Shura's Wrath

Chapter 302

Qi Qi’s Heart

Translator: WhinyWhale

Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Are we going somewhere very far away?” Seeing that Ling Chen had summoned his mount, Xiao Qi’s eyes overflowed with radiance. She did not summon her own mount immediately as she looked up towards him and asked.

“It’s very far away- we will only arrive in the afternoon even if we ride on our mounts and travel nonstop.” Ling Chen replied. There was no other city between the Vermillion Bird City and the Outer Region of the Lava Purgatory, so they could only head south from the Vermillion Bird City with no shortcuts.

“So it’s that far away.” Xiao Qi lowered her head as she mumbled softly. The corner of her mouth hooked upwards as a crafty radiance shone in her eyes. She raised her head as she said with an innocent expression, “But, I don’t have a mount.”

“Eh, you don’t have a mount?” Ling Chen was startled…… This didn’t seem logical. With Xiao Qi’s family background, buying a mount of the highest grade from a store was like buying a cabbage from the supermarket; how could she not even have a mount? Without much thought, he turned around and said, “The store selling mounts is not far away from here, let go over there to buy one first.”

“Ah? No need, no need.” Xiao Qi quickly shook her head forcefully as she went over to Ling Chen’s side with a few steps and reached out her hand to grab onto the soft fur of the Cloud Stepping Mare, “I will just need to share a mount with big brother Ling Tian and everything will be fine… my speed is definitely slower than big brother Ling Tian’s by a lot, so even if I ride on my own mount, I would only be holding you back. Plus, the Cloud Stepping Mare is designed for two people.”

The speed that a mount travels at is calculated by adding the Movement Speed of the rider to the additional Movement Speed from the mount. When two people ride on a mount together, the Movement Speed of the fastest rider is used. Ling Chen’s Movement Speed was 175, which was incomparable to normal players. Thus, if Xiao Qi were to ride on a mount alone then she would easily be left behind, and the time taken to reach the Lava Purgatory would be longer.

However, if both of them rode on the mount together then it would seem a little too intimate.

“Can we, please…” Seeing the slightly baffled looked on Ling Chen’s face, Xiao Qi used both her hands to softly shake the back of the horse. She was like a little girl wanting to get what she yearned for, using a soft voice and acting coquettishly. This caused Ling Chen’s heart to beat madly a few times and he nodded his head. He simply didn’t know how to refuse, and he told himself that this was the only way not to delay their journey. He reached out his hand and said, “Mmm, okay then, come, sit behind me.”

Xiao Qi revealed a smile of joy as she put her fair and smooth little hand into Ling Chen’s hand, “Can you let me sit in front? I’m afraid that I might fall off if I sit behind.”

At this point, how would Ling Chen not know what she was thinking. The warm and soft touch from a young woman’s hands made his heart limp…… it was not that his determination was too weak, but rather, every girl in Heart’s Dream could make a nation crumble and its people suffer, and every girl was irresistible to any normal man. He put some strength into his hands and pulled Xiao Qi onto the horse’s back…… letting her sit in front.

Xiao Qi leaned her body backwards naturally as she rested on Ling Chen’s chest. The girl who had her wish come true was satisfied as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth and scent of a man. Her cheeks were flushed red and the corner of her lips were gently raised…… This was their first time having intimate contact with each other. No matter where he brought her to, being able to lean on him, she was willing to go to even the most dangerous and frightening places in the world.

With such a beautiful girl in his embrace, Ling Chen’s heartbeat became slightly erratic. Xiao Qi had the charms that can topple any guy over and nobody would be able to remain calm with such a girl taking the initiative to lean into their embrace intimately. After taking a deep breath stealthily, Ling Chen slapped on the back of the horse, “Let’s go.”

“Ah…… so fast!”

Xiao Qi cried out as the Cloud Stepping Mare headed towards the direction of the southern gates of the Vermillion Bird City.

The speed of the Cloud Stepping Mare was extremely fast, and very soon, they had already left the Vermillion Bird City far behind. During this whole time, the only sound that could be heard was the constant galloping sound. Ling Chen and Xiao Qi did not speak at all and their bodies were cuddled together without separating for even a moment from the beginning to end. They were immersed in a subtle, yet magical, atmosphere, that neither of them wanted to wake up from.

After leaving the Vermillion Bird City, the warm and dry wind from the wilderness swept into their faces. Xiao Qi, who had kept her eyes closed the entire time as if she was asleep, stealthily opened her eyes. She felt a kind of tranquillity that she had never experienced before when lying on Ling Chen’s chest…… this was the first time that she had felt this kind of tranquility ever since she was young; even her father and older brother had never given her such a feeling before. She wanted to fall asleep in a carefree manner and enjoy this feeling. However, she could not bear to sleep because once she went to sleep, she would not be able to savour this experience.

“Big brother Ling Tian” Xiao Qi slightly tilted her head backwards as she spoke to the silent Ling Chen.

“Hm?” Ling Chen lowered his head and looked at her.

“My mother passed away the day I was born. From the day I was conscious of my surroundings, I always felt a lack of security. Since I was very young, I always dreamt of having someone who is very powerful, unafraid of everything, who will care for me and protect me. Someone who will cause me not to worry or be afraid when I am with him. Big brother Ling Tian, what do you think, will there be someone like that?”

It was hard to distinctly make out the expression in Xiao Qi’s eyes. She was usually in high spirits and her voice usually had a higher tone than other girls. However, at this moment, her voice was incredibly soft and gentle. Ling Chen pondered for a while before taking out the moonlight treasure box and placed it in Xiao Qi’s hands, “Qi Qi, open it up. The person that you see inside is the one who you yearn for the most.”

“Ah?” Seeing the especially elegant and beautiful little box, Xiao Qi’s face was full of wonder, “Really?”

While marvelling at it, Xiao Qi opened up the moonlight treasure box carefully. Lustrous white moonlight was released immediately, shining into her beautiful eyes. Gradually, a blurred figure appeared in the moonlight and was became clearer and clearer.

“Wah!” Xiao Qi made a lovable cry when she saw a familiar figure while clapsing onto the moonlight treasure box. She gave a bright and sweet smile, “I see it, I see it!”

“What do you see?” Ling Chen smiled lightly as he asked.

“It’s big brother Ling Tian.”

Ling Chen: “…………”

“Not only is this box pretty but it’s also fascinating! It can actually project the picture of a person! Is it big brother Ling Tian who put his own image in directly?” Xiao Qi was unable to take her eyes away as her gaze was fixated on the figure in the moonlight. Ling Chen’s words surfaced in her mind…… “The person that you see inside is the one who you yearn for the most.”

Could it be…… Could it be that big brother Ling Tian knows how I feel, so he is using this kind of method to confess to me…… is it like that…… is it really like that……

The young girl’s heartbeat accelerated faster and faster and she almost lost her ability to think. She didn’t notice Ling Chen’s wonderfully priceless expression at all.

…… So her feelings towards me aren’t as simple as simply adoring a strong person.

Xiao Qi gently closed the moonlight treasure box. She kept on thinking about Ling Chen’s words as well as the figure in the treasure box, and she felt that she was filled with a blissful warmth deep in her heart.

He said that the person in the box is the person who I yearn for the most, so is he really using this type of method to confess to me? Or is this just a prank from him…

However, no matter what, there are some things that I already have no rights to pursue or possess. If this is really your confession, because I like you so much, I simply can’t be with you. No matter if it’s real or just my wishful thinking, I will just let it settle in my heart. Even if I can’t have you, having this kind of of moment is already enough for me. So let me retain this moment in my mind in its most beautiful state……

Until the day I leave this world……

After putting the moonlight treasure box back into Ling Chen’s hands, she laid on his chest and carefreely closed her eyes as she gradually smiled. The corners of her mouth unhurriedly produced a slight murmur, “Big brother Ling Tian didn’t lie to me; that person let me find the safest place in this world……”

Ling Chen: “……”

The sound of galloping sounded out unceasingly as they rode in silence. Not long after, Ling Chen secretly leaned forward to take a look at Xiao Qi and found out that she had already fallen asleep, looking secure and blissful.

“Whew……” Exhaling out a breath of air, Ling Chen tried his best to not move his body in case it woke Xiao Qi up. There was still a long way to go ahead.

“Kekekeke, no less than expected from my little master; you have already claimed so many hearts at such an age. Your little sister Shui Ruo loves you to death, and that girl called Bing Yao can also be said to be head over heels for you; she’d be willing to die a hundred times for you. Even little Su’Er’s feelings for you have been quite deep since a long time ago. And now, the adorable little Qi Qi is also smitten to the point that she has already lost her soul to you. Oh, there is also a possibility that the little sister called Yun Meng Xin may have already secretly fallen in love with you since you have helped her so much.”

Ling Chen rubbed his forehead, “Don’t spout nonsense.”

Qi Yue’s voice was as soft as a cotton, and gently replied, “I’m not spouting nonsense. Although little master’s strength is pitifully weak now, but your ability to ruin girls is stronger by a few hundred times. It’s hard to say whether you will ruin even more girls in the future. Even this poor little me is so deep in love and obsessed with little master.”

“Enough.” Ling Chen had a slight headache and silenced Qi Yue as he said calmly, “You should know that I only love Shui Ruo.”

“Hehe” Qi Yue laughed softly, “Although little master can fool other people and even yourself by saying that, but you can’t fool me. Little master does indeed love little sister Shui Ruo to death, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t like other girls as well. Let’s take little sister Qi Qi for example. If you don’t like her, then why did you agree to riding a mount with her so intimately? Don’t forget, I can feel your heartbeat and even the tremors in your soul, so I am very, very clear about little master’s feelings. There is also little Su’Er; at that time when both of you were together alone, there were many occasions when little master had the impulse to kiss her.”

Ling Chen: “You……”

“Furthermore, I have even stronger evidence…… which is that the girl called Mu Bing Yao has given her virginity to little master.”

Ling Chen’s body swayed as he nearly fell off the horse, “You…… how did…… how did you……”

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