Shura's Wrath

Chapter 695

Adam and Eve (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“Because of this.” The woman with red hair opened her right hand, revealing the 3 different-coloured rings to Ling Chen. “You noticed me just then because of the Lunar Scourge’s reaction, right? When I received this, I also heard about the Lunar Scourge in the East because the Lunar Scourge is the only item that can stand on the same level as this. When I came here, it gave off a special reaction, which told me that the legendary Lunar Scourge was actually on you.”

The woman with red hair flipped her palm over, smiling as she said, “The Lachesis of the West and the Lunar Scourge of the East; one is on me and the other is on you. What a miraculous coincidence.”

“Lache…sis?” Ling Chen looked at the 3 different-coloured rings, thinking of something.

“Oh?” The woman in red raised an eyebrow. “Looks like you also know about it.”

“No, no,” Ling Chen shook his head, his expression quite strange. “I just coincidentally heard this name before, but I didn’t know what it actually was. Only today did I learn about it… mm, something on the same level as the Lunar Scourge must be very powerful, right?”

When the Lunar Scourge had produced that reaction, Ling Chen had felt quite shocked. This was because the reaction from the Lunar Scourge told him that this was a power that could stand on equal ground with it and even threaten it. Ling Chen knew more clearly than anyone how powerful the Lunar Scourge was, and Qi Yue had told him before that the Lunar Scourge was the evilest item in the Mystic Moon world. There was nothing else that could surpass it. As such, Ling Chen had been quite surprised when it had produced such a reaction.

“Of course it’s powerful!” Yola took the initiative to reply. “Before, if it wasn’t for big sis using Lachesis’ power to freeze time and affect space, your friends would have all died, and more than half of Ling Tian City would have been destroyed. Plus, because big sis overused the Lachesis’ power, she was quite exhausted for a while.”

Freeze time… affect space… Ling Chen almost couldn’t believe his ears, and he looked at the woman with red hair in shock.

The woman with red hair lightly rolled her eyes at Yola and said helplessly, “Bad Yola, why are you so eager to tell him about my trump card?”

“I-I’m not…” the golden-haired girl replied in a small voice.

Freeze time and affect space… just that general description sounded incredibly heaven-defying. Affecting space was alright, but freezing time… an ability to control time only existed in stories, and it was simply impossible! Could the ‘Lachesis’ item in her hands really affect time? If that was true, then that would simply be tooooooo scary! It would simply be incomprehensible.

As he thought about that, Ling Chen silently touched the ring on the index finger of his right hand. The ring was called [Lachesis Tear], and its effects were to nullify the negative effects from the [Lachesis]. Of course, that wasn’t the main point.

Ling Chen did not continue to ask about the Lachesis and instead frowned as he said, “You said that the Forgotten God Representative found out that the Lunar Scourge is on me?”

“That’s right.” The woman with red hair slightly smiled. “I have a little fellow who has very powerful detection abilities with respect to people’s minds and hearts. It was her who told me this. Her name is Mo’Er, but she doesn’t seem to be very interested in you, and she doesn’t want to come and see you. Moreover, I think many things support this claim: don’t you think that the Forgotten God Representative left a bit too quickly? After all, this is the Forgotten Continent’s Royal City, and after being damaged so badly, as the Moon God Representative, she should have stayed and used her power to help rebuild it. However, she chose to quickly leave – this means that there’s something more important than repairing the Forgotten City. 

“Furthermore, she gave in too easily. Even against the Underworld King, she’s still a Moon God Representative that represents the entire continent, and she has the Moon God Clan behind her. Even if she didn’t dare to offend the Underworld King, she shouldn’t have given in so easily. There’s only one explanation for this, which is that she had something more important that she wanted to do and had to end what was tying her up as quickly as possible.

“As for how she discovered the Lunar Scourge, that’s also quite simple. The Lunar Scourge has always been in the Forgotten Continent. Even if other Moon God Representative didn’t know about it, as the Forgotten Continent’s Moon God Representative, even if she didn’t personally experience the Shura’s Devastation, how could she not know about such a terrifying thing? Of course she has something that can detect the Lunar Scourge in order to prevent the Lunar Scourge from reappearing.”

Ling Chen began to frown deeper and deeper.

“According to my understanding of the Lunar Scourge, it’s something that the Moon God Clan must destroy. If the Moon God Clan knows that you possess the Lunar Scourge, you’ll definitely be hunted by them at all costs.” The woman with red hair lightly smiled with a hint of schadenfreude.

Thinking back to the Forgotten God Representative’s reaction, it was just as the woman with red hair had said. He had thought that the Forgotten God Representative had given in so easily because of the Underworld King and his Underworld God Cannon, but after thinking about it carefully, even if she was facing the Underworld King and his Underworld God Cannon, she still should have maintained her pride and dignity as a Moon God Representative.

“I can immediately take you to where she is right now. Just then, I used Lachesis’ power to secretly leave a tracking ability on her. Do you need my help?” The woman with red hair asked as she grinned.

“Yes!” Ling Chen raised his head and said without hesitation.

“The whole world knows that you took the East Ocean Continent’s Moon God Representative as your mount, what great prestige. I’m sure that you’ll also be able to deal with that Forgotten God Representative just as easily.” The woman with red hair lifted her hand, and the Lachesis shone with light as an energy that could disrupt space started to gather.

“You think too highly of me. I was only able to subdue the Cherry Blossom God Representative because she was attacked by the Evil Black Dragon after repairing the Sunrise City’s City Lifeline and was almost completely exhausted, which allowed me to get a bargain. If I face off against her directly, I’m definitely not a match for the Forgotten God Representative… however, Eve, with you, I’ll have over 90% chance in taking down the Forgotten God Representative directly.” A nostalgic look appeared on Ling Chen’s face. “It’s been many years since we last worked together.”

“I’d prefer it if you’d call me ‘Fey’. Aiya, working together with you really isn’t very pleasant because a chauvinist like you always blocks knives for me,” the woman with red hair said leisurely. “It’s fine if you want me to help you deal with the Forgotten God Representative, but you have to agree to 2 of my conditions.”

“What are they…”

“Number 1, in the future, you can only call me Fey, not Eve! You should know that I don’t like the name ‘Eve’, just like how you don’t like the name ‘Adam’. There aren’t any good memories behind those 2 names.”


“Number 2, after dealing with the Forgotten God Representative, we’ll have our final match!” The woman with red hair’s gaze became sharp, and her battle intent filled the air.

Ling Chen did not hesitate and nodded. “Very well!” 

“Okay!” The woman with red hair happily smiled. “Alright, tell me about your plan to deal with her then.”

“Can your Lachesis really freeze time?” Ling Chen directly asked.

“Of course. However, the time and range are limited, and I don’t think that it’ll be enough for us to kill her,” Eve leisurely replied.

“That’s good enough!” Ling Chen confidently replied. “If you can do it, just make her stay still. Leave the rest to me.”

Eve glance at him. “How are you so confident? I’m getting excited about this now. Alright, let’s go.”

She held Yola’s hand with one hand and Ling Chen’s with the other. As the Lachesis’ light flashed, the 3 of them disappeared from where they had been.

At this moment, the Forgotten God Representative was feeling incredibly impatient.

A month ago, she had been summoned by the Goddess Freedom. After returning to the Moon God Palace, the Goddess Freedom had told her that it was possible that the Lunar Scourge had attached to a human and returned again. She was told to be attentive, and she was given a crescent moon-shaped object. When the item trembled, it meant that the Lunar Scourge was nearby.

The Lunar Scourge had been destroyed 10,000 years ago, but the fear of it had never disappeared from the Moon God Clan. What the Forgotten God Representative had never expected was that a month later, she suddenly felt the crescent moon-shaped object tremble, and the origin of it came from Ling Tian. However, by then, the Underworld King had already appeared with the terrifying Underworld God Cannon. As such, she couldn’t just cry out, “Lunar Scourge!”

The Lunar Scourge was the only explanation for a player being strong enough to suppress a Royal City. However, with the Underworld King’s protection, the Forgotten God Representative was unable to do anything against him. What she needed to do was report this to the 3 Moon Goddesses! She could predict that the news that the Lunar Scourge had reappeared would cause massive waves, and the 3 Moon Goddesses would personally move out to destroy it again and kill Ling Chen. 

As she was travelling as quickly as possible, a light flashed before her and 3 people appeared in front of her. The Forgotten God Representative stopped moving, and by the time she saw the 3 figures, she deeply frowned.

“Ling Tian, why are you here?” She asked Ling Chen in a strict voice.

“Of course it’s to come and find you. Seeing how hurried you are, are you preparing to return to the Moon God Palace?” Ling Chen crossed his arms as he looked at her frivolously. Deep down, he was still marveling at the distance they had just crossed. Just as Eve had said, they had appeared before the Forgotten God Representative in just an instant – it was so shocking that it was simply unbelievable! With this sort of ability, if this woman wanted to find him in the future, he wouldn’t be able to run or hide!

Seeing Ling Chen’s stance, the Forgotten God Representative seemed to notice something, and her gaze darkened. “You want to stop me?”

“No, no! I’m not stopping you; I just want to make it so that you can never speak about what you know. If you tell the Moon God Clan, it’ll be very bad for me.”

“So it really was the Lunar Scourge!” Hearing Ling Chen admit it, there was a hint of excitement in the Forgotten God Representative’s voice. While shocked, she rejoiced that such a coincidence had occurred. If the Lunar Scourge produced another Shura, the consequences would be too terrifying! She glanced over the 3 people and coldly laughed, “Just you? You think that you can defeat me just because you have that evil item? What presumptuousness.”

“I don’t have any confidence in defeating you.” Ling Chen calmly smiled. “But I have a way to make you very obedient. Fey, seal her!”

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