The Trembling World

Chapter 58


Chapter 58: BBQ!

There was a family household of three, and the father’s name was Yao WeiDong. The mother’s name was Cheng Qi, and the daughter’s name was Yao Yi. They were Ninjing City’s locals. The disaster from a few days ago caused their neighbors, friends, and colleagues to all turn into zombies. However, no one knew why the family of three was spared.

Originally, many people lived in the world where their muddled day-to-day lives were not much different from wandering zombies. For those living with a clear mind, every day was a constant struggle to survive, and they feared death. Being alive didn’t necessarily mean that it was better than being turned into a zombie.

“Don’t be impatient. We’ll find some food to eat soon.” Yao WeiDong pacified his daughter.

There was a two-storied family restaurant building. The reception hall on the first floor led directly to the second floor and was very bright and spacious. Beside the hall was a row of private compartments. On the second floor was a veranda with a guard rail. There was also a row of private compartments stationed on the veranda to give a good view of the reception hall on the first floor.

When the disaster occurred, the restaurant should have been just closing up. Currently, there weren’t any zombies present, but there were some old traces of blood and a few bloody footprints. This seemed to imply that although zombies might have been present previously, they had already long since left the restaurant, following the zombie wave and moving to other places.

The food in the restaurant’s kitchen had all been stolen, and the leftovers were already rotten and inedible. The family of three gained nothing after scouring the restaurant. Their faces showed tiredness, disappointment, and even hopelessness.

The timespan of five days was sufficient to cause all the non-canned food to rot. As days went by in this post apocalyptic world, food only became scarcer and harder to find. It was a very huge challenge for those that were living. This family of three only had each for support. In this post-apocalyptic world, there was nothing more important than having your family members alive and together by your side.

Just as the family of three wanted to leave the restaurant via the first floor to continue searching for food, the main door of the restaurant was pushed open. Two males entered the restaurant. One was about twenty years of age and the other was approximately sixteen or seventeen.

The twenty-# year-old male was holding a metal rod, and the other was holding a machete. If Liu Gan saw them, he would have recognised that these were the starting weapons of the players in the game.

“Big bro and big sis, are you looking for food to eat?” The male holding the metal rod smilingly asked when he saw the family of three.

“Yes.” Yao WeiDong turned towards him and smiled. However, Yao WeiDong was on alert, as he gripped the wooden stick in his hand tightly. In this post-apocalyptic world, strangers were the most dangerous. Even if the other party was smiling from ear to ear, they might be hiding their killing intent.

If he was searching for food alone and then had encountered the two males, he wouldn’t have been so cautious. However, bringing along his wife and daughter meant that he couldn’t help but consider their safety.

“Did you find anything to eat?” The metal rod male asked.

The male wielding the iron rod was called Zhao Hui, while the other youth holding the machete was called ChenChen. As the saying went, birds of a feather flock together. When they were in the real world, they were vile characters. There were surfing the net at an internet cafe together with a group of friends. Yesterday, they didn’t actively log into the [The Trembling World], but they were carelessly pressing buttons when they disappeared. Only the two of them were sent into the game, and they were even sent to the same location in the game.

“We didn’t find anything because this place had already been looted by other people. There’s only rotten food in the kitchen. If we had found anything, we would have definitely shared some with you.” Yao WeiDong replied to them fawningly.

Yao WeiDong sensed an evil aura from Zhao Hui’s eyes, which gave him a very bad feeling. He couldn’t wait to bring his family away from them, but the two guys were blocking the door. Also, they were holding a machete and a metal rod, so he didn’t dare try to force his way through them with his family.

“We have some BBQ. Do you want to have some?” Zhao Hui asked Yao WeiDong with a smile on his face. Then Zhao Hui looked towards Yao WeiDong’s daughter, Yao Yi, who was beside him.

After hearing that there was BBQ, Yao Yi, who had not yet turned thirteen, swallowed her saliva with an audible gulp. She had not eaten anything for almost a day. Furthermore, she had eaten something disgusting previously. The chance to eat BBQ would have never crossed her mind.

“We don’t have anything valuable enough to trade you for the BBQ.” Yao WeiDong helplessly replied Zhao Hui and smiled. Seeing that they continued to block their way, he was feeling increasingly worried.

A post-apocalyptic world with zombies was not scary, but what was scary were the other survivors. The two males’ clothes and accents didn’t appear to look like that of a local survivor, which made Yao WeiDong even more cautious.

“There is no need for any trade. This BBQ is free, and I am giving it to you. In this post-apocalyptic world, humans should help one another and survive together.” Zhao Hui continued smiling while saying a few words. He looked at ChenChen who was beside him and gave him a strange smile.[1]

After hearing what Zhao Hui said, Yao Yi had a face full of expectation, as she looked towards her father, hoping that he would agree to accept the meat.

“We really appreciate your kind intentions, but we are not hungry and don’t need the BBQ. You should save it for yourselves, as food is very hard to find now. In addition, I think that you also need the meat for yourself.” Yao WeiDong replied after sensing that this matter definitely wasn’t that simple. In his heart, he was increasingly worried and could not help but start to tremble a little.

“It’s not a good habit to lie in front of your daughter… It’s so obvious that you are very hungry. Just a moment ago, when she heard that there was BBQ, didn’t she swallow her saliva numerous times? However, you just said that you weren’t hungry. This will lead to your daughter being very disappointed.” Zhao Hui said to Yao WeiDong while pointing at Yao Yi.

“Children don’t understand. Even when they’re full, they will be greedy for food if they hear any mention of it.” Yao WeiDong hurriedly moved closer to his daughter and placed her behind him to shield her.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like that? We are kind-hearted and want to help you, but you keep rejecting us. Do you think we have malicious intent towards your family, so you keep lying? Don’t you think your suspicion is too strong? Do you think the world really doesn’t have any kind-hearted souls?” Zhao Hui smiled and waved his metal rod.

“We are very grateful for your kind intentions, but we really don’t need it. We still have some things to do elsewhere. Later, if there is opportunity, we can continue chatting, OK?” Yao WeiDong felt that Zhao Hui’s look was getting weird. He hurriedly asked his wife and daughter to quickly leave in a low voice.

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[Character List: Family of three: Father (Yao WeiDong), Mother (Cheng Qi), Daughter (Yao Yi). Two players: Zhao Hui, ChenChen]