Shura's Wrath

Chapter 374

Nameless Ridge (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

As they travelled through the Ghastly Grounds, Tian Tian’s sharp cries eventually became whoops of excitement. This was because although the undead monsters looked terrifying, not a single one of them could stand up to her Little Whites’ attacks. Under the attacks from 4 big carrots, not even LV20 1 Star Elites or 2 Star Elites could avoid being insta-killed. As expected from the number 1 ranked profession… though, in fairness, the skills all looked completely silly.

Seeing how weak the Zombies were, Tian Tian was not afraid anymore, and started to make faces at them.

The Cloud Stepping Mare galloped onwards. Ling Chen did not stop at all, and avoided all of the monsters he saw. After half an hour, he came to the Underworld Entrance that Xiao Hui had found in the past, where he had first met Qian Gun Gun. Around 100 metres to the east of the Underworld Entrance was the Lonely Spirit Ridge.

Ling Chen glanced at the Underworld Entrance, but did not slow down or stop, and continued into the Lonely Spirit Ridge. There, he stopped the Cloud Stepping Mare. The first time he had come here, black fog had obscured the mountain ridges, and the air was deathly grey. It was a completely hellish scene. The dirt under his feet was soft and damp, and both light and fresh air seemed to avoid this place.

And now, in front of him was a blackened patch of land… no, it was a blackened crater! The deepest part of it went 3 metres down into the ground. Under Xi Ling’s Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, the flames of the Nine Suns had annihilated the War Demon Beast and razed the entire Lonely Spirit Ridge to the ground. Countless mountain ridges had been destroyed, with not even a trace of them left.

To be able to destroy mountain ridges and the ground to such an extent- one could see the might of the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns from that.

Although a long time had passed, the smell of burning still lingered in this place. There was still black fog in the sky, but there wouldn’t be any danger here. Because of the War Demon Beast, no other creatures dared to live around here or even come near. And now, because the countless mountain ridges had been eradicated, Ling Chen would be able to travel much faster on the flat ground.

“This place used to have many mountain ridges, and was where I first met Xi Ling. Afterwards, there was a large fire, turning it like this.” Ling Chen said as he ordered the Cloud Stepping Mare into a trot.

“Whew… Big brother, I finally caught up to you.”

“My name is Xi Ling, big brother can call me Ling Ling!”

“Wherever big brother goes, that’s where my home is.” “I want to follow big brother, wherever big brother goes, just take me as well! Ok?”

“Because I like big brother!”

“Big brother, you need to keep your promises! If I can bring back some Flaming Black Grass, you need to let me follow big brother. Wherever big brother goes, I’m going as well… no take backs!”


Ling Chen’s mind wound back to when he had first met Xi Ling. Back then, she had worn flame-red clothes, and looked like a young girl. At that time, he didn’t know that she was the crimson red bird he had saved. Because he saved her that time, she repaid him with everything she had… and sacrificed herself twice for him.

Now that Xiao Qi went to the Lava Purgatory, the Vermillion Bird would probably save Xi Ling… Ling Chen hoped that the day Xiao Qi returned, he would also see Xi Ling again.

“Was this Xi Ling’s home?” Tian Tian asked as she blinked and looked around, wondering why Xi Ling would live in such a place. Although she had never met Xi Ling, she had heard her big sisters mention her many times. She knew that Xi Ling was Ling Chen’s pet, and was incredibly beautiful and powerful.

“Not exactly. Back then, Xi Ling was imprisoned here, and I happened to find her and decided to release her. From then on, she decided to follow me. She’s left temporarily for now, but will be back soon. I’m sure Tian Tian will definitely like her.” Ling Chen said while smiling. Both Xi Ling’s true form and human form were gorgeous, and anyone would immediately like her at first sight.

They didn’t face any obstacles the whole trip, and travelled smoothly. Back then, it took Ling Chen hours to find the Central District when he first came here, but this time it took an hour to reach the exit of the Lonely Spirit Ridge. Ling Chen took out his map and confirmed where he was, then looked at the region to Lonely Spirit Ridge’s east… Because of the Lonely Spirit Ridge, no one had been able to reach those mountain ridges for thousands of years, and thus that place did not have a name. Qian Gun Gun didn’t bother giving that place a name either, instead writing just 2 words: Nameless Ridge.

It was exactly as it had been described- a series of mountain ridges without a name.

They were already quite far from the Ghastly Grounds, and there was pretty much no black fog here, allowing them to see clearly. In front of them were many high and low mountain ridges.

The ground here was uneven, and the mountain ridges were more sparsely spaced than at the Lonely Spirit Ridge. However, the mountain ridges were generally taller, and some extended into the clouds. Moreover, there were plants here, unlike the barren Lonely Spirit Ridge.

Tian Tian tilted her head, curiously asking, “Big brother, where is this? Are you looking for something here?”

They were now ‘past the eerie mountain ridge in the east’.

So what did Su’Er mean by a ‘mysterious palace’? Could it be that it was hidden in some obscure place? And one of the orbs was within that palace?

And why would there be a palace here? Who did it belong to? Humans? Beasts? Or another race?

“It should be here,” Ling Chen said uncertainly, “Let’s have a look around.”

It was quite difficult to ride on a horse here, so Ling Chen hugged Tian Tian and jumped down from the horse, then called out Xiao Hui. Xiao Hui was very sensitive towards treasures, and if there was an orb here, he would definitely be able to find it. What Ling Chen was going to do was search this entire region with Tian Tian. According to the map, the Nameless Ridge didn’t cover a very large area, and was slightly smaller than the Lonely Spirit Ridge. It would be possible to search the whole place in around 3 days.

“Wah, the air smells so nice here.” Tian Tian said as she deeply breathed in, with a satisfied look on her face. The Ghastly Grounds and Lonely Spirit Ridge smelled of death, and comparatively, the air here smelled like it was from heaven.

Ling Chen held Tian Tian’s hand as she skipped alongside him, looking around her in curiosity. She had never seen such a place in the real world, and was filled with wonder.

The air was refreshing and there were birds singing and insects chirping. This didn’t seem like a dangerous place. After walking for a few minutes, Ling Chen became slightly more relaxed. Xiao Hui walked behind him, sniffing around, but not seeming to find anything.

Ling Chen searched very carefully, and went up and down every single mountain ridge. Just like that, a whole day had passed. He had walked through 10 or so small mountain ridges with Tian Tian, and Xiao Hui didn’t show any signs of giving up. What was strange that they didn’t see a single monster. Ling Chen didn’t feel discouraged at all. He was sure that this was the place Su’Er was talking about. Since Su’Er knew so much about what he was searching for, he was confident that the Heaven’s Secrets Sect was the real deal. Since she had said there was an orb here, it was unlikely that she would be wrong.

After going through another mountain ridge without any luck, Ling Chen looked at Tian Tian and asked, “Are you tired? We can rest if you want.”

“I’m not tired at all! I don’t feel tired when I’m with big brother.” Tian Tian said as she smiled.

 Ling Chen also smiled. This girl was quickly learning how to say sweet words. Before Shui Ruo had left them, after walking for just a short while, Tian Tian would demand to be piggybacked, and then refuse to get off.


Hearing Xiao Hui’s warning call, Ling Chen turned around. The call was quite soft, indicating that the threat was not very dangerous. Ling Chen saw a few stone balls around the size of a head rolling towards him. There seemed to be eyes on those stone balls.

Monsters! Monsters had finally appeared! Ling Chen took out his weapons and prepared for battle. Instantly, information from Xiao Hui appeared in his mind.

[Little Stone Golem]: Type: Demon, Level: LV1, HP: 30. Normal stones that mysteriously developed consciousness. Has the lowest level of intelligence.

Passive Abilities: 30% Resistance against Earth type damage.

Attack Skills: [Charge]: Uses its body to charge into enemies, causing very little damage.

Weaknesses: Wind element damage causes an additional 50% damage.

Ling Chen, who had been expecting a big fight, almost fell over.

After passing by the dangerous Ghastly Grounds and Lonely Spirit Ridge, he had finally arrived at this place. Ling Chen fully expected incredibly dangerous enemies, but he had never thought that they would only be LV1!

In the Forgotten Continent, only the Novice Village had LV1 monsters!

These incredibly weak little monsters evidently couldn’t tell the difference in strength between themselves and Ling Chen. After seeing Ling Chen and Tian Tian approach, they had actually taken the initiative to come over and attack them. Ling Chen smirked, and casually swept out, turning them into rubble. Apart from broken rocks, they didn’t drop anything else, not even any copper coins.

“Why are there LV1 monsters here? Didn’t Qian Gun Gun’s map say that there’s a powerful Nature spirit here?” Ling Chen muttered to himself. Just as he was about to put away his weapons, his expression froze and he gripped Tian Tian’s hand as he looked forwards.

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