So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Big Trouble for Lin Zhiyun

Shen Yueping was resting today. She was going to clean up the house. When her daughter went to college and she could earn money at the same time, Shen Yueping felt relieved.

But the only thing that made her feel uncomfortable was that the last time her daughter got three thousand yuan from nowhere to treat her father. When Lin Zhiyun’s mother asked her where the money came from. She just replied that she borrowed from others.

In this day and age, was it that easy to borrow money? When Old Lin’s legs were hit by a car, Shen Yueping had visited her relatives and friends, but no one was willing to lend money. How could her daughter, a high school student, borrow money from others?

Although Shen Yueping believed in her daughter, she still couldn't help but think of some negative things. It was because the newspaper often published news about daughters selling their bodies to treat their parents. So, she wasn’t sure if that happened. Her heart felt as if there was a giant stone on top of it. It was particularly unpleasant.

Especially a few days later, when her daughter suddenly disappeared for a night. On the next day, she saw her daughter return home with an awkward feeling on her lower body part. At that time, Shen Yueping’s heart was stunned.

She quickly asked what happened, and her daughter just said that she accidentally fell down when she brought her father a meal. After that, she didn’t answer any other questions no matter what. At that time, Old Lin was still in the hospital, so Shen Yueping didn’t ask these questions again. So, she let it pass.

When Old Lin got better, this thing had passed for a long time. So, Shen Yueping didn’t want to bring up the issue again. But in her heart, there was always a knot.

Shen Yueping cleaned the room first, then she washed the clothes. When she saw her daughter’s small bag hung on the wall, she decided to wash her bag too. Although this bag wasn’t very useful, her daughter still carried it when she went to tutor every weekend. She saw that it was a little dirty, so Shen Yueping took the bag down.

When Shen Yueping opened the bag, she wanted to remove the things inside. But the moment her hands reached in, her hands stopped with astonishment! In the bag, there was a thick stack of hundred yuan bills!

For a long while, Shen Yueping only took the stack of banknotes out while shivering. She worked as a part-timer for others. The money she earned was just enough for the family expenses. She had never seen so much money!

Why is there so much money in my daughter's bag? Shen Yueping frowned and counted the banknotes once. There was a total of ten thousand yuan! Her daughter worked as a tutor, even if she earned money, she couldn’t earn such a huge amount of money! Shen Yueping wasn’t stupid. She knew that the wages from her daughter's tutoring weren’t much different from that of her part-time work. She earned a thousand yuan a month, so how was it possible that her daughter got ten thousand at once!

Shen Yueping remembered the previous matter, then her heart sank! The wealthy people that she worked for had a big boss who was a sugar daddy for a female university student! Therefore, she was very sensitive to these things. Shen Yueping didn’t want to wash the clothes anymore as she thought of this. She just sat on the sofa with a worried look. She wanted to wait for her daughter to come back and ask.

Shen Yueping felt very helpless. Her daughter had always been a good baby girl in her own eyes. Suddenly such a thing happened, and Shen Yueping couldn’t accept it! She was a very conservative person. She looked down upon the kind of girl who was a mistress for money. She thought that it was the beginning of a tragedy!

Lin Zhiyun was very happy today. After she heard Yang Ming’s words last time, she felt that Yang Ming’s words also made sense. It was too dangerous for a girl to walk on the street in the middle of the night, so she discussed with the parents of the child to see if they can shift the time for tutoring to Sunday morning. The parents agreed without hesitation. After all, the performance of their children had improved a lot. Lin Zhiyun had contributed a lot.

Therefore, Lin Zhiyun went home happily after she tutored this family. The tutoring fee was given for this month, which was a total of two hundred yuan for four times of tutoring a month. She could subsidize a lot for her family!

"Mom, I got my salary today. Can we buy some delicious food tonight?" Lin Zhiyun opened the door happily.

Shen Yueping didn't answer, instead, she was sitting on the sofa with a fierce face and stared coldly at her daughter.

"Mom? What happened to you? What are you doing?" Lin Zhiyun asked, puzzled.

"What is this?" Shen Yueping pointed at the ten thousand yuan on the coffee table.

Ah?” Lin Zhiyun was stunned. She said inexplicably, “This is money!”

At this time, Lin Zhiyun looked clearly. There was a thick stack of hundred yuan banknotes on the table. She asked immediately, "Mom, did you get your salary? Why is there so much money?"

"Hmph! I’m the one who wants to ask you!" Shen Yueping said coldly.

"Ask me? Ask me for what?" Lin Zhiyun felt puzzled. Why is my mom speaking so weird today?

"This money was taken out of your bag. If I don't ask you, who should I ask?" Shen Yueping saw that her daughter was actually acting dumb, she couldn’t help but get enraged. "My good daughter! You learned how to lie now!"

"From my bag..." Lin Zhiyun glanced at the bag on the sofa, then she suddenly felt shocked! When Yang Ming drove her back, they met two extortionists. She saw Yang Ming returning with a stack of banknotes. But later she didn't know where that money went. Lin Zhiyun didn't pay attention to it. Now when she thought of this, Could it be that he stuffed it into her bag?

Thinking of this, Lin Zhiyun was angry and hateful. Yang Ming, aren’t you creating trouble for me? However, she wasn’t sure whether this money belonged to Yang Ming or not. So, she had to continue acting dumb, "Mom, what the hell is going on? Why is there so much money in my bag?"

"Huh, how would I know? Is that my bag?" Shen Yueping paused. "Lin Zhiyun! You speak the truth to mom. Where did the money coming from? If you tell the truth, mom won’t blame you. If you dare to lie again, mom won't admit you as my daughter!"

"I..." Lin Zhiyun felt really wronged. Yang Ming, arh, are you helping me or harming me? Lin Zhiyun also knew that Yang Ming wanted to help her secretly because of her tiring tutoring work. However, this method, isn’t it... Lin Zhiyun quickly thought about how to explain this. She hesitated for a while then she decided to tell half the truth!

"Mom, I remembered it... This money belonged to a friend of mine who wanted to leave it here. He didn't bring his bag that day, so he just stuffed it into my bag. But later, we both forgot..." Lin Zhiyun was looking down. She didn't dare to look at her mother and said with a mosquito-like voice.

"Friend? What kind of friend?" Shen Yueping couldn’t help but think of that relationship, Is it that someone rich simply gave the money to her? Otherwise, who would give ten thousand yuan to another, and actually forgot to take it away?

"He’s... a good friend..." Lin Zhiyun said.

"Lin Zhiyun, arh, Lin Zhiyun, do you think your mom is a fool? Do you think I’m an old fool?" Shen Yueping was getting angry. She said furiously and abruptly, "Your mom, I, have some experience in it. There are some things that even if you don't say it, doesn’t mean that I don't know it! Where did you get the money for your dad’s medical treatment last time? En?"

"I borrowed from a friend..." Lin Zhiyun was overwhelmed. She didn't understand why her mother was pursuing on the previous things.

"Borrowed? Borrowed from whom? Your friend is so generous. He wasn’t your relative, but he can lend you such an amount of money?" Shen Yueping sneered.

"That is... the friend who put the money here..." Lin Zhiyun was telling the truth. The money indeed belonged to Yang Ming.

"Is it?" Shen Yueping thought, There is something wrong indeed. So she asked hurriedly, "Then you tell me. Why was there a day where you walked back home and couldn’t even stand still for a day? What did you do?"

Lin Zhiyun thought. Oh gosh! Did mom notice something wrong with it? That day after she was xx by Yang Ming, she definitely felt uncomfortable! But she couldn’t mention this, so she had to say, "I... I fell down..."

“Fell down? It became that serious by just taking a fall?” Shen Yueping apparently didn't believe Lin Zhiyun’s explanation.

"Yes..." Lin Zhiyun had no choice but to nod.

"Well then, you go to the hospital with me tomorrow!" Shen Yueping suddenly demanded.

"Ah? Go to the hospital? What do you want to do at the hospital? Isn't father's legs already recovered?" Lin Zhiyun felt strange.

"To do an examination on you!" Since Shen Yueping said so, she wasn’t afraid to speak it out, "Mom wants to see if you are still a virgin!"

"What!" Lin Zhiyun was shocked. She didn't expect her mother would actually make this request. Lin Zhiyun’s face turned pale immediately! She knew best if she was a virgin or not... Now her mother actually wanted to check this! Lin Zhiyun suddenly felt the whole world was spinning...

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