Shura's Wrath

Chapter 420

[New Moon]

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

After the Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces and Virgo Orbs, this was Ling Chen’s sixth Orb. Even with the powerful effects of the previous five orbs, Ling Chen simply couldn’t believe how amazing the Libra orb was. When he saw it, he felt inwardly shaken.

Powerful… so powerful that it was simply broken.

“Qi Yue, no less than expected from the orb that you called the strongest!” Ling Chen excitedly said as he gripped this new Mysterious God grade orb. He was in complete agreement with what Qi Yue had said about this orb. Having a 50% chance for a skill’s cooldown to be immediately reset- this was incredible.

Skills that had long cooldown times were all extremely powerful. Normally, the more powerful a skill was, the longer the cooldown time would be. Anyone would be extremely excited at the thought of being able to use these powerful skills multiple times in succession. There was a 50% chance to be able to use a skill again immediately, a 25% chance to use it 3 times in a row, a 12.5% chance to use them 4 times in a row, a 6.25% chance to use them 5 times in a row… and this wasn’t just for his own skills, but also for his equipment’s skills as well!

Could it be any more overpowered?!

 “As expected from the Libra Orb! The Libra Orb was called a miraculous orb that could change fate. Although its effects are not as stable as those of the other orbs’, it can create miracles during key moments. Who would have thought that it was in the East Ocean Continent!”

Having obtained another orb so smoothly, Qi Yue felt even more excited than Ling Chen, “Hurry up and put it in the Lunar Scourge. With 6 God Orbs, ‘Moon’ might be unlocked.”

“Moon?” Ling Chen asked in surprise as he hurriedly socketed the Libra Orb into the seventh socket of the Lunar Scourge.

“Ding… the ‘Libra Orb’ has been successfully socketed into the Lunar Scourge. When using skills with cooldown times, there is a 50% chance the cooldown will be immediately reset.”

“Ding… with 6 exclusive orbs, the Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar soul skill ‘New Moon’ has been unlocked.”

The Lunar Scourge’s Moon Shadow, Moon Flare and Moon Grief had been unlocked when the first, third and fifth exclusive orbs were socketed. It seemed that apart from the first orb, every 2 orbs would unlock a new skill. However, right after the fifth orb had unlocked Moon Grief, the sixth orb had actually unlocked a new lunar skill.

No, it wasn’t a lunar skill… it was a lunar soul skill.

[New Moon]: Lunar Scourge exclusive lunar soul skill. When activated, the Lunar Scourge’s lunar energy forms a new moon in the sky, letting out weak moonlight. Can be activated at any time and cancelled at any time. Can be cast for a maximum of 10 minutes per day. No MP cost.

Ling Chen: “…..”

Ling Chen looked at the new skill again and again, but felt utterly confused. Looking at its description, it created a ‘new moon’ in the sky… and that was it.

Could it be that it was simply an aesthetic skill??

“Qi Yue, what is this ‘new moon’ used for? Is it just for illumination?” Ling Chen asked. Well, I guess having a skill for illumination was quite practical.

“Illumination? Hahahaha…” Qi Yue started to laugh, which caused Ling Chen’s body to feel numb, and he shivered, “I guess you could use it for illumination, but this ‘moonlight’ is the Lunar Scourge’s core skill!”

“Core skill? What’s it used for?” From the description of [New Moon], apart from illumination, he couldn’t see any other use for it.

Qi Yue lapsed into silence for a short while before slowly replying, “For now, it doesn’t have much of a use apart from illumination. Moreover, [New Moon] is only the initial form of the moon, so its power is quite weak. Only when it becomes [Full Moon] will it be at the peak of its power. Little master, do you know why the Lunar Scourge is called the Lunar Scourge?”

Ling Chen: “……”

“The ‘Lunar’ in its name refers to the moon that it creates. Now that the Lunar Scourge has 6 God Orbs, it can release the New Moon. When it reaches the apex of its power, it will be able to release the Full Moon, which is the source of its enemy’s nightmares. Even True Gods fear that moon!”

A moon that even the True Gods feared and was viewed as a scourge? What sort of power could it contain? If he had power that caused even True Gods to fear…

“Could it be that the moonlight has incredible destructive power?” Ling Chen tentatively asked, despite knowing that the New Moon didn’t have any offensive capabilities.

“No,” Qi Yue replied, “The moon released by the Lunar Scourge doesn’t have any attack, or any other special attributes. The light that it gives out is similar to the moonlight you see in your world. In other words, the moon released by the Lunar Scourge is just a smaller version of your own world’s moon.”

“This…” Ling Chen’s mind was full of shock and confusion, “If it can only release moonlight, why would it be feared by even True Gods? If it’s like that, wouldn’t they be even more fearful of real moonlight?”

“Indeed, if they could see real moonlight, they would be countless times more fearful… However, little master, have you noticed that although this world is called ‘Mystic Moon’, night never falls, and the moon never appears?”

Qi Yue’s words caused Ling Chen to widen his eyes in shock.

Mystic Moon… indeed, he had never seen the moon in this world.

There being no night in games was not something unusual. Ling Chen looked up and looked at the ever-bright sky. There would never be night, and thus the moon would never appear. However, because this was so normal, no one had noticed that there was no moon, despite the name of the game. Ling Chen was no exception to this.

As such, Qi Yue’s words caused him to pause in shock for a few moments.

“This… could it be that it has to do with the Lunar Scourge?” Ling Chen asked. Since Mystic Moon was named such, it had to have something to do with the moon or moonlight. However, the moon never appeared… was it because it was covered by the sun? However, hearing Qi Yue’s words, it seemed that a moon didn’t even exist in Mystic Moon. “A long time ago, there was night and a moon,” Qi Yue said softly, “As for why the moon disappeared and there was no longer night, I’m not sure about the details. However, I know the Lunar Scourge was the root of it. The Lunar Scourge was born under the moon, and legend says that the complete Lunar Scourge under pure moonlight can release extremely powerful energy, so powerful that it can swallow stars and destroy the heavens. The Lunar Scourge was feared by all, and because no one could control it or resist it, they could only get rid of the moon.  As such, some powerful Demigods worked together, and using some Forbidden Weapons left behind by the Ancient True Gods, they created a Spatial Formation, transporting the moon elsewhere… they didn’t know where the moon went, and I only found out from little master that it went close to a planet called ‘Earth’.”

Ling Chen: “!!!”

“Without the moon, the Lunar Scourge could only release its basic power. However, the incredibly powerful Lunar Scourge gained sentience. After discovering that it would never see moonlight again, it developed a skill to create a fake moon. Although the fake moon could not be compared to the real moon, it could still transform the Lunar Scourge into a forbidden existence. It was a pity that in the Shura’s Devastation 10,000 years ago, the Lunar Scourge was destroyed by the Moon God Clan. If the Mystic Moon world still had the moon, even 10 Moon God Clans would not be able to stand up to the Lunar Scourge!”

Qi Yue’s speech sounded like those ancient legends Ling Chen had heard on earth.

“Is this… true?” Ling Chen scratched his head. If Qi Yue had said this before Ruo Ruo’s incident, he would have thought about it as a background story of the game. However, with Qi Yue appearing in the real world and Ruo Ruo’s body appearing in the virtual world, he simply couldn’t tell anymore.

Even so, some of the things Qi Yue said were a bit inconceivable… the Mystic Moon world had a moon before! And this moon had been transported far away, to where the earth was… which was to say, the moon that could be seen from earth used to be from here! In other words… a long time ago, the earth didn’t have a moon.

Who would believe such a thing!

At the very least, humans had never heard of such a thing before.

Qi Yue knew how Ling Chen would react after hearing such a thing. She softly said, “Perhaps it was a bit early to tell little master these things, and it’s probably quite difficult for little master to believe and accept these things. When little master completes the Lunar Scourge, without me saying anything, little master will naturally understand everything about the Lunar Scourge. However, hehe, I never thought that things would go so well. We’ve only been in the East Ocean Continent a day but we already found an orb. Looks like little master really is blessed by the god of luck. Well, since we’ve found the orb, does little master want to stay and play for a bit or immediately return to the Forgotten Continent?”

Hearing Qi Yue’s words, Ling Chen frowned.

“Within the narrow and long country to the east, the snowy valley under the cherry blossoms.” This was the information that Su’Er had given to him. Based on the precedent she set with the Virgo Orb, her information should be correct.

Indeed, the East Ocean Continent was long and narrow.

However, Ling Chen had found the Libra Orb under the Sunrise City. There were no cherry blossoms there, much less any snowy valleys. This was evidently a pitch black underground space. It definitely wasn’t the place Su’Er’s information referred to.

 Ling Chen tapped his chin, “Qi Yue, could it be that the Libra Orb wasn’t the orb that Su’Er was referring to? Could it be that we had obtained the Libra Orb as a pure coincidence? I think… it’s possible that there’s another God Orb here!”

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