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Chapter 150

Chapter 150 – Dawn 

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After finishing with the arrangements of Shanhai Town, Ouyang Shuo still didn't hear any world notifications. This meant that Free Town, from the American region, either failed their test or that they were still in a heated battle with the raiders.

Ouyang Shuo found General Shi and Zhao Sihu, instructing them to increase night patrols. Then he immediately went offline to understand the situation with Free Town.

After going offline, Ouyang Shuo logged onto the forums and accessed the American sub-forums.

What made him nervous was that on the forums there was no news that Free Town had failed, which meant that they were still in battle.

Dawson had actually stuck to his promise and opened a livestream on the forums. However, because of the need to keep secrets, the livestream only had words and pictures, but not video.
As expected, Gaia was amazing and actually was able to translate the livestream into many languages instantly. Although it had been a while since the federal government was set up, the two main languages, English and Chinese, were still kept.

Ouyang Shuo chose Chinese and started to understand the defensive situation of Free Town.
The post started by introducing their basic situation and gave a map of Free Town. From the map, one could see that the city walls of Free Town followed that of an old western castle.

This castle was basically a normal stronghold, but instead of having parts that stuck out, it had parts that caved in. This change would mean that no matter which direction one attacked the castle from, they would be exposed to more than one side of the castle, and the defending forces could attack them from many directions. Purely from the design of the city walls, one could see that Free Town wasn't simple.

There were 2500 troops from Free Town that participated in the defense. The invading raiders numbered 6500, 300 more than the ones that attacked Bengalore Town. From the ratio of attackers to defenders, Free Town had a slight advantage compared to Bengalore Town.

The secret weapon of Free Town was on display in this battle, a 16th-century European gun. The specific name was the trigger-firing arquebus. This gun was a musket where gunpowder was loaded in the front, and its effective range was 50-80 meters.  

Compared to the rifles in later centuries, the trigger firing arquebus had a big weakness. As the soldiers had to do 6 steps while loading the gunpowder and preparing to fire, it used up a lot of time and they couldn't do any hidden attacks. The barrel was too big, the gun was too long, the range was too short, the accuracy was too bad, and when they got into the shooting stance, sometimes they would need a pole to support the weight of the gun.

Although they had such a weakness, compared to the cold weapons era, the trigger-firing arquebus was still a strong new weapon. With the castle and the gun, no wonder Dawson would have so much confidence.

Unfortunately, the raiders were strong and crafty, and in the end they still gave him a slap in the face. The system wasn't a fool, as the technological tree would also be different in each region due to the differences in history.

Jack thought that his guns were unique, but he didn't expect that the attacking raiders had actually assembled guns and equipped their cavalry with them.

Hence, the balance of the battle was now equal. The balanced powers of both sides fought hard from 8 AM to 5 PM, and still no winner had been decided.

The system had it set up so that as long as the territory could defend for a full 12 hours, even if they didn't beat the raiders, they would automatically be deemed the winner.

Which meant that if Free Town survived for another 3 hours, they could successfully upgrade. Unfortunately, the raiders were still smart and had tricks up their sleeves. After 10 hours of trying and testing, they finally found the weakness of Free Town. This weakness wasn't the design of the city walls, but it was that they weren't well prepared and had a lack of manpower.

The strength of the castle was obvious. For one to utilize it, however, one must have a high number of defending forces. It was obvious that the number of troops Free Town had wasn’t enough for the castle.

It wasn't that Jack didn't know about the hole in his defenses. However, he held on to the hope that the raiders would not find out.

Unfortunately, their craftiness and wits were far greater than he had imagined. The leader of the raiders was very courageous, and when he found a weakness he would attack it, not giving the enemy any time to catch their breath.

Finally, before the sky turned dark, the raiders had successfully broken through the town and ended Free Town's dream to be the first county in the world.

Quitting the forums, Ouyang Shuo felt lucky but also rattled. It was lucky that Shanhai Town had the chance to get the glory of being the first count, and now the obstructions in front of him were gone.

He was rattled that such a strong defense like Free Town’s couldn't stop the raiders. Could Shanhai Town succeed tomorrow? The preparation that he thought was enough might not actually be so. Looking at the attacks on Free Town and Bengalore Town, the raiders were too crafty and wouldn't make logical moves.  

After he calmed himself down, he walked out of his room and went for a run.
When he brought breakfast home, Sun Xiaoyue had just finished washing up. The Free Town battle was so intense that even the working class like Xiaoyue had heard news about it.

Sun Xiaoyue walked to the dining table, took up a youtiao, and bit into it. "I heard that Free Town from The American region failed."

Ouyang Shuo, who wasn't paying much attention, gave a nod and continued eating his bun.

"Oi, I'm talking to you, did you hear me?" Sun Xiaoyue was unhappy with Ouyang Shuo's response.

Ouyang Shuo nodded like a chick pecking at rice and said, "I'm listening, I’m listening."

"Hen! No sincerity!"

Ouyang Shuo helplessly raised his head. "Big sister, the American region has nothing to do with us, what are you worrying about? So what if they failed?"

"Aren't you a lord? If you don't even care about this, is it that your level is too low and that you’re too far away from upgrading?" Sun Xiaoyue didn't back down.

"Yup, I'm millions of miles away." Ouyang Shuo decided to give in.

"You…" Sun Xiaoyue was furious and didn't know what to say.

Luckily at this point, Bing'er had woken up. The little brat rubbed her eyes and muttered, "Bad brother, what are you two talking about? You woke me up."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head and said, "Baby, it's time to wake up. Go wash up, and after breakfast I'll bring you to school."

"En." The little brat nodded and went to the washroom.

After the quarrel, both Ouyang Shuo and Sun Xiaoyue didn't raise the topic again and ate their meals quietly.

On the way to school, Bing'Er suddenly pulled Ouyang Shuo's hand and asked, "Brother, did you fight with sister Xiaoyue?"

Ouyang Shuo was stunned. This little brat was so caring that it touched him. He rubbed her head and said lovingly, "It's okay, I was just grumbling. When I return, I will apologize to her, okay?"

"En." The little brat immediately brightened up and said, "Brother is a man. You should be more magnanimous."

Ouyang Shuo touched her forehead and laughed.

The little brat giggled and didn't reply. A feeling of warmth filled his heart, and whatever lofty goals he had couldn't be compared to her smile.

Ouyang Shuo suddenly bent down and said, "Come, I'll carry you to school."    

"Ya!" Bing'Er suddenly got energetic, leapt up, and grabbed onto Ouyang Shuo's back, her cheeks showing happiness and bliss.

When Ouyang Shuo returned home, he saw Sun Xiaoyue laying on the sofa and browsing a magazine. As it was at home, she was wearing very casual clothes, a white t-shirt with a cartoon and short slim-fit pants, displaying her long white legs in front of Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo had already seen this kind of scene many times and it had become a norm. He asked casually, "You have no lesson today?"

Sun Xiaoyue was still unhappy and said lazily, "En, I only have a lesson in the afternoon."

"I’m sorry for the thing in the morning." Ouyang Shuo took the initiative to apologize.

Sun Xiaoyue was stunned and finally raise her head, her facial expression turning warm instantly. "It's okay I forgive you. You have been thinking about something, are you okay?"

Ouyang Shuo waved it off and said, "It's nothing, don't worry, I'll handle it."

Sun Xiaoyue didn't continue to ask and continued to focus on her magazine, muttering, "Machismo."

Ouyang Shuo did not care about Xiaoyue muttering, went back into his room, and started cultivating the Yellow Emperor internal cultivation technique.

In the afternoon, to express his apology, Ouyang Shuo specially made a few good dishes. Sun Xiaoyue was left with a face full of satisfaction, the anger and unhappiness from the morning was wiped away, and she went for her lessons.

At night, when Bing'Er returned home and saw that her Brother and Xiaoyue had made up, she felt delighted. When having dinner, she specially brought her bowl beside her brother and sat close to him.    

Ouyang Shuo naturally saw through her intentions, this little brat was showing support for her brother.

Ouyang Shuo picked up a piece of spare ribs and placed it in Bing'Er's bowl, and laughed." Baby, eat more."

"En, thank you brother." The little brat said sweetly.

The understanding between the two was certainly the target of envy of many.

After dinner, Ouyang Shuo didn't waste any time, returned to his room, and went online.

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