So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Xiao Qing’s Unpleasant Past

Yang Ming nodded and wanted to help Xiao Qing. She shook her head and said to Yang Ming, "It’s alright. I can walk."

Yang Ming knew that her mood was unstable, so he reached out and stopped a taxi which passed by on the road.

Yang Ming let Xiao Qing get in the taxi and then sat by her side. After closing the door, Yang Ming told the taxi driver, "Can you look for a bar with a better environment?"

"Ok, no problem." The taxi driver nodded and replied, but he didn't think the same as he said. Bars are all the same. How could there be a place with a better environment? Hence, he could only go to a bar that seemed bigger.

The taxi came to a bar called "Blue Seat" not far from Kowloon City. Yang Ming saw that the scale of the bar wasn't bad. There should be no punks here. He nodded and paid the driver.

Now, Hong Kong had returned to China for more than a decade. RMB had become one of the currencies in circulation here. Therefore, the driver had no doubt about Yang Ming’s RMB and gave him the change. Yang Ming waved his hand and said, "Nevermind, the change will be your tip." There was no need to be stingy on a vacation.

Yang Ming got off the taxi with Xiao Qing and entered the Blue Seat bar. This bar looked fairly formal. It had its own separate parking lot with security guards at the door.

Help us to get a quiet place." Yang Ming said to the waiter.

The waiter was just going to speak, but he heard Xiao Qing say, "No, let's sit at the bar counter."

The waiter didn't know what to do. Somehow, he hesitantly looked at Yang Ming. When Yang Ming nodded, he said, "Please come over, the bar counter is over there!"

Yang Ming glanced at the environment on the side of the bar and couldn’t help but frown. It seemed that it was a mess at the bar. There were several men and women on the other side who were apparently not kind people as they flirted with one another. If Yang Ming was on his own, he wasn’t afraid of anything. But today, he was with a stunning woman like Xiao Qing. It wasn’t quite possible if trouble didn’t find its way to them!

In Song Jiang, Yang Ming and Li Dagang always went to the bar. At that time, Yang Ming was the boss in that area. There were few with limited knowledge who dared to harass them, so Yang Ming was always unscrupulous.

Xiao Qing obviously had never been to the bar before. She wasn’t familiar with everything here. Although she knew what "bar counters" and "cocktails" were, she probably just learned it from the TV.

"What do you want to drink?" Yang Ming took Xiao Qing and sat in a position slightly closer to the corner. It was less conspicuous here. He hoped that there wouldn’t be any people who blindly approached them.

"Give me a bottle of Corona." Yang Ming hadn't eaten yet, so his stomach was hungry. But, since his godsister wanted to drink, he couldn't help but respect her wish. However, it would be uncomfortable to drink strong alcohol on an empty stomach, so Yang Ming only got himself a beer.

Err...” Xiao Qing had never been to the bar before. Her knowledge of bars was only limited to the red wine and beer. Everyone who came to the bar always had a fixed pattern of choice every time, so there was no menu to refer to here. Xiao Qing didn’t know what she wanted.

"Give her a cup of Baileys Irish Cream on the rocks!" Yang Ming said to the waiter at the bar counter.

"Alright sir, a bottle of corona extra, a cup of Baileys Irish Cream on the rocks. Please wait a moment.” The waiter at the bar counter nodded, then he told the bartender to serve the drink accordingly. He also took a bottle of Corona from the fridge and handed it to Yang Ming.

“What is Baileys Irish Cream?” Xiao Qing asked curiously.

"It is a kind of liqueur with a little milky fragrance. The alcohol isn’t too heavy. It’s more suitable for females to drink." Yang Ming explained.

"Oh." Xiao Qing didn’t understand it well, yet she nodded.

Soon, Xiao Qing’s Baileys Irish Cream was served. Xiao Qing picked up the cup and tried to have a sip in her mouth like a curious child. Yang Ming wanted to laugh. She was already thirty years old, but in some aspects, she was almost like a child!

"Well, it's delicious!" Xiao Qing nodded and began to have a mouthful of it. Soon, she finished the cup of Baileys Irish Cream.

"Slow down!" Yang Ming smiled.

"This is great, but it can’t get me drunk!" Xiao Qing frowned, and then suddenly she overbearingly grabbed the half bottle of Corona from Yang Ming’s hand.

"Let your sister try a sip."

Looking at Xiao Qing's sexy little mouth approaching the bottleneck of the Corona. Yang Ming’s heart immediately skipped a beat, Was this the rumored indirect kissing?

Xiao Qing's mood was gloomy as though it was at the bottom of the void! Xiao Qing, who didn’t drink frequently, was a little tipsy with a half bottle of Corona. She waved to the waiter, “Two more bottles of Corona!”

"Okay, wait!" The waiter immediately brought two bottles of Corona and opened them. Xiao Qing took another bottle and drank it.

Yang Ming looked at him and shook his head. He didn’t say anything to stop it. He knew that Xiao Qing and Song Hang who he saw today must have had an unspeakably sad past. Since she wanted to vent, he should let her release it!

A few bottles of beer went to her belly, and Xiao Qing’s vision began to blur. She hated Song Hang! Originally, things had already been buried in the past for seven years. Xiao Qing had basically forgotten Song Hang. But today, Song Hang appeared again in front of her, especially with his despicable face and the profanity he uttered to ask her to be his mistress. Xiao Qing’s heart once again ignited the flame of hatred!

The heartless past and the despicableness today made Xiao Qing’s heart suffer to the extreme! She wanted to vent. She must thoroughly vent out the scars and hatred deep in her soul!

"Sister Xiao Qing, don't drink so fast. We didn't have dinner, and that’s not good for your stomach." Yang Ming looked at Xiao Qing with a little heartache. Motherf*cker, if I knew this would happen today, I would beat up Song Hang to the point where even his mother wouldn’t recognize him!

Xiao Qing shook her head and said bitterly, "I’m fine. Thank you, Yang Ming."

"No thanks, you’re my sister. It’s natural for me to care about you." Yang Ming said so. But, when he saw Xiao Qing’s confused eyes, he couldn’t help but think that if he could “F*ck” [1] his sister, that could not be better. However, that was merely Yang Ming’s thought in his heart which couldn’t be said indiscriminately.

"Yes! In this world, only your family are the most concerned about you. There’s no eternal lover, only family forever!" Xiao Qing smiled bitterly, "Yang Ming, would you abandon your sister in the future?"

"How can that be? Sister Xiao Qing, you are my sister all my life." Yang Ming said in his heart, If I can "f*ck" my sister for a lifetime, that is not bad!

Although Yang Ming tried hard to stay conscious, Xiao Qing always asked him for another toast. Yang Ming could only smile bitterly! This is at the bar. If I get drunk, there would be dangers ahead! Therefore, Yang Ming had to work hard to keep his senses alert even though his head began to feel a little tipsy!

Just thinking twice about "f*cking" my sister was proof that I was tipsy. Otherwise, although Yang Ming was somewhat lewd, he wouldn’t think of such shameful ideas normally.

"Come, Yang Ming. Accompany your sister to have another toast!" Xiao Qing said, lifting a bottle of newly opened Corona.

"Alright, cheers..." Yang Ming helplessly lifted the bottle in his hand.

"Yang Ming, do you want to know who Song Hang is..." Xiao Qing said in a daze.

"Sister Xiao Qing, if you don't want to say anything, don't say it." Yang Ming wasn’t the kind of person who liked to breach the privacy of others. Who in this world had no secrets? Even the pure sentiment between me and Su Ya, I haven’t mentioned it to anyone.

Xiao Qing disregarded Yang Ming’s words, she continued to say it by her own wish. “Song Hang was my boyfriend during my university period...”

Yang Ming had already guessed it. Based on Xiao Qing’s current appearance, Yang Ming immediately understood that Xiao Qing’s mood wasn’t good at the moment. She wanted to find someone to talk about it, otherwise, she didn’t feel well in her heart. So, he started to become a good listener who didn't speak but quietly listened to Xiao Qing's story.

"We were both students of Song Jiang’s Industry University. Both of us were from the computer science department. During a computer design competition organized by the university, we met each other... It was an old-fashioned and pure feeling. Yang Ming, you also know that the people of our time were still very conservative so we wouldn’t have any physical intimacy until the two of us got married..." As Xiao Qing stopped here, she turned to Yang Ming and said in an ambiguous manner, "Unlike you and Lan Ling, both of you are so young but already live together!"

Yang Ming broke into a cold sweat. If you were innocent, so be it. How come you suddenly changed the topic to me? Yang Ming couldn’t help but say awkwardly, "One policy for one period!"

Chapter Notes:

[1] In Chinese, “F*ck” my sister and “god” sister came from the same character. In different context or intention of meaning, the pronunciations of the Chinese character is different. 

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