, but the west of Shanhai Town was still very peaceful. The bandits took their time to prepare and weren't rushing to attack.

The earliest violence happened at the Friendship river.

The third leader Huoliu had led 700 water bandits on 10 over war boats and flowed down the river. When it travelled to the intersection between the Friendship river and the city protection river, it met with the Beihai naval fleet.

The 5 Mengchong warships of the fleet used a 1-2-2 formation and defended the Friendship river, locking it completely. Pei Donglai's flagship was the farthest in front. Seeing the water bandits, he didn't hesitate and immediately ordered them to strike.

In an era when warships didn't have gunpowder and cannons, there weren't many ways of fighting. It was either the archers just shooting at one another or side battles where soldiers jumped onto each other's ships and fought.

Ever since the bow and crossbow division was set up, the bows and crossbows in the Shanhai Town army were far better than those used by the raiders. Hence, using their range advantage, before the water bandits could react, the Beihai naval fleet had attacked. A rain of arrows flew towards the water bandits' warships.

The water bandit's ships were only basic ships and didn't have high defence. They were mostly exposed and didn't have any shelter. Hence after a few rounds of arrows, the water bandits were badly damaged.

Huo Liu was also a courageous guy. Facing the attacks, instead of retreating he ventured forth, ordering the ships to speed up and close the distance to counterattack.

These water bandits were all vicious and charged forwards towards the Beihai naval fleet.

Pei Donglai had lived in the water stronghold for a long time, and many of the troops in the Beihai naval fleet were prisoners from the water stronghold. They naturally had a good understanding towards water bandits.

Facing the charging water bandits, Pei Donglai didn't panic and ordered his troops to continue shooting. When the distance was going to reach the water bandit's shooting range, he ordered the ships to speed ahead.

Af this time, the advantage of the Mengchong warships showed. Before the water bandits could react, they were already in front of them.

The strong and hard Mengchong warships smashed the water bandits ships into pieces. While they were in panic, Pei Donglai ordered the troops to start the side battles.

The soldiers in the Beihai naval fleet were class changed from water bandits. After training and battles, they were levels higher than the water bandits were. One Mengchong warship could carry over 100 navy soldiers, while one water bandits warship could only carry 60 water bandits.

Hence, in the side warfare, be it quantity or quality, Beihai naval fleet had the advantage.

The Friendship river was only 35 meters wide, and you couldn't place too many warships on it. Hence, although the bandits held the advantage in the number of ships, the number that could fight against the Beihai naval fleet at any one time wasn't too high.

In less than half an hour, the Beihai naval fleet had destroyed the 5 warships of the water bandits that were closest to the front. The water bandits at the back upon seeing that the situation wasn't good, turned around and ran for their lives.

Pei Donglai didn't order them to chase and instead ordered them to clean up the 5 warships that had been destroyed.

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