So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Brothel and Male Prostitute

Wang Zhitao felt gloomy recently. He didn’t score well on his National Higher Education Entrance Examination. A good opportunity at camp to enjoy himself with a prostitute gave him erectile dysfunction. After that, Wang Zhitao had gone to multiple hospitals both big and small. Whatever treatment they had - secret ancestral, military, ancient imperial - he had tried them all, but none of them worked!

The results from examinations were always that he didn’t have a disease. It was just a psychological block after being shocked. However, it was these psychological blocks that were the hardest to treat, or else there wouldn’t be so many mental disorders in this world.

Physiological problems are easy to settle. Eat some medicine and go through some operations, then it’s fixed. However, this type of disease which was seemingly non-existent, how do you want others to cure it? Therefore, most of the people asked Wang Zhitao to meet psychologists.

Wang Zhitao was nervous, yet he couldn’t tell his family. The gloominess in his heart was getting more obvious.

It was lucky that there were many gossips and events after university started. Wang Zhitao had temporarily forgotten about his own ailment.

After Wang Zhitao had thrown away the wrapping paper for the savory crepe, he scolded loudly, “Damn, inflation has shrunk my food! Originally there would be at least half a stick of ham sausage, but now there’s barely anything! If I knew that I would have gotten two of them!”

Once the wrapper landed on the floor, an old man with a red armband speedily ran toward Wang Zhitao. “Student, you were littering in the school compound. You are fined fifty yuan!”

Ah?” Wang Zhitao was shocked. “Am I fined just because of this?”

“B*llsh*t, if you are not fined, how would you remember it next time?” The old man rolled his eyes and said, “Hurry up. Let me tell you. If you have a bad attitude, I will report you to the whole school!”

Once Wang Zhitao heard about reporting to the whole school, he obediently took out his fifty yuan and passed it to the old man. He still wanted to pick up girls. If this incident was reported, then his reputation would be ruined!

But Wang Zhitao didn’t understand. There wasn’t anyone nearby him just now. This old man was at least a hundred meters away from him, How did he come to me that fast? Were there two fire wheels beneath his feet?

Actually, the school didn’t have any people in charge of fining students. If there were any, it should be the student society who was in charge of the school’s discipline. However, Wang Zhitao was a new student, and he didn’t know all these things.

This old man is one of the conmen in this area, specializing in targeting new students with a high success rate. After Wang Zhitao left, this old man straightened his back and his voice became a middle-aged man’s voice. “Idiot, seeing how rich you were I could have asked for two hundred yuan from you!”

Yang Ming and the rest of them parted their ways when they passed by the female dorm. They had important things to do in the afternoon. Students from each department needed to go back to their respective locations to report themselves another time.

Yang Ming was learning computer science. In fact, he no longer needed to worry about his future career. No matter how bad he was, he could earn some money through his special power. Therefore, the profession wasn’t important. Yang Ming’s parents wanted him to register for something that was in demand. Based on the current situation, information technology type of subjects was more popular and computer science was one of them. For Yang Ming himself, he was more interested in computers, so, he took it as a part-time hobby. He was going to use his special power to earn money in the future anyway.

“Bro, how do I get to the school of computer and automation?” Yang Ming asked a senior with glasses who looked studious.

“Computer and automation? What computer and automation?” The senior was confused.

“For computer science!” Yang Ming said in his heart, It can’t be. This person got his glasses without any effort at all? Perhaps he got it from gaming on a laptop?

Damn, school of CS! Say so earlier!” The senior with glasses was enlightened, “I am from the brothel [1]. Are you a new student? I will bring you there!”

“Brothel?” Yang Ming froze. How does this work? Looking at the guy with glasses in front of him, it was as if he was one of those pimps who solicited clients into the brothel as they tapped on their chest and announced proudly, “I am from the brothel. I will bring you there!”

“Yeah! School of Computer Science, abbreviated as School of CS! What computer and automation? Computer science and computer automation had already been divided into two separate courses long ago,” said the senior with glasses.

So this was the case. Yang Ming nodded his head. But wasn’t this abbreviation a bit too vulgar?

Maybe the senior with shades saw Yang Ming’s weird expression. He followed up naturally, “Why? Does this abbreviation sound a bit ambiguous?”

Yang Ming nodded his head, You don’t say!

You will get used to it after a while. Every semester calls it that way. The males in computer science are called male prostitutes; the females are called female prostitute [2]! Like me, I am a male prostitute. You will be a male prostitute in the future too!” The senior with glasses said with a serious look.

Yang Ming looked to his left and to his right, This is a university! Others who do not know it may think that this is a male prostitute who wanted to recruit him into the same field! Damn, imagine spending all that effort to enroll in a university, then, you proudly announce yourself as a “male prostitute”!

Hehe, bro, don’t think anything otherwise. This abbreviation has been here for years!” The senior with glasses said, “Moreover, we, the male computer science students are pretty famous!”

“Famous? What do you mean?” Yang Ming felt perplexed.

“Think about it, the word brothel isn’t really a meaningless phrase. There’s a reason that male computer science students would be named as male prostitutes. They are saying that our course has a lot of ‘high quality’ guys! Other courses’ such as business and language sl*ts would come to our course to find a partner!” said the senior with glasses mysteriously.

F***! After Yang Ming have heard it, he felt that it was damn weird. Male. Prostitute!

“But if you want to find a proper partner for marriage, I say you should stick to female computer science students. But there are fewer female computer science students. You must strike the iron while it’s hot, or else there won’t be any left over,” said the senior with glasses.

“Why must it be a female computer science student?” Yang Ming didn’t understand it.

“It is not a must to find female computer science student, but generally, the culture in female students of business and language courses is indecent. There were quite a few pure girls. If there were any, they would be influenced by the others and become sl*ts too!” explained the senior with glasses.

Influence? Yang Ming didn’t believe that Chen Mengyan would be influenced by others. It’s true that the environment can influence someone, but not all people are influenced by their environment.

“Don’t you not believe it. I have done some thorough investigation and research!” The senior with shades said, “I had a partner from the language course last time who looked pure and cute. Yet afterward, she fell for the charms of some rich kid!”

F***! No wonder his point of view is so sadistic. This guy must be really hurt! Yang Ming felt that what this person said must have been a unique case. It had happened to him so he generalized it for everyone.

“Today is the day where the new computer science students register themselves. I am planning to see if there are any opportunities to grab a suitable girl for myself.” A few sentences from this senior with glasses revealed his perverted nature.

Another pervert. I thought he was a nerd. Yang Ming shook his head, however, listening to an “old man” who nagged him on many of the aspects in the school of computer science did help Yang Ming save some effort. He learned who to find if you failed your exam, which teachers had a strict policy, and which classes ignored attendance.

“My name is Zhang Weihan. If there is anything that you don’t know in the future, look for me directly! I am from the Student Union Livelihood Department.” The senior with shades gave Yang Ming a name card with warmth.

What? Now even students from the student union have name cards? Yang Ming took the name card and had a look at it, sh**!

Professional goto person for exam failures, exam questions prediction, introducing part-time job or part-time tutoring.

Seeing Yang Ming’s surprised expression, Zhang Weihan said embarrassingly, “Hehe, it’s just to earn some part-time income. There’s my phone number on the card. If there is anything just call me directly!”

Yang Ming didn’t need the last two. But the first two seemed to be useful in the future. Exams in university were different from exams in high schools. He couldn’t just depend on cheating to score a high mark.

Most of the subjects in university were divided into two sections for scoring: the class participation and the final exam results. It’s normally in the ratio of seven to three, some are five to five.

Class participation refers to the number of times you attended your class. A usual absence deducts from your final score five to ten points until you no longer have any score. This means that if your scoring is on a five to five ratio, even if you scored full marks on the final exam, you would still fail the subject as all your scores from the usual performance in class would be gone due to too many absences.

Yang Ming thought about it and kept the name card well. He nodded to Zhang Weihan, “Alright, if there is anything I will call you. You won’t charge a really high fee, would you?”

“Of course not. But if you notice that you are doing poorly in any of your subjects, call me first. You know, some students mark the papers, and I can settle this layer of relationship for you. But if results had been announced already, then it’s hard to do. Those cases are then dependent on what the teachers say. Therefore the price would be different. I normally charge two hundred yuan for a case before exam results are announced, guaranteed with a refund. If it was after the announcement, we have to look at the situation. We may have to wait for a remediation exam before we really can settle it.” Zhang Weihan explained, “You know it too. The university has a strict management. Not many teachers would go against the law for a few hundred yuan!” 

Chapter Notes:

[1] Brothel has the same pronunciation as the abbreviation of the school of computer science, which we translated as the school of computer science.

[2] Abbreviated version of male computer science student or female computer science student had the same pronunciation as a male and female prostitute. In the real world, people don’t really abbreviate things that way. I guess it’s just in the unique setting of this novel with the author Fishman’s incredible imagination. 

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