The Trembling World

Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Weakness

“We told you to carry the bag, so carry it. Less chitchat!” Liu Gan scolded Zhao Hui, and then once again he continued to stretch with his back to Zhao Hui.

Zhao Hui originally wanted to chat up Liu Gan in order to find an opportunity, but he never expected that this brute would be so stupid. He wasn’t even the least bit vigilant by exposing his back to him despite being this close. This chance came a bit too quickly, right?

If he had this opportunity and did not seize it, how could he still call himself Zhao Hui? He just said that he would give ChenChen a demonstration on how to dispose of this brute effortlessly while also seizing their backpack and luggage.

“Yes, big brother! From now on I am your little errand boy. If you want anything, just say so!” Zhao Hui deceivingly promised in a loud voice while he swiftly thrust the dagger in his hand towards the center of Liu Gan’s back.

The moment the dagger thrust out, Zhao Hui could already hear the ‘puchi’ sound as it pierced Liu Gan’s chest… Yesterday, he had done the same thing to a man similar in size to Liu Gan. Until the moment he died, he still had a look of disbelief on his face. He was unable to comprehend why this little brother whom he had just accepted would do such a thing.

Surviving in this post-apocalyptic world required ruthlessness and decisiveness when needed. One could only maintain an advantage with these methods. Zhao Hui felt that aside from him, other people were very stupid. Take Yao WeiDong and his family for example. He had been worried that his family might get hurt, so he only thought of running away after seeing Zhao Hui. Zhao Hui only needed to find the right opportunity to smash him in the back with an iron rod to make him yield and beg forgiveness.

As for Liu Gan, this dumb brute, Zhao Hui only needed to show him a smiling face. Also, he had to call Liu Gan big brother and himself little brother, a few times, for him to get carried away and let his guard down.

According to what Zhao Hui told ChenChen, this was humanity’s weakness. As long as one was an ordinary person, they would definitely have this kind of weakness. So long as they fully exploited this weakness and acted decisively, they would have the opportunity to obtain more resources and larger living spaces in this post-apocalyptic world.

However, what Zhao Hui hadn’t expected was that his dagger strike did not succeed. In the split second he stabbed with the dagger, his wrist was grabbed by a big vice-like hand. This hand was very powerful, and the pain in his wrist was so intense that it felt like his wrist would break any minute.

“Big brother, spare me!” Not only had Zhao Hui’s attack had failed, but he was even discovered and countered, so he immediately begged Liu Gan for mercy. He never thought that he would fail to stab Liu Gan in the back when the latter had his back turned towards him, moreover, at such a close distance.

“You wanted to kill me, and you ask me spare you? Are you kidding me?” Liu Gan laughed coldly. He was able to see through Zhao Hui’s act from the beginning. Zhao Hui clearly had a devious plan, and thus he intentionally approached Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan. He never expected Zhao Hui to reveal his true nature so easily just by exposing his back to him.

“Big brother, have pity on us two brothers! We have been starving for more than a few days and have been looking for food. I was confused just now, and therefore, it caused me to have such devious thoughts. We are still young and don’t know any better. We won’t dare to repeat this in the future!” Zhao Hui begged in an agonizing cry. This apologetic attitude made it unbearable for Jiang JinYuan nearby to not speak up, and he wanted to persuade Liu Gan to spare others where possible as people make mistakes.

“In the future? You think that you will still have a future’?” Liu Gan further strengthened his grip and a ‘kacha’ sound could be heard. The dagger fell on the ground after Zhao Hui’s wrist broke under the pressure from Liu Gan’s alloy arm.

Zhao Hui immediately let out a bloodcurdling scream. He was already used to breaking other people’s bones; however, this was the first time he had his bones broken by someone else. He never thought that a broken bone would hurt this much. It hurt so much that it caused large beads of sweat to drip from his forehead and for his mouth to continuously gasp for air.

Seeing that things weren’t going so well, ChenChen immediately rush over from the side of the road. He lifted the machete in his hand and viciously chopped towards Liu Gan’s back. Naturally, Liu Gan was already on guard against ChenChen’s sneak attack. After hearing the ruckus, he used a bit of force and pulled Zhao Hui to himself. Liu Gan used Zhao Hui’s uninjured arm to block the machete in ChenChen’s hand.

ChenChen’s chop directly landed on Zhao Hui’s arm, immediately causing a deep wound on Zhao Hui’s uninjured arm. Liu Gan used this opportunity to pull, which caused Zhao Hui’s dense bone to pierce through his muscles. Zhao Hui, again, howled in pain.

Zhao Hui originally wanted to get rid of Liu Gan effortlessly before taking Liu Gan’s and Jiang JinYuan’s knapsack and luggage. However, now he realized that he ran into a truly ferocious character. In front of this vicious character, he was just a puppet who could be manipulated and killed. This kind of feeling was unpleasant, knowing that in the past, he controlled who lived and died.

After ChenChen’s attack missed its target, he once again raised the machete and hacked at Liu Gan. Liu Gan who was controlling Zhao Hui lifted his entire body to once again block the hit coming from the front. ChenChen’s attack firmly landed on Zhao Hui’s thigh, cutting through his muscles and even up to his bone.

The pain almost made Zhao Hui faint. He cried out while shouting at Chen Chen, telling him to stop hacking at him.

Seeing that things were not going well, ChenChen no longer dared to continue attacking Liu Gan. He turned around and swiftly fled down the street. But before he could take a few steps, a firefighter’s axe that was half a meter away suddenly flew over extremely quickly. While it was spinning, it hit the already running ChenChen in the right knee.

With his lower leg suddenly gone, ChenChen stumbled to the ground. The parts below his right knee were blown away and landed a few meters away together with the axe. A burst of extreme pain ran through him. ChenChen hugged the remaining part of his right leg and howled in pain, just like Zhao Hui. The pain from the broken bone was something he could not bear.

Didn’t Zhao Hui say that everything was under control? How did things end up this way? It looked like the ones being tortured and killed this time were not others, but themselves instead. This feeling was really unbearable!

“Kill them already. Leaving them shouting like this could attract a lot of zombies.” Jiang JinYuan came over and told Liu Gan.

He wasn’t exactly sure what had happened between both sides. He found it strange that Liu Gan would break the limbs of these two brothers who wanted to depend on them, all while not uttering a single word. However, since things were already like this, he could only help the brothers by freeing them from their pain.

Liu Gan didn’t say a word. He walked directly towards the axe that he had just used to cut off ChenChen’s leg and picked it up. As for people who wanted to kill him for no apparent reason, he wouldn’t let them get off so easily without first asking questions.