So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 181

Chapter 181:  Wang Zhitao Again

During military training, each training course was conducted at a different location, so Yang Ming didn’t know how Zhang Bing and Chen Mengyan were doing. He felt that this kind of training was really ordinary, yet why were there so many people who couldn’t handle it?

Actually, students shouldn’t be blamed for making excuses to avoid their military training. The whole education system of the country is the cause of the problem. Since they were young, they had only cared about their academics and neglected all the other subjects especially their physical education. Many students had gone through only a few physical education classes! This sounded extreme, yet it was true in certain areas!

Therefore military training may sound reasonable, but it may not sound that way too. Or it was only unreasonable to those students who had never gone through any long-term fitness training. Shouldn’t there be at least some form of foundation first?

During these few years, there were many students with weak bodies who had fallen to their deaths during the training. Therefore, the schools and the trainers were afraid to be responsible too. Hence, students who couldn’t handle it were allowed to rest on the side.

Yang Ming was one of those who never took a leave. The others had at least taken a rest once or twice.

After a day of military training, Yang Ming barely felt anything. He felt that a round of fights would consume more energy than the training, but Zhang Bing was so tired that he couldn’t walk straight while Chen Mengyan and Zhao Sisi went directly to their dorm to rest.

They planned to go for a meal initially, but seeing how Zhang Bing was like a dead dog, Tian Donghua could only dismiss this thought.

“F***, I am so tired. I can’t help it!” Zhang Bing lay flat on the living room’s sofa once he reached his dorm. Yang Ming didn’t have any problem. He went to the cafeteria with Tian Donghua to get takeout for three people, including Zhang Bing.

The friendship between Tian Donghua and Yang Ming wasn’t close. They can’t be counted as close friends, but their friendship was pretty decent. Between men, most strong friendships were built at the drinking table or fighting. Therefore, the two of them lacked any opportunity to have a heart to heart conversation. The topics that were discussed thus far were just studies and pretty girls, but they hardly spoke about their personal problems.

After a few days of military training, Zhang Bing wasn’t as exhausted as his first day. A common phrase to describe that would be - train and train, and you get used to it.

Everyone went through the military training easily amidst their business without much problem. Before Yang Ming left, Yang Yong purposely said to Yang Ming, “Young man, you are fit!”

“I’m not bad, but I regret not learning more things. I have heard that there were many fighting techniques within the squadron.” Yang Ming said with regret.

“Actually, it’s nothing much. Fitness training is pretty good training too. Haven’t I given my phone number to you already? If you are free, you can contact me. But normally during training, I switch off my phone.” Yang Yong tapped on Yang Ming’s shoulder as he said this.

Yang Ming nodded his head silently in melancholy. In a person’s life, one would meet many strangers. We would develop strong relationships with some, or just cross paths with others. But often times, no matter how good the relationship was, once we have parted ways, we would barely meet one another in this lifetime again.

After the military training, it was coincidentally a long weekend. This gave students some time to adjust themselves. It was only on this day that Tian Donghua had the opportunity to invite Yang Ming and Zhang Bing for a drink.

Tian Donghua came from a decent family background, but since all of them were forthright, they didn’t mind the environment that much. Therefore, they just found a barbecue food stall near the university entrance. They ordered a few lamb kebabs and beer and started drinking right away.

Zhang Bing had spoken more with a few beers in his stomach, and Tian Donghua became more enthusiastic too. Yang Ming was the only one who was the same as before, as he had a good tolerance.

“I say, Brother Tian, which school did you come from?” Zhang Bing asked.

“University of Donghai. How is it? Not bad, right?” Tian Donghua laughed. “Those years I depended on my capability to enter the university!”

“University of Donghai? Wasn’t that about the same level as Song Jiang Industry University? Why did you change to the university here? Oh yeah, weren’t you originally from Donghai? Why did you forgo the nearer one and come here?” Zhang Bing asked curiously.

Yang Ming didn’t make any noise as he silently awaited Tian Donghua’s answer. Tian Donghua definitely wouldn’t come here just for fun. There must be some reason behind it.

Indeed Tian Donghua sighed, “Stop mentioning it. It was for a woman!”

“Woman? It can’t be. Pursuing a girl that far? You’re strong!” Zhang Bing gave him a thumbs up.

“F*ck, what pursuing a girl! MotherF****** The moment I say it I get angrier!” Tian Donghua scolded, “I had a girlfriend in Donghai University, but her course had a lecturer who kept disturbing her. In anger, I broke that lecturer’s leg! Initially, it wasn’t anything much, but the lecturer had a decent family background. When nothing else could be done, I could only transfer to Song Jiang.”

It wasn’t anything much? Yang Ming silently made a note of Tian Donghua’s tone of voice. After he broke a lecturer’s leg how could he say that it wasn’t anything much? If it was any normal student, wouldn’t he be expelled right away? Yet he only transferred when nothing else could be done? After such a big case and he still could transfer, what kind of capability does he have? If he had such a big capability, did he need to transfer? This brat must be lying!

“What about the girl?” Zhang Bing didn’t think that much and continued to ask.

Ai, this is the sad part! That b*tch said that I was a psychopath! She broke up with me! I felt angry. If it wasn’t for me, she would have been harassed by the lecturer!” Tian Donghua slammed on the table as he shouted, “Stop mentioning it. Whenever I mention it, it’s all tears. It’s sad!”

Yang Ming said in his heart, This should be your real reason for transferring. However, this type of personal matter involving relationships cannot be deduced accurately, therefore he could only advise, “There are plenty of flowers everywhere in the world. Our Song Jiang City is known to be the place for plenty of pretty girls!”

“That’s true. I heard that there were many pretty girls in Song Jiang, so I came here!” Tian Donghua nodded his head.

But the next sentence by Yang Ming was discouraging. “However, in the science and engineering courses in Song Jiang Industry University, there are barely any girls. Pretty girls are even fewer.”

Ah? It can’t be?” Tian Donghua was stunned, but continued, “I don’t believe that. Your girlfriend looks fine!”

“This was what I wanted to say. Most pretty girls already have a boyfriend.” Yang Ming continued.

“F***! Worse case I will find someone from senior high school alright?” Tian Donghua ranted, “Don’t worry. I don’t cheat on my friends. I won’t be that disloyal.”

With a few jokes and chit-chatting, their relationship grew closer.

This type of barbecue food stall was popular. Many students from Song Jiang Industry University would come here at night to enjoy some barbecued food. The boy and the girl near Yang Ming were also his schoolmates.

“I heard that the vice president of the Taekwondo Club got into some trouble yesterday,” said a male student from the neighboring table.

“Yeah, you didn’t know? It was yesterday!” said another male student.

“What was the matter? How come I don’t know?” asked the girl curiously.

“It was rumored that Liu Zhaojun was having sex with a girl in a hotel, then he was captured by police for illegal prostitution!” said male B.

“Illegal prostitution? Why?” asked male A. “Even if it was illegal prostitution, the news can’t possibly spread that fast. Could it be fake news?”

“Not really illegal prostitution. That girl was from a minority race. She was reluctantly having sex with Liu Zhaojun!” Male B spoke as if he knew everything. “After the police interrogated him, they released Liu Zhaojun. But right when Liu Zhaojun got out of the police station, he was captured by the self-proclaimed boyfriend of the girl, stating that Liu Zhaojun had sex with his girlfriend and demanded an explanation!

“Liu Zhaojun had already been in a terrible mood when he was accused of being a customer of illegal prostitution. He didn’t expect that someone would come here to create more problems for him. Looking at how skinny that guy was, he didn’t regard it as anything. He wanted to push that guy away but once that guy blew a whistle, about seven to eight punks came up and gave Liu Zhaojun a rough beating to the point where they disfigured him!”

“That serious? But he deserved it! That guy isn’t a nice person either.” Male A said loudly.

“Speak softly; don’t let others hear it. Liu Zhaojun had a good status in the Taekwondo Club. Don’t get into trouble!” Male B advised.

Their conversations were heard clearly by Yang Ming and the other two. Tian Donghua experienced Schadenfreude. “D***, this type of person deserves to have bad luck!”

Zhang Bing didn’t think that much. He complemented it with a few sentences. But, Yang Ming fell into deep thought. What a familiar move! Yang Ming didn’t believe that there would be such a coincidental matter. Once he got out of the police station he can bump into the minority’s boyfriend right away? This was obviously choreographed by someone!

A clear image floated into Yang Ming’s mind. Wang Zhitao, this guy really avenges anyone who offended him! Thinking about this, Yang Ming couldn’t help but think about how to settle Wang Zhitao as soon as he can!

Having a person like him near him is similar to having a ticking time bomb beside him!

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