So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Meeting an Extortionist

However, after Yang Ming read their lips, he noticed they were all swearing. Yang Ming was enraged, You were the one who didn’t look properly when you drove, and you still dared to rage? Besides, the situation now was that the two cars banged head to head. It was hard to tell who was responsible for this kind of situation!

Yang Ming pulled out the car key and locked the car door properly. He only left the car door on his side unlocked. He pushed out his car door forcefully and hit a young man who was knocking on his car. It almost made him squat on the floor.

After getting out of the car, Yang Ming quickly locked the car door with his car remote before closing the door. This way, he didn’t have to worry that others would be able to pull his door open.

“Why are you knocking? Can you afford it if you break it?" Yang Ming got out of the car and shouted at the two people who were knocking his car.

The two young men were stunned. What? Shouldn’t I be saying this sentence instead? How come you said it first? These two brothers worked in a car repair workshop nearby. Later on, they had heard from others that extortion [1] was very profitable, so they drove their car out at night to find a target. They had just gotten one target last night, and both of them were still proud of themselves. With the sudden scolding from Yang Ming, they thought to themselves, This didn’t feel quite right. Your broken Buick minivan hit my Porsche, and yet you are pretending to be a bad*ss? Did you not understand the situation or what?

As they thought about this, the young man with the jacket who almost squatted on the floor bounced up and pointed at his Porsche. He shouted out loud, "Do you know what car I am driving? Porsche! Are you capable of compensating for my car?”

However, since Yang Ming had already said this before, the vibe was far weaker when he said it again.

The other young man with the black trench coat who was actually knocked over by the car door stood up and pointed to Yang Ming, "Why the f*ck did you open your door? Can’t you see that I was standing outside?"

"Who told you to stand there?" Yang Ming wasn’t angry, but he laughed instead, "Weren’t you asking me to come out by knocking on my car door?"

"This..." The black trench coat man suddenly became speechless. What Yang Ming said made sense. He knocked on the car door to ask him to come out!

"F*cker, how do you drive your car?" Once the jacket man saw that the black trench coat man had his fire extinguished, he began to fire at Yang Ming again. "See? Porsche Carrera. Do you know how much this car is? More than seven million yuan!"

The moment Yang Ming heard Porsche Carrera, he was stunned. He was very familiar with this model. When Zhang Bing and he were browsing for cars online, there was a post on the homepage of Community of Cars, stating that there was a master who was capable of modifying the body of a Toyota MR2 sports car into a Porsche Carrera with more than 90% similarities!

The overall cost of this kind of car was less than one hundred thousand yuan. If you used a scrapped Toyota M2, then the price may be even lower!

Yang Ming was already doubtful about it originally. I heard that the Porsche Carrera was a limited edition with not more than few cars on the planet. Most of them were still in Europe or America. Song Jiang was not a big city either, but how would there be people who were capable of driving this type of car here?

Thinking of this, Yang Ming couldn’t help but frown and glance at the Porsche Carrera in front of him. With a glance, Yang Ming was entertained. This was a typical example of strong in appearance but weak in reality! The paint on the outside of the car was sprayed brightly, but the metal sheet inside had been modified to a point where it became ugly and twisted! Looking at this, a light bulb turned on in Yang Ming’s mind. These two men were definitely professional extortionists [1]! They used a fake luxury sports car to fool people and get some cash.

After figuring this out, Yang Ming became excited too. He said, "Do you know what kind of car I am driving? An imported Buick from America - the engine and the exhaust pipe were all modified by me. I spent a total of about two million to modify it!"

"F*ck! B*llsh*t!" The jacket man stared at the car and shouted, "Who are you fooling? Let me tell you. I am an expert in this industry. Your broken car is worth two million yuan? What kind of joke is that? I work at a car repair shop..."

Speaking up to this point, the jacket man immediately shut up. He had almost leaked out the truth unconsciously! The black trench coat man quickly yelled, "Well, even if you have a car worth two million yuan, I have a Porsche! Porsche! Have you heard of it? This is Porsche's best sports car, Carrera, which is worth more than seven million yuan. No matter what, it was more expensive than yours."

"Oh, you didn’t quite get it? I mentioned that the car was imported from the United States, so of course, it was remodeled in the United States! The two million that I have mentioned is in US dollars!" Yang Ming said with a smile.

"You are fooling us!" When the jacket man heard Yang Ming’s words, he got angry immediately! What was their career? They remodeled cars in a car repair factory. They can automatically know the value of a car with a glance. Yang Ming’s car had indeed been modified, but it would never require such a huge sum of money! Looking at Yang Ming’s mocking eyes, the jacket man was even more certain that Yang Ming was trying to fool him!

"You were the one who hit us. Let’s not waste too many words. One word, what are you going to do?" The black trench coat man stared at him and refused to talk more nonsense with Yang Ming! Yesterday they hit a guy who drove a Mercedes-Benz. That guy took out fifty thousand yuan without many words. They didn’t expect the person they met today to be so stubborn.

"What do you think can be done?" Yang Ming asked instead.

He was still complaining that Yang Ming was being insensible a moment ago. When Yang Ming suddenly asked him what to do, the black trench coat man was overjoyed and said, "You see it too. I have a brand new car, and you crashed it like this. Let’s not talk about the others, just give me one hundred thousand yuan, and we’ll count it as being settled privately!”

“One hundred thousand yuan?” Yang Ming asked with a smile, "Just one hundred thousand yuan?”

Once the black trench coat man heard Yang Ming’s tone, he thought that he was asking for too little. He was stunned and continued, "Oh, yes! Now that I think about it, my car was supposed to be a wedding car for others. Now, this is bad. You are delaying my business! No matter what, you have got to be a bit sensible and compensate for my loss."

“How much is the total package?” Yang Ming asked with a smile.

"No matter what, it should be at least ten..." The black trench coat man wanted to say ten thousand yuan, but the jacket man interrupted him, "Fifty thousand yuan!"

"Right, just one hundred and fifty thousand yuan. That’s it?" Yang Ming was still acting the same way as he did before.

"That..." These two brothers considered it together. Did we meet a rich kid? As they thought about how Yang Ming mentioned he spent two million USD earlier to modify his car, Maybe that was true? Did we meet an idiot with money but no common sense?

As he thought about this, the jacket man firmed his decision, "Let’s do it this way. You pass me two hundred thousand yuan, and you can go now! You don’t even need to call a tow truck for us! We will push the car back ourselves!"

Yang Ming nodded and suddenly sneered, "You both really know how to jack up the price from where you were seated at [2]? It was just a hundred thousand yuan a moment ago. How did it become two hundred thousand yuan so quickly?"

The jacket man and the black trench coat man had already regarded Yang Ming as a rich kid at the moment. Moreover, there were two people on their own side but only Yang Ming himself on his side, so they were not afraid of anything! The jacket man said loudly, "Even two hundred thousand yuan is a good deal for you! Do you know who I am? There are not many people who can drive a Porsche in Song Jiang. Do you think I am just an ordinary person?"

"Oh?" Yang Ming smiled and pretended to look at him in surprise.

"Let me tell you. Anyone who can drive this kind of sports car is normally a ruthless person! Today, both of us are in a good mood and don’t want to have more trouble!” The man with the jacket continued to boast, "Otherwise, not that I wanted to threaten you, if we lodged a police report, then your driver’s points will be penalized on the spot. Not only would you have to repair the cars, the police would also summon you! It’s a small matter to deduct your driver's points. You should be glad if the police didn’t revoke your driver's license!"

"Then just lodge a police report." Yang Ming said plainly after listening.

"Yes... ah? What?" The man with the jacket was stunned. "Do you want to call the police?"

"Yeah. I haven't seen a ruthless person yet. I want to experience it." Yang Ming nodded.

"Ugh... that... let’s forget it. Both of us brothers were in a good mood over these few days. Let’s not make it too difficult for you!" The jacket man said incessantly.

"It’s alright. Let’s call the police. I have a cell phone here." Yang Ming pretended to take his phone out.

"It’s already so late at night. It’s not good to trouble the traffic police, right? Moreover, having the traffic police here gives you no benefits at all! Although we would want him to handle the case fairly, the police know us too as we are the ruthless people of Song Jiang! They are bound to favor us! This way, it wouldn’t be fair to you!" The jacket man smiled bitterly and tried to persuade Yang Ming.

When Yang Ming listened to him, he was laughing so hard inside to the point where his stomach was almost cramped. This guy knows how to lie without worrying about getting a toothache!

"It’s alright. I think we should still call the police." Yang Ming said very stubbornly.

"Then let me tell you, don't regret it when they come! They may even need to detain you!" The black trench coat man noticed that the situation was getting out of their hands and came out to threaten Yang Ming.

"Hehe, it's alright. I haven't been to the detention center in a long time. I was just thinking of strolling there for a moment." Yang Ming smiled.

"F*ck! He’s fooling us!" The black trench coat man had finally understood that Yang Ming had been laughing at them.

"Do you want to die?" As soon as the jacket man heard it, he became fierce immediately.

"Who are you fooling with a fake Carrera?" Yang Ming smiled and said, "Two idiots."

"Go to hell!" The black trench coat man saw that Yang Ming had seen through their plan. He became angry too and ran to the back of the Carrera. He opened the trunk and was going to take out a wrench and an iron rod.

Chapter Notes:

[1] The author used Chinese slang Porcelain crasher 碰瓷 to describe a widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation.

[2] Chinese idiom, raising the price without any firm evidence or logic. 

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