So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Emotionally Touched

Xiao Qing saw Yang Ming nod to her. Hence, she decisively dialed the police. She described the situation that happened to the people there.

After she hung up the phone, Wang Xuefan began to feel restless.

"Director Xiao, what are you doing? If there was something wrong, why don’t we just solve the problem internally? Why did you have to report it to the police?" Wang Xuefan said, "This matter was non-existent. How could you simply call the police?"

"Whether is it non-existent or not, we will know it in a while. You shut up." Yang Ming was unwilling to waste time with him. He had already confirmed the truth of the matter, so he simply didn’t want to bother with Wang Xuefan.

Xiao Qing didn't know why Yang Ming was so confident. But since Yang Ming was so courageous, he must have seized Wang Xuefan's weakness. Otherwise, he wouldn’t eagerly have her call the police!

Xiao Qing thought that Yang Ming didn't mention it now because Yang Ming was afraid that Wang Xuefan would conceal it before the police came after Yang Ming revealed it! She wouldn’t know that Yang Ming was simply unable to say it out loud!

It was not long before the police came! This was the theft of intellectual property. In addition, it happened in a higher education institution in Song Jiang. The police naturally didn't dare to neglect it. When they came here, they began to ask about the flow of events.

Wu Tongshan was the initiator of this incident. So when the police came, he added fuel to the situation he knew. The police made a transcript and then asked Xiao Qing and Yang Ming. Yang Ming also told the police the same reasoning. The policeman nodded and said, "Little comrade, I didn't expect your observation to be quite keen. You can notice such detail!"

"Police comrades, we suspect that the memory card is still on him. Could you find a way to find it?" Yang Ming reminded him.

"Of course. You two, take Professor Wang to the bathroom and check him." The police instructed two men to come forward.

"What are you doing? Why do you want to search me?" Wang Xuefan was anxious.

"Professor Wang, we are conducting the investigation. I hope you can cooperate. This is also an indispensable procedure to prove that you are innocent. If you disagree, then we can only bring you back to the station!" The policeman said seriously.

"This..." Wang Xuefan hesitated a moment. If I’m brought back to the police station, then the matter may be unraveled. But now, if it was just a search, it was possible to bluff through it! Who would pay attention to the inside of the anus? Thinking of this, Wang Xuefan said, "Well, police comrades, I agree to a search. But, if you don't find it, I hope that you can hold others accountable. They are framing me!"

"This will be handled according to the rules and regulations. You don't have to worry about it." The policeman said.

"Alright." Wang Xuefan nodded. He followed the two policemen who were about to go out, but he heard Yang Ming saying to himself,

"Police comrade, I heard that someone can hide something in the anus in particular. Is there really such a thing?" Yang Ming asked casually, but in fact, he was reminding the two police officers who would be performing the search to not ignore that place!

"En, it does happen." The policeman nodded after listening to it, and the other two policemen also paid some attention to it.

When Yang Ming noticed that his objective was achieved, he said no more. However, Wang Xuefan’s cold sweat started dripping! Yang Ming had just mentioned his weakness!

The result was easily predicted. The police found a 32 GB large-capacity memory card in Wang Xuefan's body. After sealing it in the evidence bag, Wang Xuefan was taken away.

Wu Tongshan was proud, but Xiao Qing’s mood was weighed down! Although she caught this big tumor, how much was lost beforehand?

Xiao Qing quickly went to report it to the university. Then, she rearranged the progress of the laboratory work. After doing all this, Xiao Qing was tired and leaned against the leather chair behind her.

"Sister Xiao Qing, are you tired? Can I give you a massage?" Yang Ming said. He stood up and walked behind Xiao Qing, pinching her shoulder.

"Yang Ming, I don’t want to trouble you. I'm fine." Xiao Qing smiled and shook her head, but she felt fluffy and sweet.

"Haha, Sister Xiao Qing. What trouble. If I didn't care about you, who would care about you?" Yang Ming's hands didn't stop. Yang Ming had learned the acupuncture points of the human body, so the massage was also proficient. It was comfortable for Xiao Qing as she had faint breathing through her mouth.

"Oh ya, Yang Ming, isn’t there something not quite right with you today?" Xiao Qing looked up at Yang Ming. "Just now, how did you know someone was coming?"

"Hehe, this thing! Would you believe it if I say I could feel that?" Yang Ming looked at Xiao Qing's lazy expression. He could not help but want to kiss her.

“Feeling? Sixth sense?” Xiao Qing didn't say whether she believed it or not, but she gave him another question.

"Something like that." Yang Ming nodded. "It was just a strong feeling sometimes."

"I trust you." Xiao Qing frowned after listening. "However, Yang Ming, don't talk to anyone about this matter!"

“Why?” Yang Ming suddenly asked.

"Yang Ming, you are still young. You don't understand the sinister nature of this society! If you really have the ability to perceive, then if others learn about it, it will probably bring you big trouble!" Xiao Qing said seriously, "If your ability is used for gambling or some other illegal matters, what would the consequences be like?"

Yang Ming’s reason for keeping silent over his ability was because of this reason. How could he not think of it! He didn't expect his joke to attract Xiao Qing's nervousness!

However, Yang Ming was emotionally touched because of Xiao Qing's attitude. Xiao Qing was really concerned about him. It was the kind of concern that was almost selfless! Usually, when people heard that their lover had a certain special ability, the first reaction was often how to use this ability to make money, or how to utilize the strengths of this ability. But the first thing that Xiao Qing thought of after listening to Yang Ming was his safety!

How could this not render Yang Ming to be emotionally touched? As a man who had someone like Xiao Qing, a woman who didn’t ask for anything in return, what a blessing!

Yang Ming gently embraced Xiao Qing from behind. Xiao Qing also felt the sudden change in Yang Ming. She thought that he was excited. She looked up and wanted to reward Yang Ming by giving him a kiss.

But, she didn't anticipate that Yang Ming would kiss her with great intensity...

"Don't… this is the office..." Xiao Qing was blushing as she broke free from Yang Ming's offense. "Would you like to go to my apartment at noon..."

Due to Yang Ming's fondling, Xiao Qing was excited. They haven’t been intimate after returning from Hong Kong. Although it was only three days, for those passionately in love, one day apart seemed like three years!

"Alright!" Yang Ming said with a delightful expression. It wasn’t purely because of lust just now, but his heart was emotionally touched. Yang Ming was considering an important decision. He wanted to tell Xiao Qing about his special abilities!

He didn't want to hide from Xiao Qing. Such a great woman will never sell me out! Yang Ming definitely had confidence in Xiao Qing! I believe that even if she was about to be killed, she wouldn’t betray me.

But today's timing was obviously not very mature. Yang Ming decided to find a suitable opportunity to talk about it.

"Well, this is the office. Pay attention to your image. You don't want me to let the others gossip about me, right?" Xiao Qing said with a smile. Even when she said so with her mouth, she didn’t seem to care much about it. If she had no relationship with Liu Weishan, people could just say what they love!

"Other people are gossiping because they were also jealous of me." Although Yang Ming said so, he proactively released Xiao Qing.

"You are just coaxing your sister to be happy!" Xiao Qing smiled wholeheartedly. "Yes, Yang Ming, why were you looking for me? I was quite busy just now. A morning has nearly passed.”

"Oh. In fact, it was not a big deal. The ring that I obtained from the last auction last time, is it here?" Yang Ming asked.

"Yes, it’s at Dad's house. I still wonder. You spent so much money on a ring. Why don’t you want it anymore?" Xiao Qing said, "I put it on the bookshelf in the study room. You can just take it."

"Okay, I know." Yang Ming said.

"Hmph, are you interested in the celebrity?" asked Xiao Qing.

"What do you mean I’m interested? My younger cousin, Yang Xiaobo, is her fan. When he mentioned it the other day, I only remembered that there was such a thing!" Yang Ming said.

Yang Ming said so, but he wanted to get the ring as soon as possible! He had an indescribable instinct which told him that there might be something wrong with the ring!

It was a familiar feeling. The familiarity toward the ring came naturally from his heart. Since Yang Ming saw those news reports yesterday, he had such a strong opinion of it!

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